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How to install your IBC web counter


Use Javascript version on:

  • Most websites

Non-javascript version on:

  • MySpace

If you're using a counter on any other blogging or social networking site do let us know which works best for you.

To add a counter to your website copy the code from one of the panels below, and add it to your page.

We recommend the Javascript version, because that way you won’t have to do anything if we upgrade the counters – you will automatically get the latest and best version. This will still work on browsers which have Javascript disabled, except that any future enhancements will not be visible to those visitors to your site.

However, should the site to which you’re adding a counter not allow Javascript, then we also provide the second variant which is Javascript free.

We would be pleased to hear from you when you add a counter to your site — just drop an email to .

Javascript version (recommended)

Non-Javascript version