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The Methods described here go into greater detail, but remain consistent with, the original Iraq Body Count Methodology published in 2003, and reflect the experience IBC has gained over the intervening years.

Note that these Methods apply only to IBC’s formal output, and not to other material such as the Recent Events interim updates to the database, or to comment pieces – except where these are directly informed by, or reference, the formal work.



  1. Overview
  2. Data sources
    • 2.1   News media
    • 2.2   NGO’s and “primary” sources
    • 2.3   Official cumulative figures
  3. Data extraction
    • 3.1   Standardisation and reliability
    • 3.2   Treatment of inconsistencies in reporting
    • 3.3   Inclusions and exclusions
  4. Published output
    • 4.1   Citations
    • 4.2   Data storage and dissemination