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This section describes how you can help Iraq Body Count carry out its project.

The project itself is described in greater detail in About IBC.


Iraq Body Count is a citizen-led initiative that depends on the work of others. We depend on others in many ways: they provide the information sources we analyse, they ensure that data about civilian deaths is kept in the eye of the public and politicians, and they contribute towards meeting the costs of our work.

We have been greatly helped and encouraged by the many people who have made contributions of different sorts, large and small, to our work.

You can contribute to IBC’s work in three main ways:

  • Submit info: send us information and other materials that could help our work.
  • Educate: inform others about our work and the data we publish.
  • Donate: make a financial contribution to our ongoing costs.

For details, follow the links above. If you cannot find the information you need on these pages, please write to us at .