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You can assist IBC by sending us details of reports for incidents

  • which do not appear in the IBC database
  • for which IBC has only a single source

This page provides the instructions you'll need to submit such information.

Submit information

Have you seen openly-published reports regarding specific civilian deaths in Iraq which you believe are missing from the IBC database? If so, please let us know about them — alerting us to such deaths is the most fundamental contribution you can make to the IBC project.

Before sending us any information, please make sure to do the following:

First, if you haven't already done so, read our Methods to understand the inclusion and data collection criteria for deaths recorded by IBC.1

1 We would advise reading the Methods in full before undertaking any data-gathering assistance.

2 This delay is affected by several factors, and will be revised on this page when appropriate.

Second, note the submission-specific points below, which will greatly increase the likelihood that your efforts will be worthwhile.

Information is of most use to IBC if:

  • It is specific about the date and place of death of the persons concerned.
  • You are able to provide:
    1. the title of the article/item;
    2. the name of the publisher, media outlet or reporting agency;
    3. the date of publication;
    4. a currently accessible web address (web link or URL) for it.
  • It relates to a death that happened more than one month ago. Information about deaths in the last month could already be undergoing data-processing prior to publication.2

All but the last consideration above also apply when informing us of corroborating reports for IBC’s single-sourced records.

If in doubt, and before expending great time and effort, please send us an example of the type of information you have found so we can confirm its suitability.

Information should be submitted to (also use this address for queries related to info submissions).