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31-40 by suicide bomber in Alexandria district, north of Hilla

Incident a4139
Type suicide bomber, died from injuries
Deaths recorded 31-40
Targeted or hit trophy ceremony after a youth soccer championship between Ahli and Salam teams at al-Shuhada stadium, many of the casualties were children
Place Hay Al-Shuhadaa, Asriyah village, Alexandria district, north of Hilla
Date and time 25 March 2016, 6:15pm - 7:15pm
Sources BBC 26 Mar
RTE 26 Mar
UPI 26 Mar
NYT 8 Apr

Individuals for whom personal or identifying details were reported

IBC page Identifying details (number if more than one) Age Sex
a4139-xk3322 Khaldoon Al-Taie Adult Male
a4139-bw3195 Mohaned Khazaal/Muhanad Khazal Abeed 10 Male
a4139-ck3264 Walid Adil Abed/Waleed Adil Abdulsalman 16 Male
a4139-fv3253 Bilal Al-Janabi 13 Male
a4139-hm3326 Karrar Abbas Ali al-Idani 13 Male
a4139-zv3454 Ahmed Shaker/Ahmed Al-Khafaji Adult Male
a4139-sz3637 Saifullah al-Ansari 15-16 Male
a4139-fd3628 Ahmed Aasim Abdulkhuder 10 Male
a4139-hc3663 Son of Ahmed Khaleel Kadhum Unrecorded Male
a4139-bv3617 Sabah Kamil Durayib 39 Male
a4139-hz3562 Mohammed Kamil Durayib 21 Male

Individuals for whom only demographic or other non-personal information was reported

Number killed Occupation Age Sex
12 Unrecorded Child Male

Of the 31 to 40 deaths recorded here, some personal information was reported for 11 of the dead.

Only demographic information, without any identifying details, was available for 12 other people recorded killed.

Neither personal nor demographic information was reported for another 8 to 17 people killed in this entry.