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55-120 by airstrikes in Al Qa'im, west of Anbar

Incident a6037
Type air attacks
Deaths recorded 55-120
Targeted or hit Al-Qoozy building, Al Niheera building and in front of the Grand Mosque, which hit seniors were collecting their pensions, busy market and a residential building, casualties include women and children
Place Karabula, Al Qa'im, west of Anbar
Date and time 7 December 2016, 12:00-12:55 PM
Sources REU 07 Dec
Al-Jaz 08 Dec
Al-Bawaba 08 Dec
Al-Mada 08 Dec

Individuals for whom personal or identifying details were reported

IBC page Identifying details (number if more than one) Age Sex
a6037-sw3464 Mahmood Ali Al-Nuaimy Unrecorded Male
a6037-hd3440 Hamoud Aboud (Abu Qusai Al Salmani) Adult Male
a6037-fw3461 Mishtaq Hamid Aboud Al Salmani Unrecorded Male
a6037-kf3662 Younis Ratib Ghnyan Al Kubaisi Unrecorded Male
a6037-fh3527 Nasr Sh'hab Soheil Al Hardani Unrecorded Male
a6037-kh3444 Sulaiman Mohammad Ibrahim Al Hardani Unrecorded Male
a6037-bx3465 Ahmad Khalouf Al Rawi Unrecorded Male
a6037-xk3650 Jihad Hardan Al Salmani Adult Male
a6037-bw3523 Yousif Jihad Hardan Al Salmani Unrecorded Male
a6037-fv3469 Makhlouf Duhman Mohammad Al Karbouli Unrecorded Male
a6037-hm3654 Hassan Hamad Jassim Al Salmani Unrecorded Male
a6037-fz3519 Abd Al Wahab Mishtaq Mohammad Al Salmani Unrecorded Male
a6037-hs3452 Mishtaq Mohammad Al Salmani Adult Male
a6037-uc3564 Abd Al Muhaymin Hamoud Al Salmani Unrecorded Male
a6037-sv3471 Ayoub Sabri Al Salmani Adult Male
a6037-zv3606 Habib Mohammad Touqan Al Farraji Unrecorded Male
a6037-sz3549 Laith D'ham Abdalqadr Al Mufti Unrecorded Male
a6037-ev3560 Mohammad Hamad Mohammad Khalifa Al Salmani Unrecorded Male
a6037-dv3475 Abdalrahman Al Muflih Abd Al Razaq Al Salmani Unrecorded Male
a6037-ue3602 Abd Al Qadr Ghydan Al Karbouli Unrecorded Male
a6037-dz3545 Anas Ratib Ghnyan Unrecorded Male
a6037-zs3556 Rafeh Jubayr Al kubaisi Unrecorded Male
a6037-xe3479 Khalaf hamad Jassim Al Salmani Adult Male
a6037-za3614 Jamal Satm Hubit Al Hardani Unrecorded Male
a6037-xa3541 Omar Mohammad Adballah Al Karbouli Unrecorded Male
a6037-ea3552 Aws Ahmad Abd Hamadi Al Salmani Unrecorded Male
a6037-dx3483 Mohsin Abd Sawid Al Mahlawi Elderly Male
a6037-ec3610 Hamdan Hussein Unrecorded Male
a6037-dw3537 The family of J'bayer Matar Al Karbouli (16) Unrecorded Unrecorded
a6037-zx3487 The family of Satar J'bayer Matar Al Karbouli (3) Unrecorded Unrecorded
a6037-zw3565 Mustafa Hassan Hamad Al Salmani Unrecorded Male
a6037-sb3622 Anwar Mohammad Kurdi Al Salmani Unrecorded Male
a6037-ua3491 Saddam Saleh Muhawish Al Salmani Unrecorded Male
a6037-ds3544 Sabah Hamdan Majoun Al Salmani Unrecorded Male
a6037-eb3561 Uthman D'ham Maagul Al Salmani Unrecorded Male
a6037-db3618 Muhannad Issam Denhash Al Rawi Unrecorded Male
a6037-vn3495 Bilal Dawoud Fahad Al Rawi Unrecorded Male
a6037-xw3540 Zaki M'hai Al Rawi Adult Male
a6037-ve3557 Mahmoud Khashan Selbi Al Karbouli Unrecorded Male
a6037-xf3630 Fatah Al Kubaisi Unrecorded Male
a6037-ef3499 Ali Mishaan Nawar Unrecorded Male
a6037-df3536 Jubair Ahmad Khalaf Unrecorded Male
a6037-eh3553 The wife of Ubaid Mohammad Al Damouk Adult Female
a6037-dh3626 Mohammad Khalaf Jassim Al Salmani Abu Jassim Unrecorded Male
a6037-nb3574 Omar Mohammad Jassim Unrecorded Male
a6037-kn3517 Alaa Hussein Al Rawi Unrecorded Male
a6037-nd3532 Mutlaq Al Durbasi abu Hakim Unrecorded Male
a6037-kr3439 The family of Ali Obeid Al Karbouli (3) Unrecorded Unrecorded
a6037-xv3570 Dhiya Hussein Khalaf Al Karbouli Unrecorded Male
a6037-kv3513 Ahmad Mahmoud Abdallah Al Karbouli Unrecorded Male
a6037-xz3528 Lutfi Naguib Al Rawi Unrecorded Male
a6037-kz3443 Ahmad Obeid Al Salmani Baby Male
a6037-bu3582 Ali Ayoub Sabri Al Salmani Baby Male
a6037-hr3509 Bakr Omar Hassan Al Rawi Baby Male
a6037-bc3524 Mohammad Omar Hassan Al Rawi Baby Male
a6037-nv3447 Daughter of Ali Uwaid Hamad Baby Female
a6037-fn3578 Mustafa mohammad Khalaf Baby Male
a6037-hx3505 Su'oud Juma Su'oud Matar Baby Male
a6037-fm3520 Idris Shakir Khalaf Al Karbouli Baby Male
a6037-hw3451 Aya Shakir Khalaf Al Karbouli Baby Female
a6037-nw3533 Kutaiba Shakir Khalaf Baby Male
a6037-bd3525 Yousif Faisal Hassan Al Salmani Baby Male
a6037-nk3523 son of Zaki M'hai Al Rawi Unrecorded Male

Individuals for whom only demographic or other non-personal information was reported

Number killed Occupation Age Sex
10 Unrecorded Adult Female
8 Unrecorded Child Unrecorded

Of the 55 to 120 deaths recorded here, some personal information was reported for 82 of the dead.

Only demographic information, without any identifying details, was available for 18 other people recorded killed.

Neither personal nor demographic information was reported for up to another 20 people killed in this entry.