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30-49 by airstrikes in west Mosul

Incident a6317
Type air attacks
Deaths recorded 30-49
Targeted or hit residential areas of dispalced people hit, casualties include women and children
Place Dawrat Qassim al-Khayat and Al-Shifa areas, west Mosul
Date and time 19 February 2017, AM
Sources Yaqein 19 Feb
Airwars 2017
Iraqi News 21 Feb

Individuals for whom personal or identifying details were reported

IBC page Identifying details (number if more than one) Age Sex
a6317-hu3565 family members (6) Unrecorded Unrecorded

Individuals for whom only demographic or other non-personal information was reported

Number killed Occupation Age Sex
7 Unrecorded Child Unrecorded
3 Unrecorded Adult Male

Of the 30 to 49 deaths recorded here, some personal information was reported for 6 of the dead.

Only demographic information, without any identifying details, was available for 10 other people recorded killed.

Neither personal nor demographic information was reported for another 14 to 33 people killed in this entry.