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323-371 by suicide truck bomb in Karradah district, central Baghdad

Incident d12134
Type suicide truck bomb, burned to death
Deaths recorded 323-371
Targeted or hit exploded near restaurants and shopping area filled with people after the end of Ramadan fast
Place Karradah district, central Baghdad
Date and time 3 July 2016, 12:45-1:00 AM
Sources AFP 01 Aug
Press TV 01 Aug
REU 01 Aug
Rudaw 01 Aug
CNN 12 Jan 2017

Individuals for whom personal or identifying details were reported

IBC page Identifying details (number if more than one) Age Sex
d12134-fh3647 Akram Hadi / Akram al-Karadi 24 Male
d12134-fn3618 Ali al-Jaff Adult Male
d12134-hx3561 Farid al-Sindy / Fareed Bihnam Hannah Unrecorded Male
d12134-fm3544 Hassan Ali / Hasan Ali Hadi Adult Male
d12134-hw3491 Ruqaya Hassan, daughter of Hassan Ali / Rukaia Hassan Ali Hadi / Rukaia Ali Abdul Hasan Child Female
d12134-nw3541 Hadi Hassan, son of Hassan Ali / Hadi Hasan Ali 16-20 Male
d12134-ke3614 Adil Qais Adil Faraj, brother of Mohammed, Belal and Salar / Adel Qais Adel Adult Male
d12134-kb3610 Samir Mohammed Ma'roof Al-Mandalwi / Samir Muhammed Maarouf Unrecorded Male
d12134-xb3483 Ali Mohammed Ma'roof Al-Mandalwi / Ali Muhammed Maarouf Adult Male
d12134-kd3552 Abbas Mohammed Ma'roof Al-Mandalwi / Abas Muhammed Maarouf Unrecorded Male
d12134-bd3549 Fatima Mohammed Ma'roof Al-Mandalwi / Fatima Muhammed Maarouf Unrecorded Female
d12134-nz3606 Aqeela Mohammed Ma'roof Al-Mandalwi (a.k.a. Um Abbas) Unrecorded Female
d12134-bk3471 wife of Ali Mohammed Ma'roof Al-Mandalwi Adult Female
d12134-nx3564 Mohammed Ali Mohammed, son of Ali Mohammed Ma'roof Al-Mandalwi / Muhammed Ali Muhammed Unrecorded Male
d12134-fs3545 Samar Ali Mohammed, son of Ali Mohammed Ma'roof Al-Mandalwi Unrecorded Male
d12134-hf3602 Zahraa Mohammed Abd, sister-in-law of Ali Mohammed Ma'roof Al-Mandalwi / Zahraa Muhammed Abed Adult Female
d12134-fe3475 Hamada al-Shimmeri Adult Female
d12134-hn3560 Mohammed Ali Abdul Aziz / Muhammed Ali Abdul Aziz Adult Male
d12134-zn3440 Ali Uday Aziz / Ali Oday Aziz Unrecorded Male
d12134-sd3531 Banin Abbas Hamid Unrecorded Female
d12134-zu3658 Hussein Jasem Hassan / Hussain Jasim Hasan Ateeah Unrecorded Male
d12134-sx3457 Mu'ataz Jasem Hassan Unrecorded Male
d12134-ed3444 Essa al-Obeidi / Essa Muhammed Hasan Unrecorded Male
d12134-dm3527 Maher Jasem al-Sa'edi / Maher Jassim Saleem Adult Male
d12134-ur3662 Tabark Salah al-Sa'edi / Tabarek Salah Kareem Adult Female
d12134-dc3461 Laylan Maher al-Sa'edi / Layan Maher Jassim Child Female
d12134-vu3448 Nihad Kahdhum / Nihad Kadhum Bosal Adult Male
d12134-sa3646 Ali Al-Redha Alwan Zaidan Al-Fartosy / Ali El Ridha Alwan 14-17 Male
d12134-vs3507 Ahmed Dyaa / Ahmed Dhiaa Abdul Zahra Adult Male
d12134-xu3464 Yousif Abdul Kareem Saleem Al-Qazaz / Yousif Abdul Kareem Saleem Adult Male
d12134-ke3590 Abbas Adnan Jewad Kadhum Hussain Child Male
d12134-nf3455 Abdul Kareem Nabeel Abdul Kareem Adult Male
d12134-ka3516 Abdul Rahman Ahmed Ebraheem Unrecorded Male
d12134-xm3529 Abdullah Abdul Razak Muhammed Unrecorded Male
d12134-kb3586 Abdullah Anees Mohammed Unrecorded Male
d12134-xb3459 Abdullah Hamza Yaseen Unrecorded Male
d12134-kd3512 Abdullah Hayder Abdul Hussain Unrecorded Male
d12134-nz3598 Abdullah Razaq Abas Unrecorded Male
d12134-fs3521 Abdullah Sa'ab Jaleel Adult Male
d12134-fe3467 Abdullah Salam Hadi Unrecorded Male
d12134-zu3666 Adnan Jewad Kadhum Hussain Adult Male
d12134-sx3481 Adnan Safa Adnan / Adnan Safaa Adnan Abu El Timen Adult Male
d12134-ed3500 Aeham Muhammed Jabar Aukllah Child Male
d12134-ur3670 Ahlam Jead Turky Unrecorded Female
d12134-dc3485 Ahmed Abdul Fatah Jassim Unrecorded Male
d12134-vu3488 Ahmed Abdul Raheem Radhi Adult Male
d12134-xh3547 Ahmed Alaa Mery Unrecorded Male
d12134-vc3674 Ahmed Ali Hussain Unrecorded Male
d12134-xn3473 Ahmed Amar Adult Male
d12134-em3492 Ahmed Amar Jasim Adult Male
d12134-sk3543 Ahmed Ebraheem Muharam Unrecorded Male
d12134-es3678 Ahmed Hashim Jewad Nissaeyf Unrecorded Male
d12134-sr3477 Ahmed Jassim Salih Mahdi Unrecorded Male
d12134-zc3555 Ahmed Jewad Kadhum Unrecorded Male
d12134-sw3480 Ahmed Kadhem Jafaar Adult Male
d12134-zm3497 Ahmed Kadhum Khamees Adult Male
d12134-xr3682 Ahmed Mohammed Ahmed 16-22 Male
d12134-uw3551 Ahmed Muafak Saleem Adult Male
d12134-dn3484 Ahmed Murtadha Muhammed Shahata Unrecorded Male
d12134-uz3501 Ahmed Sayer Tawkan Unrecorded Male
d12134-sa3686 Ahmed Uday Muhammed Yaseen Adult Male
d12134-vs3563 Ahmed Yasir Unrecorded Male
d12134-xu3472 Akbar Azeez Haider Unrecorded Unrecorded
d12134-vm3489 Akram Khlayeb Ibrahim Unrecorded Unrecorded
d12134-xc3690 Akram Nabeel Subhe Adult Male
d12134-ek3559 Alaa Ali Fouad Unrecorded Unrecorded
d12134-su3476 Alaa Shakir Najim Unrecorded Unrecorded
d12134-eu3493 Ali Abdul Jabar Jassim Adult Male
d12134-sc3694 Ali Abdul Jabar Mustafa Unrecorded Male
d12134-nm3634 Ali Ghazi Laaebe 16-22 Male
d12134-ks3449 Ali Haithem Rahman Unrecorded Male
d12134-ns3464 Ali Hameed Hmood Adult Male
d12134-hv3507 Ehab Hadi Jasim Adult Male
d12134-xd3638 Hussain Qais Kamil Adult Male
d12134-kx3453 Muhammed Najeeb Salman / Muhammed Najeeb Salman Al-Sa'eedy Adult Male
d12134-ux3468 Ameer Muhammed Najeeb Child Male
d12134-kw3503 Farah Muhammed Najeeb Child Female
d12134-bn3642 Zeena Muhammed Najeeb Child Female
d12134-nh3441 Kareemah Al-Sheikh Khudhair Naif Al-Sardy, wife of Muhammed Najeeb Salman Adult Female
d12134-bh3456 Murtadha Abdul Adheem Hemood / Murtadha Abdul Adheem Hemood Al-Kinany Adult Male
d12134-nk3515 Yosur Maarej Mutashar / Moyassar Maarej Mutashar Al-Rubaie Adult Male
d12134-fb3646 Ali Hamid Zamel Unrecorded Male
d12134-hu3445 Ali Hassan Mendeel Jabri Adult Male
d12134-fd3460 Ali Hussain Abas Adult Male
d12134-hc3511 Ali Jabar Shalan Unrecorded Male
d12134-bv3465 Ali Kadhum Khamas Unrecorded Male
d12134-hz3650 Ali Khalid Saeed Hameed Unrecorded Male
d12134-bz3523 Ali Masoud Saadi Child Male
d12134-hd3448 Ali Mohammed Ahmed Child Male
d12134-fw3469 Ali Mohammed Hashim Unrecorded Male
d12134-kf3654 Ali Nadhum Hammadi Unrecorded Male
d12134-fh3519 Ali Nahidh Ali Adult Male
d12134-kh3452 Ali Nameer Sabor Unrecorded Male
d12134-bx3457 Saif Ali Nameer Sabor Child Male
d12134-xk3658 Ali Nazar Hashim Unrecorded Male
d12134-bw3531 Ali Raed Abbas Unrecorded Male
d12134-ck3440 Ali Sadik Hasan Alwan / Ali Sadiq Hasan Adult Male
d12134-fv3461 Ali Safa Adnan / Ali Safaa Adnan Abu El Timen Adult Male
d12134-hm3662 Ali Salih Khalifa Unrecorded Male
d12134-fz3527 Ali Seryas Taymoor Unrecorded Male
d12134-hs3444 Amal Kadhem Muhammed Unrecorded Female
d12134-uc3540 Amar Hazim Mahmood Unrecorded Male
d12134-sv3495 Amar Qasim Hasan Unrecorded Male
d12134-zv3630 Amna Ali Abdul Hasan Unrecorded Female
d12134-sz3557 Asad Ahmed Sayer Tawkan Unrecorded Male
d12134-ev3536 Aseel Kadhum Kuaiem Unrecorded Female
d12134-dv3499 Aseel Nasir Abed Unrecorded Female
d12134-ue3626 Askar Faraj Ali Unrecorded Unrecorded
d12134-dz3553 Atela Faker Al Deen Adult Male
d12134-zs3548 Ayad Ali Kadhum Unrecorded Male
d12134-xe3487 Ayad Fakher El Deen Bakir Adult Male
d12134-za3622 Baidaa Talib Khazaal Unrecorded Female
d12134-xa3565 Baneen Jasim Adult Male
d12134-ea3544 Barakat Abdul Qader Jehad Unrecorded Unrecorded
d12134-dx3491 Bassim Muhammed Abed Freih Unrecorded Male
d12134-ec3618 Bilal Adel Hasab Allah Unrecorded Male
d12134-dw3561 Buthaina Qassim Abdullah Unrecorded Female
d12134-zx3479 Dania Haithem Rahman Unrecorded Female
d12134-sf3556 Dhiaa Khalaf Abdul Zahra Unrecorded Male
d12134-zw3541 Douaa Kareem Omran Unrecorded Female
d12134-sb3614 Dwaa Waheed Alwan Unrecorded Unrecorded
d12134-ua3483 Eatithar Ahmed Zain Ridha Unrecorded Female
d12134-ds3552 Ebraheem Muhammed Wali Adult Male
d12134-eb3537 Ebraheem Thaer Ebraheem Unrecorded Male
d12134-db3610 Ebtisam Jead Turky Unrecorded Female
d12134-vn3471 Ebtisam Talib Khazaal Unrecorded Female
d12134-xw3564 Ehsan Hakeem Sheneshel Unrecorded Unrecorded
d12134-ve3549 Ejad Breesam Sabah Unrecorded Unrecorded
d12134-xf3606 Ekbal Jewad Turky Unrecorded Female
d12134-ef3475 Ekla Fakher El Deen Bakir Unrecorded Unrecorded
d12134-df3560 Emad Ghaidan Khalaf Adult Male
d12134-eh3545 Eman Ali Hussain Unrecorded Female
d12134-dh3602 Eman Younes Elaewy Unrecorded Female
d12134-nb3598 Enthar Bashar Hussain Unrecorded Unrecorded
d12134-kn3525 Essam Ali Muhammed Mahmood Unrecorded Male
d12134-nd3508 Ezz El Deen Abas Hasoon Unrecorded Male
d12134-kr3463 Sajad Muhsin Radhi / Sajad Muhsin Al-Abodi Adult Male
d12134-xv3594 Fahad Abed Ali Raudhan Unrecorded Male
d12134-kv3521 Fahad El Deen Bassim Ali Adult Male
d12134-xz3504 Faisal Ghazy Abdul Aziz Unrecorded Male
d12134-kz3467 Faisal Muhammed Salman Adult Male
d12134-bu3590 Farah Omar Ali / Farah Omar Ali Abdul Wahab Unrecorded Female
d12134-hr3533 Faris Rehaif Mishet Unrecorded Male
d12134-bc3516 Fatima Talib Khazaal Unrecorded Female
d12134-nv3455 Firas Fadhel Khazaal Unrecorded Male
d12134-fn3586 Fouad Yousif Muhammed Adult Male
d12134-hx3529 Ghadeer Haithem Rahman Unrecorded Unrecorded
d12134-fm3512 Ghaith Adel Naji Unrecorded Male
d12134-hw3459 Ghusoon Hilal Abed Ali Unrecorded Female
d12134-nw3509 Habeeb Wisam Muneim Unrecorded Male
d12134-ke3582 Hadi Abdul Kareem Hadi Unrecorded Male
d12134-nf3447 Haider Ali Hameed Unrecorded Male
d12134-ka3524 Haider Ali Nima Unrecorded Male
d12134-xm3505 Haider Falih Haleel Adult Male
d12134-kb3578 Haider Hasan Mendeel Adult Male
d12134-xb3451 Haider Khalid Hasan Child Male
d12134-kd3520 Haithem Rahman Qassim Unrecorded Male
d12134-bd3517 Hamdi Muhsen Sakhaeer Adult Male
d12134-nz3574 Hamed Shadhan Haloob / Hamid Shadhan Haloob Atela Faker Al Deen Unrecorded Male
d12134-bk3439 Hameed Majeed Salman Adult Male
d12134-nx3532 Hamza Abbas Ouda Hawas Unrecorded Male
d12134-fs3513 Hamza Haider Jabar Child Male
d12134-hf3570 Hamza Nouh Jabor Unrecorded Male
d12134-fe3443 Hamza Salah Mutleg 16-22 Male
d12134-hn3528 Hamza Yaseen Khalifa Unrecorded Male
d12134-zn3472 Hamza Zuhair Faiek Unrecorded Male
d12134-sd3563 Hanaa Shakir Najim Unrecorded Female
d12134-zu3690 Hani Abdullah Wasme Adult Male
d12134-sx3489 Hasan Alaa Hasan 16-22 Male
d12134-ed3476 Hasan Emad Talie Unrecorded Male
d12134-dm3559 Hasan Hadi Najim Adult Male
d12134-ur3694 Hasanain Zeghaier Hatem Unrecorded Male
d12134-dc3493 Hawraa Hussain Qassim Unrecorded Female
d12134-vu3480 Hayat Hussain Kadhem Unrecorded Female
d12134-xh3555 Haydeen Sabah Mousa Unrecorded Unrecorded
d12134-vc3682 Hayder Akram Khlayeb Unrecorded Male
d12134-xn3497 Hiba Adnan Sachit Unrecorded Female
d12134-em3484 Hiba Ali Madhlum Unrecorded Female
d12134-sk3551 Humam Muhammed Jabar Aukllah Child Male
d12134-es3686 Husam Adil Alwan Adult Male
d12134-sr3501 Hussain Ali Hussain Khalaf Adult Male
d12134-zc3547 Hussain Ali Mahdi Unrecorded Male
d12134-sw3488 Hussain Hasan Abbas Adult Male
d12134-zm3473 Hussain Kamil Muhammed Abdul Ridha Adult Male
d12134-xr3674 Hussain Mahdi Gatie Unrecorded Male
d12134-uw3543 Hussain Mohammed Hameed Child Male
d12134-dn3492 Hussain Mohammed Muna'am / Hussain Muhammed Muneam Unrecorded Male
d12134-uz3477 Hussain Muhammed Ebraheem Unrecorded Male
d12134-sa3678 Hussain Saadi Jewad Adult Male
d12134-vs3539 Hussam Sameer Kadhem Unrecorded Male
d12134-xu3496 Ibrahim Abas Mohammed Unrecorded Male
d12134-vm3481 Jabar Ali Ubaid Unrecorded Male
d12134-xc3666 Jafar Khodor Sadhan Unrecorded Male
d12134-ek3535 Jamal Badri Muhi El Deen Unrecorded Male
d12134-su3500 Janasi Abdul Zahra Abbas Unrecorded Unrecorded
d12134-eu3485 Jassim Dhiaa Jassim Child Male
d12134-sc3670 Jassim Muhammed Rejeb Unrecorded Male
d12134-nm3658 Jassim Sameer Nughaimesh Unrecorded Male
d12134-ks3457 Jinan Muhammed Aydam Unrecorded Female
d12134-fd3452 Kadhum Munim Hameed Unrecorded Male
d12134-hc3519 Kamal Salah Kamal Ahmed Child Male
d12134-bv3441 Karrar Falih Hsan Faris Adult Male
d12134-hz3642 Karrar Haleel Abadi Unrecorded Male
d12134-bz3515 Karrar Mahdi Muhammed Hasan Unrecorded Male
d12134-hd3456 Karrar Qassim Abdul Kareem Unrecorded Male
d12134-fw3445 Katheer Abdul Ridha Majeed Adult Male
d12134-kf3646 Khadija Talib Khazaal Unrecorded Female
d12134-fh3511 Khalid Hasan Ebraheem Adult Male
d12134-kh3460 Khalid Hasan Muhammed Adult Male
d12134-bx3449 Khalid Jar Mahmood Unrecorded Male
d12134-xk3634 Khalid Waleed Khalid Adult Male
d12134-bw3507 Khaola Jafar Kadhum Unrecorded Female
d12134-ck3464 Laith Haider Motar Child Male
d12134-fv3453 Lyan Akram Khlayeb Unrecorded Female
d12134-hm3638 Ma'ada Markab Mooh Unrecorded Unrecorded
d12134-fz3503 Maha Shaker Ibrahim Unrecorded Female
d12134-hs3468 Mahdi Ali Mahdi Unrecorded Male
d12134-uc3548 Mahmood Abdul Raheem Radhi Adult Male
d12134-sv3487 Mahmood Humaid Abed Unrecorded Male
d12134-zv3622 Majid Hameed Hmood Adult Male
d12134-sz3565 Malak Khalid Hasan Child Female
d12134-ev3544 Manal Muhammed Aydam Unrecorded Female
d12134-dv3491 Marwa Jassim Muhammed Unrecorded Female
d12134-ue3618 Marwa Muhammed Ateia Unrecorded Female
d12134-dz3561 Marwa Rasheed Hasan Rawdhan Unrecorded Female
d12134-zs3540 Marwa Shakir Kareem Unrecorded Female
d12134-xe3495 Marwan Jameel Ebraheem Unrecorded Male
d12134-za3630 Maryam Hazim Qassim Unrecorded Female
d12134-xa3557 Maryam Kahled Waleed Alwan Unrecorded Female
d12134-ea3536 Masaaod Sa'adi Jawad Adult Male
d12134-dx3499 Meelad Ali Adel Unrecorded Unrecorded
d12134-ec3626 Mervat Khalid Hashim Unrecorded Female
d12134-dw3553 Miaad Thanoon Yousif Unrecorded Female
d12134-zx3471 Moamal Abdul Adheem Nadhom Unrecorded Male
d12134-sf3564 Moamal Ali Jassim Unrecorded Male
d12134-zw3549 Moamal Ali Muhammed Unrecorded Male
d12134-sb3606 Mohammed Abdul Ameer Adult Male
d12134-ua3475 Mohammed Ahmed Jasim Adult Male
d12134-ds3560 Mohammed Ali Kamel Unrecorded Male
d12134-eb3545 Mohammed Hameed Hmood Adult Male
d12134-db3602 Mosa Salman Abid Adult Male
d12134-vn3479 Muaamel Mohammed Ahmed Jasim 16-22 Male
d12134-xw3556 Muhammed Abdul Raheem Radhi Adult Male
d12134-ve3541 Muhammed Abdullah Jassam Unrecorded Male
d12134-xf3614 Muhammed Ali Kamil Abood Muhammed Unrecorded Male
d12134-ef3483 Muhammed Ebraheem Saleem Adult Male
d12134-df3552 Muhammed El Baqer Raheem Rasoul Unrecorded Male
d12134-eh3537 Muhammed Fadhel Abood 16-25 Male
d12134-dh3610 Muhammed Faez Darweesh Unrecorded Male
d12134-nb3590 Muhammed Fawzy Khudaier Unrecorded Male
d12134-kn3533 Muhammed Haider Lateef Unrecorded Male
d12134-nd3516 Muhammed Hamid Faris Adult Male
d12134-kr3455 Muhammed Hasan Muhammed Wajeeh Adult Male
d12134-xv3586 Muhammed Jabbar Aukllah El Lamy Adult Male
d12134-kv3529 Muhammed Mahdi Faiadh Khalaf Unrecorded Male
d12134-xz3512 Muhammed Naiem Abduk Emam Unrecorded Male
d12134-kz3459 Muhammed Numan Muhammed Adult Male
d12134-bu3598 Muhammed Saad Abed Zaid Unrecorded Male
d12134-hr3525 Muhammed Salah Ali Unrecorded Male
d12134-bc3508 Muhammed Talib Salih Unrecorded Male
d12134-nv3463 Muhammed Tom Hamid Adult Male
d12134-fn3594 Muhammed Younes Elaewy Unrecorded Male
d12134-hx3521 Muhanad Abed Salih Muhammed Unrecorded Male
d12134-fm3504 Muhanad Hussain Hamza Adult Male
d12134-nf3439 Muhaymen Fadhel Abas Adult Male
d12134-ka3532 Muhsen Jassim Muhammed Adult Male
d12134-xm3513 Munther Khudhaier Abas Unrecorded Male
d12134-kb3570 Muqdad Muhammed Saif Unrecorded Male
d12134-xb3443 Murtadha Khalid Abood Unrecorded Male
d12134-kd3528 Mustafa Abdul Raheem Azeema Ahmed Adult Male
d12134-bd3509 Mustafa Adel Naji Adult Male
d12134-nz3582 Mustafa Ali Khalaf Kadhum Unrecorded Male
d12134-bk3447 Mustafa Jewad Abdul Kadhum Adult Male
d12134-nx3524 Mustafa Kamran Hussain Unrecorded Male
d12134-fs3505 Mustafa Mahdi Hattab Unrecorded Male
d12134-hf3578 Mustafa Saadi Jewad Adult Male
d12134-fe3451 Mustafa Sabah Abid Amteelg Unrecorded Male
d12134-hn3520 Mustafa Sabhan Hameed Unrecorded Male
d12134-zn3480 Mustafa Salah Kamal Ahmed Child Male
d12134-sd3555 Muthana Abed Hashim / Muthana Abid Hashim Hasan Adult Male
d12134-zu3682 Myas Al Reem Mahmood Ibrahim Unrecorded Female
d12134-sx3497 Nabeela Hashim Abdullah Adult Female
d12134-ed3484 Nadam Abbas Abed Ali Unrecorded Unrecorded
d12134-dm3551 Nadia Muhammed Abed / Nadia Muhammed Abed Muhajhaj Unrecorded Female
d12134-ur3686 Nagham Raad Razaq Unrecorded Female
d12134-dc3501 Najma Abed Bikal Unrecorded Female
d12134-vu3472 Naseer Lateef Nassar Adult Male
d12134-xh3563 Nawal Askar Faraj Unrecorded Female
d12134-vc3690 Nidhal Askar Faraj Unrecorded Female
d12134-xn3489 Nidhal Rabah Abdul Hadi Unrecorded Female
d12134-em3476 Nisreen Khodhair Naief Adult Female
d12134-sk3559 Nour Hilal Abed Ali Adult Female
d12134-es3694 Nour Khalid Hasan Adult Female
d12134-sr3493 Nour Salah Jameel Unrecorded Unrecorded
d12134-zc3539 Noura Hameed Nouri Muhammed Unrecorded Female
d12134-sw3496 Omar Abdul Hasan Kadhum Unrecorded Male
d12134-zm3481 Omar Ali Abdul Wahab Unrecorded Male
d12134-xr3666 Omar Safaa Dhiaa Adult Male
d12134-uw3535 Osama Kamel Amarah Adult Male
d12134-dn3500 Ra'ad Mohammed Hasan Unrecorded Male
d12134-uz3485 Radha Nazar Majeed Child Male
d12134-sa3670 Rahaf Alaa Hasan Child Female
d12134-vs3547 Rahma Youness Elaewy Unrecorded Female
d12134-xu3488 Rana Rasheed Rawdhan Unrecorded Female
d12134-vm3473 Rasha Shaker Ibrahim Unrecorded Female
d12134-xc3674 Rasool Kadhom Obaid Manati Unrecorded Male
d12134-ek3543 Rasoul Herez Abdullah Unrecorded Male
d12134-su3492 Rawan Ahmed Yasir Unrecorded Unrecorded
d12134-eu3477 Redha Kadhem Muhammed Unrecorded Male
d12134-sc3678 Refa'at Jasim Mohammed Unrecorded Male
d12134-nm3650 Retag Ahmed Yasir Unrecorded Unrecorded
d12134-ks3465 Reyam Younis Algool Unrecorded Female
d12134-ns3448 Roza Waheed Alwan Unrecorded Female
d12134-hv3523 Rukaia Qassim Abdul Kareem Unrecorded Female
d12134-xd3654 Rukaia Talib Khazaal Unrecorded Female
d12134-kx3469 Ryhana Ahmed Yasir Unrecorded Female
d12134-ux3452 Sa'ad Mohammed Hasan Unrecorded Male
d12134-kw3519 Saad Esmaeel Ebraheem Unrecorded Male
d12134-bn3658 Saad Raad Abdul Majeed Adult Male
d12134-nh3457 Sabhan Waleed Esmaeel 16-22 Male
d12134-bh3440 Sadia Harhan Elewy Unrecorded Female
d12134-nk3531 Sadk Ahmed Yasir Unrecorded Male
d12134-fb3662 Safaa Adnan Muhammed Abu El Timen Adult Male
d12134-hu3461 Sagar Raheem Shalan Unrecorded Male
d12134-fd3444 Saif Mohammed Shaqer Unrecorded Male
d12134-hc3527 Sajad Salman Yassin Unrecorded Male
d12134-bv3449 Salah Abed Hassan Gataa Adult Male
d12134-hz3634 Salah Kamal Ahmed Adult Male
d12134-bz3507 Saleem Bas Hamadi Unrecorded Male
d12134-hd3464 Salman Qassim Abdul Kareem Unrecorded Male
d12134-fw3453 Sama Basil Ibrahim Unrecorded Female
d12134-kf3638 Sameer Muhammed Aydam Unrecorded Male
d12134-fh3503 Samir Hussain Abdul Jabar Unrecorded Male
d12134-kh3468 Sanarya Kamran Hussain Unrecorded Female
d12134-bx3441 Sarmad Jasim Mohammed Ali Unrecorded Male
d12134-xk3642 Sattar El Saied Esmaiel Unrecorded Male
d12134-bw3515 Sawsan Abas Ouda Hawas Unrecorded Female
d12134-ck3456 Saynaa Ali Jawad Jasim Unrecorded Female
d12134-fv3445 Shaimaa Najeeb Muhammed Hussain Unrecorded Female
d12134-hm3646 Shamil Muhammed Aidam Unrecorded Male
d12134-fz3511 Sharran Ali Khorsheed Unrecorded Unrecorded
d12134-hs3460 Shihab Ahmed Kadhem Hamza Unrecorded Male
d12134-uc3460 Sinaa Ali Jewad Jassim Unrecorded Unrecorded
d12134-sv3511 Souad Jafar Kadhum Unrecorded Female
d12134-zv3646 Sozan Waheed Alwan Unrecorded Female
d12134-sz3445 Suham Ali Arrak Unrecorded Female
d12134-ev3456 Sukayna Qassim Abdul Kareem Unrecorded Female
d12134-dv3515 Talib Ahmed Mutashar Unrecorded Male
d12134-ue3642 Tareq Ameen Obaid Unrecorded Male
d12134-dz3441 Tareq Laith Tareq Unrecorded Male
d12134-zs3468 Thaer Nasir Abed Unrecorded Male
d12134-xe3503 Thu El Fikar Ghanim Uraeby Unrecorded Male
d12134-za3638 Widad Akram Jassim Unrecorded Female
d12134-xa3453 Wijdan Jewad Hamdi Unrecorded Female
d12134-ea3464 Yas Khoudhair Abas Unrecorded Male
d12134-dx3507 Yasir Saaed Abdullah / Yassir Saaied Abdullah Adult Male
d12134-ec3634 Yasser Ahmed Khodhaier Unrecorded Male
d12134-dw3449 Yassir Abas Ebraheem Adult Male
d12134-zx3527 Yassir Muhammed Nema Unrecorded Male
d12134-sf3444 Yehya Fadhil Abood Adult Male
d12134-zw3461 Yousif Arkan Mohammed Unrecorded Male
d12134-sb3662 Yousif Khalid Hasan Child Male
d12134-ua3531 Zahra Mohammed Hawas Unrecorded Female
d12134-ds3440 Zahra Muhammed Kadhum Unrecorded Female
d12134-eb3457 Zahra'a Kahled Waleed Alwan Unrecorded Female
d12134-db3658 Zaid Ayad Muhammed Unrecorded Male
d12134-vn3519 Zaid Muhammed Yaakub Unrecorded Male
d12134-xw3452 Zain El Abedeen Ammar Muhammed Child Male
d12134-ve3469 Zainab Hazim Ali Unrecorded Female
d12134-xf3654 Zaynab Nadhum Hashim Unrecorded Female
d12134-ef3523 Zeena Jewad Hamdi Unrecorded Unrecorded