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Twenty-nine in houses hit by US rockets, Sadr City, Baghdad

Incident k10366
Type rockets
Deaths recorded 29
Targeted or hit houses hit by US rockets
Place Sadr City, Baghdad
Date and time 29 April 2008, PM
Sources WP 30 Apr
Times 04 May

Individuals for whom personal or identifying details were reported

IBC page Identifying details (number if more than one) Age Sex
k10366-hr1237 Ali Hussein 2 Male
k10366-bc1252 Jaleel, father of Amira Zaydan 65 Male
k10366-nv1175 Hanounah, mother of Amira Zaydan 60 Female
k10366-fn1306 Jamir, brother of Amira Zaydan 32 Male
k10366-hx1233 Wife of Jamir Adult Female
k10366-fm1248 Amir, brother of Amira Zaydan 29 Male
k10366-hw1179 Wife of Amir Adult Female
k10366-nw1261 Nephew of Amira Zaydan 3 Male
k10366-ke1318 Nephews and nieces of Amira Zaydan (3) Child Unrecorded
k10366-ka1244 Unborn child of sister-in-law of Amira Zaydan Baby Male
k10366-xm1257 Husband of Um Aseel Ali Adult Male
k10366-kb1314 Son of Um Aseel Ali 2 Male
k10366-xb1187 Son of Um Aseel Ali 4 Male
k10366-kd1240 Son of Um Aseel Ali 6 Male
k10366-nz1326 Samir, husband of Marwa Adult Male
k10366-bk1191 Sajad, son of Marwa and Samir 4 Male
k10366-nx1236 Ayat, daughter of Marwa and Samir 2 Female
k10366-fs1249 Ali, son of Lina Mohsen 1 Male
k10366-xb1179 Moqtadr Raed 2 Male

Of the 29 deaths recorded here, some personal information was reported for 21 of the dead.

Neither personal nor demographic information was reported for 8 other people killed in this entry.