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Nine shot dead in Al Iskandariya

Incident k15787
Type gunfire
Deaths recorded 9
Targeted or hit civilians
Place Al Iskandariya
Date and time 23 January 2007, AM
Sources UPD 224:385
Single-sourced record. Instructions for submitting other reports.

Individuals for whom personal or identifying details were reported

IBC page Identifying details (number if more than one) Age Sex
k15787-vu1672 Amod Ahomad Alwan Adult Male
k15787-xh1715 Abbas Fhathel Naiav Adult Male
k15787-vc1842 Harmos Mhawood Nasiar Adult Male
k15787-xn1657 Rami Soliam Adult Male
k15787-em1676 Aisam Miklib Makhiaf Adult Male
k15787-sk1711 Hasson Abdall Hussean Adult Male
k15787-es1846 Rakeb Sadwan Thamia Adult Male
k15787-sr1661 Shatia Kariam Khodiar Adult Male
k15787-zc1739 Khamiol Kariam Khodiar Adult Male