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24 killed by US Marines in Haditha

Incident k2171
Type gunfire
Deaths recorded 24
Targeted or hit family members in their houses and students in a passing car
Place Haditha
Date and time 19 November 2005, 10:30 AM approx.
Sources NYT 26 May
WP 27 May

Individuals for whom personal or identifying details were reported

IBC page Identifying details (number if more than one) Age Sex
k2171-xn369 Abdul Hameed Hasan Ali 76 Male
k2171-em388 Khameesa Toama Ali, wife of Abdul-Hamid Hassan Ali 65 Female
k2171-sk439 Jahid, son of Abdul-Hamid Hassan Ali 43 Male
k2171-es574 Waleed Abdul Hameed Hassan, son of Abdul-Hamid Hassan Ali 35 Male
k2171-fw429 Rasheed Abdul Hameed Hassan, son of Abdul-Hamid Hassan Ali 30 Male
k2171-kf614 Asmaa Salman Raseef, wife of Walid 32 Female
k2171-fh479 Abdullah Waleed Abdul Hameed,, son of Walid and Asma 4 Male
k2171-xk618 Younis Salim Khalif or Younis Salim Raseef 43 Male
k2171-bw491 Aeda Yasin Ahmed, wife of Younis Salim Khalif 35 Female
k2171-ck400 Muhammad Younis Salim, son of Younis and Aeda 8 Male
k2171-fv421 Noor Younis Salim, daughter of Younis and Aeda 14 Female
k2171-hm622 Sabaa Younis Salim, daughter of Younis and Aeda 9 Female
k2171-fz487 Zainab Younis Salim, daughter of Younis and Aeda 3 Female
k2171-hs404 Aisha YounisSalim, daughter of Younis and Aeda 2 Female
k2171-uc436 Hoda Yassin or Huda Yaseen Ahmed 28 Female
k2171-fv397 Khalid Ayada al-Zawi or Khalid Oyada Abid 27 Male
k2171-hm582 Wajdi Ayada al-Zawi or Wajdi Oyada Abid 22 Male
k2171-hx433 Mohammed Battal Mahmoud or Muhammad Fatal Ahmed 21 Male
k2171-fm448 Akram Hamid Flayeh 21 Male
k2171-hw379 Ahmed Khidher or Ahmed Finer Muslih 25 Male
k2171-nw461 Marwan Ayed Ahmed 28 Male
k2171-ke518 Kahtan Ayed Ahmed,, brother of Marwan 24 Male
k2171-nf383 Chassib Ayed Ahmed, brother of Marwan 27 Male
k2171-ka444 Jamal Ayed Ahmed, brother of Qahtan 41 Male