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Twelve in attack on family home south of Baquba

Incident k2608
Type gunfire, executed
Deaths recorded 12
Targeted or hit attack on home, twelve men executed, mostly members of a Shiite family
Place south of Baquba
Date and time 25 February 2006, AM
Sources AFP 26 Feb
LAT 26 Feb

Individuals for whom personal or identifying details were reported

IBC page Identifying details (number if more than one) Age Sex
k2608-hu589 Kadum Salih Abbas Adult Male
k2608-hu2437 Jawad Salih Abbas Adult Male
k2608-fd2420 Jaseem Kadum Salih Adult Male
k2608-hc2503 Kaseem Kadum Salih Adult Male
k2608-bv2425 Hasan Kadum Salih Adult Male
k2608-hz2610 Haidar Jaseem Kadum Adult Male
k2608-bz2483 Ammar Jaseem Kadum Adult Male
k2608-hd2440 Ahmed Hikmat Mohamed Adult Male
k2608-fw2429 Kadum Hikmat Mohamed Adult Male
k2608-kf2614 Natiq Ahmed Hikmat Adult Male
k2608-fh2479 Shawky Sahib Adult Male
k2608-kh2444 Shakir Ali Aldaffae Adult Male