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10, including 2 Reuters staff, in US helicopter strike, Al-Ameen, Baghdad

Incident k6936
Type US helicopter strike
Deaths recorded 10
Targeted or hit group of suspected insurgents, dead including 2 Reuters employees, and civilian van attempting to help the wounded
Place Al-Ameen, Baghdad
Date and time 12 July 2007, 10:25-11:00 AM
Sources AP 12 Jul 2007
LAT 12 Jul 2007
US DoD via WikiLeaks 05 Apr 2010
US DoD via WikiLeaks 22 Oct 2010

Individuals for whom personal or identifying details were reported

IBC page Identifying details (number if more than one) Age Sex
k6936-ns1104 Daughter of dead woman Unrecorded Female
k6936-xd942 Namir Noor-Eldeen 22 Male
k6936-kx1125 Saeed Chmagh 40 Male
k6936-bh2384 Matasher Tomal Adult Male

Individuals for whom only demographic or other non-personal information was reported

Number killed Occupation Age Sex
1 Unrecorded Adult Female

Of the 10 deaths recorded here, some personal information was reported for 4 of the dead.

Only demographic information, without any identifying details, was available for one other person recorded killed.

Neither personal nor demographic information was reported for 5 other people killed in this entry.