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516-525 by suicide fuel tanker bombs in Yazidi villages, Sinjar area

Incident k7225
Type suicide fuel tanker bombs
Deaths recorded 516-525
Targeted or hit Yazidi villages
Place Qahataniya/Tal al Azizziyah, Adnaniyah/Sheikh Khader, Al Jazeera, near Sinjar
Date and time 14 August 2007, 8:00 PM
Sources NYT 22 Aug
REU 22 Aug
GUA 24 Aug
WP 17 Aug

Individuals for whom personal or identifying details were reported

IBC page Identifying details (number if more than one) Age Sex
k7225-fh1015 Brother of Fawaz Mamdosh Adult Male
k7225-bx1081 Cousins of Qassim Khalaf (5) Unrecorded Unrecorded
k7225-fv1085 Unborn child of woman killed Baby Unrecorded
k7225-hm886 Father of Rezan Haji Youssef Adult Male
k7225-fz1007 Sister of Rezan Haji Youssef Unrecorded Female
k7225-hs1100 Brother of Rezan Haji Youssef Unrecorded Male
k7225-uc1052 Father of Salam ? Adult Male
k7225-zv998 Unborn child of Teckem Kuli Saleem Baby Unrecorded

Individuals for whom only demographic or other non-personal information was reported

Number killed Occupation Age Sex
1 Unrecorded 7 Female

Of the 516 to 525 deaths recorded here, some personal information was reported for 12 of the dead.

Only demographic information, without any identifying details, was available for one other person recorded killed.

Neither personal nor demographic information was reported for another 503 to 512 people killed in this entry.