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Incidents added to the IBC database from the Iraq War Logs released by WikiLeaks, as of 2 August 2013

IBC page Latest incidents analysed Date
d8787 One killed in Bahraz area, Diyala 3 Sep 2007
d8786 One shot dead in home in Al Wajihiyah area, Diyala 3 Sep 2007
d8382 One shot dead in Tikrit 3 Sep 2007
d8800 One killed in Sinjar area, Ninewa 2 Sep 2007
d5367 Man by US illumination round NW of Karmah 2 Sep 2007
d8866 Two police shot dead NW of Ramadi 1 Sep 2007
d8799 Two bodies found in 17 July Market, Mosul 1 Sep 2007
d8798 One killed in Hay Al Bikker, Mosul 1 Sep 2007
d8797 One killed in Mosul 1 Sep 2007
d8796 Child killed in Mosul 1 Sep 2007
d8785 Infant killed in crossfire in central Baghdad 1 Sep 2007
k7360a One shot dead in Hay Al Iskan, Diwaniyah 1 Sep 2007
d5155 One shot dead by US forces in Sinjar area 1 Sep 2007
d5154 One shot dead by US forces in Zaganiyah 1 Sep 2007
d8773 Body found in Dhi Qar 29 Aug 2007
d8369 Three in horse drawn buggy by IED in Abu Saydah 29 Aug 2007
d7359 Man shot dead near a mosque in Al Ghazaliyah, Baghdad 29 Aug 2007
d5742 Body of a policeman found in Karabilah 29 Aug 2007
d5741 Two bodies found in Haqlaniyah 29 Aug 2007
d5153 Woman shot dead by US forces south of Fallujah 29 Aug 2007
d8336 Iraq female in taxi shot dead by US forces in Samarra 26 Aug 2007
d6917 Two by Katusha rockets in Tal Afar 26 Aug 2007
d8368 One shot dead near a checkpoint in Balad Ruz 24 Aug 2007
d8367 Body found on a main street in Diyala province 24 Aug 2007
d5740 Severed head found SE of Haqlaniyah 24 Aug 2007
d8366 One shot dead in Mandali 23 Aug 2007
d5152 Child shot dead by US forces east of Hawijah 23 Aug 2007
d5408 Man shot dead by US forces in east Baghdad 22 Aug 2007
d5330 Man by US gunfire, vehicle collision, in Baghdad 20 Aug 2007
d8365 One killed in Diyala province 19 Aug 2007
d8364 Body of an Iraqi female found shot dead in Muqdadiyah 19 Aug 2007
d6464 Male civilian killed in Najaf area 19 Aug 2007
d8363 One shot dead in Hay Aljenood area, Khalis 18 Aug 2007
d8362 Body found shot dead in Tigris River, near As Sindiyah 16 Aug 2007-
17 Aug 2007
d8361 One shot dead in Mufrek, Baqubah 16 Aug 2007
d6383 Guard killed in Ninewa province 16 Aug 2007
d8772 Female corpse found in Dhi Qar 15 Aug 2007
d8360 Body found in Khalis 15 Aug 2007
d8359 One by mortar rounds in Kara Tapa, SW of Khalar 15 Aug 2007
d5151 Man shot dead by US forces in Duluyiah 14 Aug 2007
d8374 Three bodies found in Mosul 13 Aug 2007
d8358 Two bodies found shot dead east of Jisr Naft, near Mandali 13 Aug 2007
d8357 Body found shot dead in Baqubah 13 Aug 2007
d8356 One by IED SW of Khalis 13 Aug 2007
d8355 One by IED south of Khanan 13 Aug 2007
d6463 Body found tortured and shot in Najaf 13 Aug 2007
d5150 Man shot dead by US forces west of Hawijah 13 Aug 2007
d8910 Police officer killed NE of Saqlawiyah 11 Aug 2007
d5739 Two shot dead by US forces NE of Saqlawiyah 11 Aug 2007
d5329 Man shot dead by US forces in Baghdad 11 Aug 2007