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IBC page Latest incidents analysed Date
k20010 Three by successive roadside bombs in Saidiya, south Baghdad 2 Oct 2013
k20024 Village mukhtar shot dead in orchard northeast of Baquba 1 Oct 2013-
2 Oct 2013
k20029 Policeman shot dead in Tel Abth, southwest of Mosul 1 Oct 2013
k20002 Three police in suicide and gun attack on Anti-Explosives Directorate in Tikrit 1 Oct 2013
k20001 Two Sahwa members in car by roadside bomb in Tarmiya 1 Oct 2013
k20000 One shot dead from motorcycle in Saidiya, south Baghdad 1 Oct 2013
k19999 Daughter of army captain by roadside bomb near pharmacy in Tuz Khurmato 1 Oct 2013
k19998 Restaurant owner shot dead in east Mosul 1 Oct 2013
k19997 Government employee by roadside bomb northeast of Baquba 1 Oct 2013
k19996 Director of Education by bomb attached to car in Baquba 1 Oct 2013
k19995 Sahwa member by grenade and gunfire at checkpoint in Al-Hamdaniya, Abu Ghraib 1 Oct 2013
k19993 Two police by roadside bomb or gunfire in Dour, east of Tikrit 1 Oct 2013
k19992 Former Iraqi army officer shot dead near home in Arabi, north Mosul 1 Oct 2013
k19991 Traffic policeman shot dead in Yarmouk, west Mosul 1 Oct 2013
k19990 Policeman by bomb attached to car in western Anbar 1 Oct 2013
m2310 78-84 mourners and emergency service personnel by bombs at funeral in Sadr City, Baghdad 21 Sep 2013
m2309 Eight civilians by car bomb in Sabah Khayat Square, Ur, northeast Baghdad 21 Sep 2013
m2308 Civilian by roadside bomb in Nasr and Salam neighbourhoods, Abu Gharib 21 Sep 2013
m2307 1-2 Sahwa members by machine-gun fire at checkpoint in Sadera, south of Shurqat 21 Sep 2013
m2306 Border policeman by machine-gun fire at checkpoint on the Syrian border, west of Ramadi 21 Sep 2013
m2305 Three unidentified bodies found with gunshot wounds in Al-Rasheed Camp, southeast of Baghdad 21 Sep 2013
m2304 Sahwa member by automatic weapons-fire in Shurqat, north of Tikrit 21 Sep 2013
m2303 Local official kidnapped and killed by gunfire in Zgiton, Riyadh, southwest of Kirkuk 21 Sep 2013
m2302 Bodyguard by gunfire near his home in Saadia, 60 km north of Baquba 21 Sep 2013
m2301 Two Badoish Prison guards by gunfire in their homes in Zahra, east Mosul 21 Sep 2013
m2299 Sahwa leader and three of his guards by gunfire in Adhamiya, Baghdad 21 Sep 2013
m2298 Four young men by gunfire in refreshment shop selling alcohol in Azamiya, Baghdad 21 Sep 2013
m2297 18-21 worshippers by two bombs in Sunni mosque in Al-Mafraq, 10 km south of Samarra 20 Sep 2013
m2296 Nineveh Branch head of the Boxing Federation by gunfire in Al-Wehda, Mosul 20 Sep 2013
m2295 Doctor by magnetic bomb attached to his car in Ameria, west Baghdad 20 Sep 2013
m2294 Woman by car bomb targeting police colonel's motorcade in Rufai Street, west Mosul 20 Sep 2013
m2291 Tribal sheikh and at least two of his sons in Zubayr, Basra 20 Sep 2013
m2290 Policeman found strangled and beaten in his sister's home in Mishraq, central Basra 20 Sep 2013
m2289 Mother and her young daughter by mortar round on their home in Samarra 20 Sep 2013
m2287 Young girl by mortar attack west of Samarra 20 Sep 2013
m2292 Customs policeman by machine-gun fire in Imam Gharbi, 90 km south of Mosul 19 Sep 2013-
20 Sep 2013
m2288 Civilian by roadside bomb in Aladheim, north of Baquba 19 Sep 2013-
20 Sep 2013
m2293 Policeman by roadside bomb targeting patrol in Al Rifai, west of Mosul 19 Sep 2013
m2285 8-9 by one or two roadside bomb in market in Haswa or Al-Nasr wal-Salam, Abu Ghraib 19 Sep 2013
m2284 Bodyguard of army officer by gunfire in Rashad, 35 km southwest of Kirkuk 19 Sep 2013
m2281 Teacher by roadside bomb in Alrfeaat, southwest of Balad 19 Sep 2013
m2280 1-5, including shop owner, by gunfire and bombs in Ishaqi, south of Tikrit 19 Sep 2013
m2279 Kiosk owner by drive-by shooting in Zayouna, east Baghdad 19 Sep 2013
m2278 Civilian by gunfire in front of his home in Sumer, southeast Mosul 19 Sep 2013
m2277 Tailor by gunfire in his shop in Nabi Yunis, east Mosul 19 Sep 2013
m2276 Employee at the Nineveh Dept of Electricity by drive-by shooting in Shora, south of Mosul 19 Sep 2013
m2275 Shop keeper by gunfire in his household goods shop in Al-Yarmouk, west Mosul 19 Sep 2013
m2274 Body of woman found in front of house in Al-Hussein, Basra 19 Sep 2013
m2282 Bodies of two brothers, kidnapped the previous evening, found in Shula, northwest Baghdad 18 Sep 2013-
19 Sep 2013
m2283 Security guard by roadside bomb and gunfire targeting police convoy near Haradah, Tel Abth 18 Sep 2013