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IBC page Latest incidents analysed Date
m4328 Civilian by magnetic bomb or roadside bomb in Maalif, south Baghdad 3 Mar
m4327 One by roadside bomb hitting taxi in Abu Garma, northeast of Baquba 3 Mar
m4326 Two women and one child by rockets and mortars landing on houses in Al-Baghdadi 3 Mar
m4324 One by roadside bomb near alcohol shop in Khrisan Street, central Baquba 3 Mar
m4323 One by roadside bomb near shops in Mahdia, Dora, south Baghdad 3 Mar
m4322 Body of man found handcuffed and with gunshot wounds in Suleikh, north Baghdad 3 Mar
m4321 Four civilians caught in crossfire between ISIS and security forces in Dujail 3 Mar
m4320 Three by roadside bomb in Nairiyah, east Baghdad 3 Mar
m4319 Ministry of Health employee by magnetic bomb in Jamea, west Baghdad 3 Mar
m4317 Man by gunfire during robbery in cemetary area in central Samarra 3 Mar
m4315 Five-year-old girl killed by ISIS as she ran from her home in blockaded area in Al-Baghdadi 3 Mar
m4314 Woman executed by ISIS in Tal al-Ruman, west Mosul 3 Mar
m4313 Chairman of Hamdaniya Judicial Council executed by ISIS in Mosul 3 Mar
m4312 One by tanker bomb in Sheikh Mohammed, northeast of Samarra 2 Mar
m4311 Body of man found with gunshot wounds in Shuala, northwest Baghdad 2 Mar
m4310 Man by magnetic bomb near Abu Garma, northeast of Baquba 2 Mar
m4308 One by roadside bomb near shops in Al-Mashtal, Baghdad 2 Mar
m4307 Two by bomb near football field in Al-Husayniyah, north Baghdad 2 Mar
m4306 Bodies of three men discovered with gunshot wounds in Yusufiya, south of Baghdad 2 Mar
m4305b 29 bodies discovered in mass graves in Jalawla, Saadia and Dohuk 2 Mar
m4305a 77 bodies of women and children found in mass graves in Sinjar 2 Mar
m4304 Four men from the Jabour tribe publicly executed by ISIS in Shirqat 2 Mar
m4303 One by roadside bomb near market in Abu Dshir, Al-Doura, south Baghdad 2 Mar
m4302 Two by bomb on passenger bus in Sheikh Omar Street, central Baghdad 2 Mar
m4301 Male civilian by gunfire in Talibiyah, east Baghdad 2 Mar
m4300 Civilian by roadside bomb in Mashahda, north of Baghdad 2 Mar
m4299 2-3 children by mortar shells targeting residential compound in Al-Baghdadi, west of Ramadi 1 Mar
m4298 Body of unidentified man found in New Baghdad, east Baghdad 1 Mar
m4297 Girl by roadside bomb in Hur al-Basha, Taji 1 Mar
m4296 One by roadside bomb near shops in Amiriya, west Baghdad 1 Mar
m4295 University professor by magnetic bomb attached to his car in Selakh, north Baghdad 1 Mar
m4294 One Sahwa member by roadside bomb at checkpoint in Hor Rajab, south Baghdad 1 Mar
m4293 Bodies of four unidentified men found with gunshot wounds in Maamel, east Baghdad 1 Mar
m4292 Body of executed man found in Husseiniya, northeast Baghdad 1 Mar
m4291 Male cilivian by gunfire in Abu Ghraib 1 Mar
a1179 32 bodies of Sahwa members and tribesmen found in Baghdadi district, west of Anbar 28 Feb
a1178 Five teenage boys executed in Sinjar, west of Mosul 28 Feb
a1176 Police officer by suicide bomber in Baghdadi district, west of Anbar 28 Feb
a1175 Seventeen by airstrikes in Mosul 28 Feb
a1174 Two by mortar shells in Hay Al-Shorta, Dora, south Baghdad 28 Feb
a1173 Two by roadside bomb in Shula, northwest Baghdad 28 Feb
a1172 Three by roadside bomb in Bayaa, southwest Baghdad 28 Feb
a1171 1 - 2 by magnetic bomb in Abu Dshir, Dora, south Baghdad 28 Feb
a1170 Two by roadside bomb in Al-Obeidi, east Baghdad 28 Feb
a1169 Three by mortar shells in Saba al-Bour, northwest Baghdad 28 Feb
a1168 Three family members shot dead in Diyala Bridge, south Baghdad 28 Feb
a1167 One by roadside bomb in Arab Jasim, Yusufiya, south of Baghdad 28 Feb
a1166 Fourteen Nationality Directorate employees executed in Mosul 28 Feb
a1165 Seven by shelling in Karma, east of Fallujah 28 Feb
a1164 Three by mortar shells in Fallujah 28 Feb