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IBC page Latest incidents analysed Date
h0006 Three killed by roadside bomb in market, Touz Hourmato 1 Feb 2014
m3479 Policeman in attack at checkpoint in north Tikrit 13 Jan 2014
m3478 One by roadside bomb in vegetable market in Saidiyah, southwest Baghdad 13 Jan 2014
m3477 2-5 by car bomb near Najim Market, Shula, northwest Baghdad 13 Jan 2014
m3476 1-2 by car bomb or suicide car bomb in Adhamiya Corniche, north Baghdad 13 Jan 2014
m3475 1-11 by car bomb in Shalal Market, Shaab, northeast Baghdad 13 Jan 2014
m3474 Five by car bomb near Khulafa' Mosque, Bab al-Mu'atham, north Baghdad 13 Jan 2014
m3473 Oil pipeline protection policeman by gunfire targeting checkpoint in Khaza'alia, Bohrouz 13 Jan 2014
m3471 Civilian passer-by by gunfire targeting home of MP in al-Safeena, 50 km south of Mosul 13 Jan 2014
m3469 Civilian by gunfire in A'alam, Saidiyah, west Baghdad 13 Jan 2014
m3470 Four kidnapped soldiers executed by gunfire in Anbar 12 Jan 2014
m3468 Four police by roadside bomb targeting convoy in Jazerat al-Khaldiya, east Ramadi 12 Jan 2014
m3467 Imam and television presenter by drive-by shooting in Amil or Resale, west Mosul 12 Jan 2014
m3466 3-10 by vehicle bombs in Imam Ahmed, Tuz Khormato 12 Jan 2014
m3464 Body of 25-year-old man found in Cairo, Mosul 12 Jan 2014
m3463 One by car bomb near sheep market in Hamam al-Aleel, south of Mosul 12 Jan 2014
m3462 Two police by drive-by shooting in Seniya, north of Tikrit 12 Jan 2014
m3461 1-8 civilians by army artillery and helicopters in Abu Ghraib, west of Baghdad 12 Jan 2014
m3460 One by roadside bomb in Ameerat Street, Mansour, west Baghdad 12 Jan 2014
m3459 7-9 by car bomb or roadside bomb targeting potential army recruits in central Baghdad 12 Jan 2014
m3458 2-5 by car bomb or roadside bomb in Adin Square, Kadhimiya, northeast Baghdad 12 Jan 2014
m3457 Woman stabbed and beaten with stones in her home in al-Shamiyah, al-Qadisiyah 12 Jan 2014
m3456 Civilian in Diyala 12 Jan 2014
m3455 0-1 security personnel in Mosul 11 Jan 2014
m3454 4-5 by gunfire in house in Dora, south Baghdad 11 Jan 2014
m3453 Policeman by car bomb or suicide car bomb near police station in Hamam al-Alil 11 Jan 2014
m3452 Intelligence officer by drive-by shooting in Aneh 11 Jan 2014
m3451 Three passengers on bus by roadside bomb in Tarmiya, north of Baghdad 11 Jan 2014
m3450 Contractor by gunfire in his home in Dora, south Baghdad 11 Jan 2014
m3449 Two Sahwa members by automatic weapons in Jazeera, southwest of Samarra 11 Jan 2014
m3448 Policeman and his wife by gunfire in south Shurqat 11 Jan 2014
m3447 Civilian by army artillery in Aljughaifi, east Fallujah 11 Jan 2014
m3446 Three by helicopter attack targeting home of tribal leader in Ramadi 11 Jan 2014
m3445 One, possibly emergency policeman, by roadside bomb targeting patrol in central Kut 11 Jan 2014
m3444 One, possibly federal policeman, by roadside bomb near checkpoint in Amil, west Baghdad 11 Jan 2014
m3443 Young man by gunfire near his home in Sharqiya, east Nasiriyah 11 Jan 2014
m3442 Teacher by roadside bomb or magnetic bomb in Mualameen, Kut 10 Jan 2014
m3441 Two, including a child, by mortar rounds in residential area in Garma, east of Fallujah 10 Jan 2014
m3440 Two civilians by indiscriminate army gunfire in response to roadside bomb attack in Hit 10 Jan 2014
m3439 Four border guards by roadside bombs targeting convoy near Hadeetha, west Anbar 10 Jan 2014
m3438 Parents of Interior Ministry officer by gunfire in his home in Iskan, west Baghdad 10 Jan 2014
m3437 Elderly woman by gunfire while trying to prevent a kidnapping in west Mosul 10 Jan 2014
m3436 Civilian by artillery shelling in Aliraood, 30 km east of Fallujah 10 Jan 2014
m3435 Civilian by artillery shelling and gunfire targeting insurgents in east Ramadi 10 Jan 2014
m2985 Teacher, possibly trying to escape arrest, by gunfire in Alaath, Sharqat 9 Jan 2014
m2984 22-23 volunteers by suicide bomb at army recruitment centre at Muthana Airfield, Baghdad 9 Jan 2014
m2983 Sahwa leader and family by drive-by shooting in Albu Aath, Dora, south Baghdad 9 Jan 2014
m2982 Two relatives of Sahwa leader by drive-by shooting in Um Tlaep, Samarra 9 Jan 2014
m2981 Policeman by magnetic bomb attached to his car in Qadisiyah, north Tikrit 9 Jan 2014
m2980 Body of woman found beaten and with stab wounds in Iskan, Mansour, west Baghdad 9 Jan 2014