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15 in air strikes in Zafaraniya, Baghdad

Incident x025
Type air raids
Deaths recorded 15
Targeted or hit
Place Zafraniya industrial area, Baghdad
Date 30 March 2003
Sources REU 30 Mar
WP 30 Mar
KR 04 May

Individuals for whom personal or identifying details were reported

IBC page Identifying details (number if more than one) Age Sex
x025-xu328 Esmaeel Abbas Hamza 49 Male
x025-vm313 Muhammed Taha Abbas 12 Male
x025-xc114 Abeer Taha Abbas 9 Female
x025-ek239 Muna Taha Abbas 23 Female
x025-su332 Abbas Esmaeel Abbas 7 Male
x025-eu317 Azhar Ali Taher 33 Female
x025-sc118 Kameela Abd Kathem 49 Female
x025-nm170 Sabah Gedan Karbeet 42 Male
x025-ks353 Husham Sabah Eadan 10 Male
x025-ns336 Malek Sabah Eadan 7 Male
x025-hv299 Ali Sabah Eadan 4 Male
x025-xd174 Madeeha Abd Kathem 48 Female
x025-kx357 Sabeha Awad Merdas 58 Female
x025-ux340 Fatema Zaboon Maktoof 27 Female
x025-kw295 Nora Sabah Gadan 14 Female