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572-616 in siege of Falluja

Incident x360
Type air attacks and ground battles
Deaths recorded 572-616
Targeted or hit 'insurgents', incl. those responsible for the killing of four US security contractors
Place city of Falluja
Date 5 April 2004 - 30 April 2004
Sources Multiple - see accompanying Note

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Individuals for whom personal or identifying details were reported

IBC page Identifying details (number if more than one) Age Sex
x360-bw163 Neighbour of doctor Adult Male
x360-uc140 Father of 3-yr-old boy Adult Male
x360-zv310 Unborn baby Baby Unrecorded
x360-ue306 Neighbour of Mohammed Hadi, Adult Male
x360-dz121 Mushref Mohi 70 Male
x360-xa117 Sister of 9-yr-old boy killed 16 Female
x360-ea128 Mother of blind man, Sajeen Adult Female
x360-zw141 Father of Haider Abdel-Wahab Adult Male
x360-sb326 Mother of Haider Abdel-Wahab Adult Female
x360-ua195 Brothers of Haider Abdel-Wahab (2) Unrecorded Male
x360-ef203 Abu Ibrahim Adult Male
x360-kn157 Husband of Umm Thaer Adult Male
x360-nd172 Daughters of Umm Thaer (2) Unrecorded Female
x360-xv338 Nasser Hussein 46 Male
x360-kv153 Haqi Ismail Adult Male
x360-xz168 Mohannad Abdel-Rahman, 16 Male
x360-kz211 Uncle of Mohannad Abdel-Rahman, Adult Male
x360-bu350 Father of Gofran Mohammed Adult Male
x360-hr149 Mother of Gofran Mohammed Adult Female
x360-bc164 Younger brother of Gofran Mohammed Child Male
x360-fn346 Amal Mohammed, sister of Gofran 5 Female
x360-hx145 Saja Mohammed, sister of Gofran 11 Female
x360-fm160 Niece of Haji Abbas Child Female
x360-ke358 Pregnant woman (baby lost) Adult Female
x360-nf223 Brother of Jo Wilding's kidnapper Adult Male
x360-ka156 Nephew of Jo Wilding's kidnapper Unrecorded Male
x360-xm169 Niece of Jo Wilding's kidnapper Unrecorded Female
x360-bd165 Doctor Akram Adult Male
x360-nz366 children of Sheikh Kamal Shakir Al Nazal (2) Child Unrecorded
x360-nx148 Wife of survivor Adult Female
x360-fs161 Children of survivor (2) Child Unrecorded
x360-hf362 Brothers of survivor (2) Adult Male
x360-fe235 Wives of brothers of survivor (3) Adult Female
x360-hn144 Children of brothers of survivor (4) Child Unrecorded
x360-zn200 Father of Haider al-Enezi Adult Male
x360-sd115 Mother of Haider al-Enezi Adult Female
x360-zu242 Siblings of Haider al-Enezi (3) Child Unrecorded
x360-dc189 Wisam Hussain 16 Male
x360-vu192 Thair Ahmed 18 Male
x360-vc250 Brother-in-law of 18-yr-old girl Unrecorded Male
x360-es254 Mortada, nephew of Hanan Abdel Baki, Unrecorded Male
x360-zc131 Son of Umm Khaled 15 Male
x360-sw184 Nephew of Umm Khaled 20 Male
x360-dn188 Amal Alawi Child Female
x360-uz205 Mustafa Alawi, brother of Amal Child Male
x360-sa262 Abu Abdullah Adult Male
x360-vs139 Men in car (3) Adult Male
x360-vm193 Grandfather of Ali Adult Male
x360-xc266 Mother of Ali Adult Female
x360-ek135 brothers of Ali (2) Unrecorded Male
x360-su180 Sister of Ali Unrecorded Female
x360-nm274 Kalif Ali 22 Male
x360-ks217 Issam Shaker 19 Male
x360-xd278 Brother of Saad 13 Male
x360-kx221 Asmaa Almwan 1 Female
x360-ux236 Zahra ?, mother of Nazar Adult Female
x360-kw143 Sejad, nephew of Nazar 1 Male
x360-bn282 Daughter of Hamid Eisawy Unrecorded Female
x360-bh224 Nazar Allawi Mahedi, 16 Male
x360-hz290 Father of Yassir Harhoush Adult Male
x360-hd216 Jabul Nezzar Raad 44 Male
x360-kf294 Hussein Mohammad Jergi 43 Male
x360-hm1486 Mother of Muhammad al-Halbousi Adult Female
x360-fz1607 Father of Muhammad al-Halbousi Adult Male
x360-hs1524 Sisters of Muhammad al-Halbousi (2) Unrecorded Female
x360-uc1620 Grandmother of Muhammad al-Halbousi Adult Female
x360-sv1575 Uncle of Muhammad al-Halbousi Adult Male
x360-zv1454 Relatives of Muhammad al-Halbousi (10) Unrecorded Unrecorded

Individuals for whom only demographic or other non-personal information was reported

Number killed Occupation Age Sex
1 Unrecorded 13-19 Female
1 Unrecorded 7 Female
108 Unrecorded Child Unrecorded
139 Unrecorded Adult Female
2 Unrecorded Baby Unrecorded
1 Ambulance driver Adult Male
1 Unrecorded 75 Male
1 Unrecorded 3 Male
1 Unrecorded 50 Male
1 Pharmacist Adult Male
1 Unrecorded 55 Male
1 Unrecorded 9 Male
1 Unrecorded 5 Unrecorded
1 Nurse 28 Male
2 Unrecorded Child Unrecorded
1 Police Adult Male
1 Unrecorded 3 Male
1 Unrecorded 70 Male
1 Unrecorded 25 Male
1 Paramedic Adult Male
1 Unrecorded 18 Female
3 Unrecorded Adult Male
1 Unrecorded 2 Female
1 Nurse Adult Male
1 Unrecorded 40-49 Female
2 Unrecorded Baby Female

Of the 572 to 616 deaths recorded here, some personal information was reported for 93 of the dead.

Only demographic information, without any identifying details, was available for 276 other people recorded killed.

Neither personal nor demographic information was reported for another 203 to 247 people killed in this entry.