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Tareq Ayoub

From the news reports:

Tareq Ayoub, who was seriously wounded in the bombing Tuesday morning, had died, al-Jazeera announced. The station described him as ``martyr of duty'' and a ``dear and loyal colleague.'' ...

Ayoub, the slain journalist, was expelled from Jordan in August 2002 after al-Jazeera broadcast a program that criticized the kingdom and the ruling family's stance toward Palestinians and Iraq. He was an economics correspondent at the time and did not appear to be involved in that report.

In its 2002 annual report, Reporters Without Borders complained that Ayoub was one of two reporters detained in Jordan in May 2001 while covering an anti-Israeli demonstration there. He was soon released.

AP 08 Apr 2003

Age Adult
Sex Male
Occupation Journalist
Nationality Jordanian
Marital status Unrecorded
Parental status Unrecorded

Recorded in IBC incident x041

Location: Al-Jazeera offices, Baghdad

Date: 8 April 2003