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Firaz Benjamin or Ferase Jalou

From the news reports:

Benyamin was supposed to be married this week, but the jovial, 32-year-old contractor and his fiance were killed by a car bomb as they left Sunday Mass.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution 02 Aug 2004

"I still have the wedding invitation," said his friend Luay Hannah ...

"I think this wedding will be in Heaven now." ...

Firaz used to teach Bible classes to the neighbourhood's children

Times 03 Aug 2004

Age 32
Sex Male
Occupation Contractor
Nationality Iraqi
Marital status Unmarried
Parental status Unrecorded

Recorded in IBC incident k324

Location: 3 churches in Baghdad, Karada, Naeriya and Dora districts

Date: 1 August 2004