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Presentation made to a symposium titled Documenting Mortality in Conflicts, organised by WHO/CRED with the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative, and held in Brussels, 6-7 November 2008.

This slightly amended web version (published 2 February 2009) has been updated to reflect the latest statistics in the IBC database.

Future directions

(Picture: A Bosnian Muslim woman prays at a memorial to victims of the Srebrenica massacre (Credit: AFP)

Analyses such as those presented here clearly have functional uses for policy makers and internal and external actors, researchers and relief workers, and others.

It is always difficult to convey the gravity and pain contained in the experiences behind the numbers. Although we may speak of dozens killed in a particular incident or thousands over a span of time, it is of course individuals who die and are mourned. And no society considers itself civilised if it fails to give the dead the final dignity of recognition not as a mass, but as individuals.

Ultimately the one specific piece of information that needs recording most of all is the name of the individual who was killed. Despite our best efforts to glean this information whenever we can, only some 5% of deaths in the IBC database specify an identifiable individual. A sample showing the latest entries to this list is given below.1

1 The full IBC list may also be browsed page by page in the Individuals section of the IBC database. These entries link to the incidents in which the persons listed were killed.

We also maintain a spreadsheet, including date and location for the deaths, with special notes for their use.

For an earlier discussion of the motivations and problems associated with recording the identity of individual killed, see 100 Names of Civilians Killed (May 2003).

IBC page Name or personal identifier Age Sex
a6379-kr3551 al-Seraifat tribe leader Adult Male
a6376-dh3642 Idham Al-Taif Mahmoud Adult Male
a6367-ka3500 granddaughter of Najihah Abed Child Female
a6367-nf3535 son of Najihah Abed Adult Male
a6367-ke3670 daughter in law of Najihah Abed Adult Female
a6367-nw3485 Manar, daughter of Safana Hamad 4 Female
a6365-vn3511 wife of dead man Adult Female
a6365-db3634 husband of dead woman Adult Male
a6363-fn3690 Shukran Ghanim Hussein 4 Male
a6363-nv3559 uncle of Rahma Ghanim Unrecorded Male
a6381-xz3480 Shifa Gerdi/Born Shifa Zikri Ibrahim Gerdi 30 Female
a6354-xe3527 family members of IS leader Unrecorded Unknown
a6348-dv3523 daughters of Munther Al-Ajaj Unrecorded Female
a6348-ev3448 wife of Munther Al-Ajaj Adult Female
a6348-sz3469 Munther Al-Ajaj Adult Male
a6347-zv3654 family members from Albu Nimer tribe Adult Male
a6347-sv3519 family members from Albu Nimer tribe Adult Female
a6353-zs3444 brothers Unrecorded Male
a6334-hd3552 family members of dead woman Unrecorded Unknown
a6317-hu3565 family members Unrecorded Unknown
a6313-xc3570 son of Nazar Unrecorded Male
a6313-vm3513 Nazar Adult Male
a6279-xb3547 son of dead man Unrecorded Male
a6279-kb3674 father of dead male Adult Male
a6262-sb3646 Amina Ayman Ahmed 3 Female
a6262-zw3445 Dalal Ayman Ahmed 5 Female
a6262-sf3460 Noor Mohammad Hamid 20 Unknown
a6262-zx3511 Afrah Ali Khadr 27 Female
a6262-dw3465 Hussein Ali Khadr 16 Male
a6262-ec3650 Aisha Abdel Thanon 43 Female
a6262-dx3523 Ali Khadr Thanon 47 Male
a6261-xa3469 sisters Unrecorded Female
a6300-vc3586 Majid Hamed Al-Hufudhy Unrecorded Male
a6247-zm3529 Ahmed Hadi Angood Al-Karkhi Adult Male
a6243-sw3512 Abu Hamza Al-Soori Adult Male
a6241-zc3459 Wael Emad Kadhim Al-Khazraji Unrecorded Male
a6295-ed3508 Capt. Adult Male
a6292-sx3521 Haji Nasir Adult Male
a6229-hx3473 Abu Ayman Al-Juboury Adult Male
a6222-xz3496 Bassim Al-Safy Adult Male
a6215-dh3658 Fatin 10 Female
a6214-eh3457 Abu Muqdad relatives 16-40 Male
a6206-dw3441 mother of dead girl Adult Female
a6206-ec3642 daughter of the injured woman 4 Female
a6162-fb3606 wife of Riyadh Nori Adult Female
a6158-bn3602 family members Unrecorded Unknown
a6153-ux3556 Abu Qudtada Al-Iraqi Adult Male
a6153-kx3541 Hassan Al-Qahtany Adult Male
a6153-xd3614 Abu Talha Al-Shamy Adult Male
a6135-zc3467 son of dead man Unrecorded Male
a6135-sr3517 father of dead male Adult Male
a6109-nd3492 family members Unrecorded Unknown
a6122-nz3686 Hamid Khalaf, son of Hajia 35 Male
a6121-hx3481 Dr Muhsin Sadiq Adult Male
a6121-fn3666 Farooq Hameed Adult Male
a6118-bc3500 daughter of dead couple Child Female
a6118-hr3485 wife of dead man Adult Female
a6118-bu3670 husband of dead woman Adult Male
a6151-ks3537 Nemat Ezzat Saheb Adult Male
a6192-fz3487 Alaa Al-Din (Abu Hafsa) Adult Male
a6190-fv3565 brother of IS member Unrecorded Male
a6173-bv3553 A.A.SH. Unrecorded Female
a6323-bh3544 Abu Baker Abbas Yasin Al-Samarae/Abbas Yasin Hussein Adult Male
a6323-nh3561 Ali Al-Daraji Adult Male
a6090-zc3563 Mustafa Hashim Mustafa Said Ahmed al-Rawi Unrecorded Male
a6089-xn3481 Mohammad Elias Khideral-Naimi Unrecorded Male
a6089-vc3666 Zaid Sinan Abdul Latif 2 Male
a6089-xh3539 Zahra Sinan Abdul Latif 4-5 Female
a6089-vu3496 Maryem Sinan Abdul Latif 12 Female
a6089-dc3477 Iman Khalid Mohammed 32 Female
a6089-ur3678 Rania Raed Mohammed Hassan 1 Female
a6089-dm3543 Shamsah Jasim Hassan Ali 39 Female
a6089-ed3492 Jasim Mohammed Hassan Ali 40 Male
a6089-sx3473 Zahra Ibrahem Ali Jumah 63 Female
a6084-sd3547 grandson of dead old man Unrecorded Male
a6084-zn3488 grandfather of dead male 70-79 Male
a6169-hc3471 Hamza Ali Hadi Al-Skainy 13 Male
a6059-kh3500 Mustafa Jawad Adult Male
a6056-kf3670 child of dead female Unrecorded Unknown
a6056-fw3485 mother of dead child Adult Female
a6055-bz3539 daughter of Um Yousef Child Female
a6055-hz3666 Yousef, son of Um Yousef Child Male
d13118-nf3543 children of dead man Child Unknown
d13118-ke3678 father of dead children Adult Male
d13114-eh3449 Sinan Abdul Islam / Sinan Abdel-Islam Adult Male
d13113-ef3507 daughter of Mohammed Tayyip Alleyla and Fatima Alhyial Unrecorded Female
d13113-xf3638 Fatima Alhyial, wife of Mohammed Tayyip Alleyla Adult Female
d13113-ve3453 Mohammed Tayyip Alleyla Adult Male
d13086-kx3549 children of dead woman Child Unknown
d13075-zu3570 Sheikh Jawad Adult Male
d13073-sd3443 Anas, son of Abdullah Abdul-Sattar Abdul Baqi Unrecorded Male
d13073-zn3528 Abdullah Abdul-Sattar Abdul Baqi Adult Male
d13083-hv3475 grandmother of Rafi Ahmed Mahmoud Al Rashidi Adult Female
d13083-ns3560 sisters of Rafi Ahmed Mahmoud Al Rashidi Child Female
d13083-ks3545 Rafi Ahmed Mahmoud Al Rashidi Child Male
d13095-fh3487 Zakariah, son of Haj Dahir Unrecorded Male
d13095-kf3622 Haj Dahir Adult Male
d13092-hz3618 wife of Wadah (Um Sameem) Adult Female
d13092-bv3561 wife of Khalid Mustafa (Um Wadah) Adult Female
d13092-hc3479 Mustafa, son of Khalid Mustafa Unrecorded Male
d13092-fd3556 Wadah Khalid (Abu Sameem), son of Khalid Mustafa Adult Male
d13092-hu3541 Khalid Mustafa (Abu Wadah) Adult Male
d13078-su3508 Imad Ahmed Unrecorded Male
d13078-ek3463 Imran Riad Adnan, son of Haj Riad Adnan Unrecorded Male
d13078-xc3594 wife of Haj Riad Adnan Adult Female
d13078-vm3521 Haj Riad Adnan Adult Male
d13078-xu3504 Mahfouz House Haj Hamou, son of Al Haj Riad Unrecorded Male
d13078-vs3467 wife of Al Haj Riad Adult Female
d13078-sa3590 Al Haj Riad Adult Male
d13048-xf3662 Younis Hassan Abdullah al-Badrani Unrecorded Male
d13058-xm3497 Abdul-Qadir al-Qaisi Adult Male
d13002-eh3561 Anwar Mohammed Daoud Adult Male
d12993-xw3548 daughter of dead woman Child Female
d12993-vn3487 mother of dead girl Adult Female
d12982-ec3602 Osama, son of Abu Alaa Al-Aatari Unrecorded Male
d13001-df3544 Ziad al Hashem Adult Male
d12961-sz3541 Nuri Sabah, son of Sabah Khorsheed Unrecorded Male
d12955-bn3690 Sheikh Fawaz Mejbel al-Jumaili Elderly Male
d12942-ur3654 children of dead couple Child Unknown
d12973-zs3564 Abu Omar Hijazi Adult Male
d12923-kb3602 Ali Qoytasi Adult Male
d12949-nv3439 Temara Omar Child Female
a5995-bc3540 son of dead male Unrecorded Male
a5995-hr3557 father of dead male Adult Male
a5980-nv3495 Abdullah Ghazi (son of Qutan village mukhtar) Unrecorded Male
a5980-xa3525 Faisal Ghazi (son of Qutan village Mukhtar) Unrecorded Male
a5979-za3598 Hashem Fares Adult Male
a5989-kn3565 Ashraf Badran Unrecorded Male
a5989-nb3622 Waleed (nephew of Ammar Albozenee) Child Male
a5989-dh3578 Ghina (daughter of Mohammed Mumtaz) Child Female
a5989-eh3505 wife of Mohammed Mumtaz Unrecorded Female
a5989-df3520 Mustafa Mumtaz Abdullah Unrecorded Male
a5989-ef3451 Abdul Rahman (son of Ammar Mumtaz Abdullah and Lina Al-Anaz) Child Male
a5989-xf3582 Ahmed (son of Ammar Mumtaz Abdullah and Lina Al-Anaz) Child Male
a5989-ve3509 Lina Al-Anaz (wife of Ammar Mumtaz Abdullah) Unrecorded Female
a5989-xw3524 Ammar Mumtaz Abdullah Adult Male
a5989-vn3447 wife of Haj Mumtaz Abdullah Majeed Adult Female
a5989-db3570 Haj Mumtaz Abdullah Majeed Adult Male
a5987-zw3517 bodyguards of Lieutenant-General Juma Inad Sadoon al-Jubouri Adult Male
a6037-nk3523 son of Zaki M'hai Al Rawi Unrecorded Male
a6037-bd3525 Yousif Faisal Hassan Al Salmani Baby Male
a6037-nw3533 Kutaiba Shakir Khalaf Baby Male
a6037-hw3451 Aya Shakir Khalaf Al Karbouli Baby Female
a6037-fm3520 Idris Shakir Khalaf Al Karbouli Baby Male
a6037-hx3505 Su'oud Juma Su'oud Matar Baby Male
a6037-fn3578 Mustafa mohammad Khalaf Baby Male
a6037-nv3447 Daughter of Ali Uwaid Hamad Baby Female
a6037-bc3524 Mohammad Omar Hassan Al Rawi Baby Male
a6037-hr3509 Bakr Omar Hassan Al Rawi Baby Male
a6037-bu3582 Ali Ayoub Sabri Al Salmani Baby Male
a6037-kz3443 Ahmad Obeid Al Salmani Baby Male
a6037-xz3528 Lutfi Naguib Al Rawi Unrecorded Male
a6037-kv3513 Ahmad Mahmoud Abdallah Al Karbouli Unrecorded Male
a6037-xv3570 Dhiya Hussein Khalaf Al Karbouli Unrecorded Male
a6037-kr3439 The family of Ali Obeid Al Karbouli Unrecorded Unknown
a6037-nd3532 Mutlaq Al Durbasi abu Hakim Unrecorded Male
a6037-kn3517 Alaa Hussein Al Rawi Unrecorded Male
a6037-nb3574 Omar Mohammad Jassim Unrecorded Male
a6037-dh3626 Mohammad Khalaf Jassim Al Salmani Abu Jassim Unrecorded Male
a6037-eh3553 The wife of Ubaid Mohammad Al Damouk Adult Female
a6037-df3536 Jubair Ahmad Khalaf Unrecorded Male
a6037-ef3499 Ali Mishaan Nawar Unrecorded Male
a6037-xf3630 Fatah Al Kubaisi Unrecorded Male
a6037-ve3557 Mahmoud Khashan Selbi Al Karbouli Unrecorded Male
a6037-xw3540 Zaki M'hai Al Rawi Adult Male
a6037-vn3495 Bilal Dawoud Fahad Al Rawi Unrecorded Male
a6037-db3618 Muhannad Issam Denhash Al Rawi Unrecorded Male
a6037-eb3561 Uthman D'ham Maagul Al Salmani Unrecorded Male
a6037-ds3544 Sabah Hamdan Majoun Al Salmani Unrecorded Male
a6037-ua3491 Saddam Saleh Muhawish Al Salmani Unrecorded Male
a6037-sb3622 Anwar Mohammad Kurdi Al Salmani Unrecorded Male
a6037-zw3565 Mustafa Hassan Hamad Al Salmani Unrecorded Male
a6037-zx3487 The family of Satar J'bayer Matar Al Karbouli Unrecorded Unknown
a6037-dw3537 The family of J'bayer Matar Al Karbouli Unrecorded Unknown
a6037-ec3610 Hamdan Hussein Unrecorded Male
a6037-dx3483 Mohsin Abd Sawid Al Mahlawi Elderly Male
a6037-ea3552 Aws Ahmad Abd Hamadi Al Salmani Unrecorded Male
a6037-xa3541 Omar Mohammad Adballah Al Karbouli Unrecorded Male
a6037-za3614 Jamal Satm Hubit Al Hardani Unrecorded Male
a6037-xe3479 Khalaf hamad Jassim Al Salmani Adult Male
a6037-zs3556 Rafeh Jubayr Al kubaisi Unrecorded Male
a6037-dz3545 Anas Ratib Ghnyan Unrecorded Male
a6037-ue3602 Abd Al Qadr Ghydan Al Karbouli Unrecorded Male
a6037-dv3475 Abdalrahman Al Muflih Abd Al Razaq Al Salmani Unrecorded Male
a6037-ev3560 Mohammad Hamad Mohammad Khalifa Al Salmani Unrecorded Male
a6037-sz3549 Laith D'ham Abdalqadr Al Mufti Unrecorded Male
a6037-zv3606 Habib Mohammad Touqan Al Farraji Unrecorded Male
a6037-sv3471 Ayoub Sabri Al Salmani Adult Male
a6037-uc3564 Abd Al Muhaymin Hamoud Al Salmani Unrecorded Male
a6037-hs3452 Mishtaq Mohammad Al Salmani Adult Male
a6037-fz3519 Abd Al Wahab Mishtaq Mohammad Al Salmani Unrecorded Male
a6037-hm3654 Hassan Hamad Jassim Al Salmani Unrecorded Male
a6037-fv3469 Makhlouf Duhman Mohammad Al Karbouli Unrecorded Male
a6037-bw3523 Yousif Jihad Hardan Al Salmani Unrecorded Male
a6037-xk3650 Jihad Hardan Al Salmani Adult Male
a6037-bx3465 Ahmad Khalouf Al Rawi Unrecorded Male
a6037-kh3444 Sulaiman Mohammad Ibrahim Al Hardani Unrecorded Male
a6037-fh3527 Nasr Sh'hab Soheil Al Hardani Unrecorded Male
a6037-kf3662 Younis Ratib Ghnyan Al Kubaisi Unrecorded Male
a6037-fw3461 Mishtaq Hamid Aboud Al Salmani Unrecorded Male
a6037-hd3440 Hamoud Aboud (Abu Qusai Al Salmani) Adult Male
a6037-sw3464 Mahmood Ali Al-Nuaimy Unrecorded Male
a5970-hm3670 Thabet al-Obeidi/"Mohammed Thabet al- Obeidi/Mohammed Thabet Shehatha 38 Male
a5972-ev3512 Ali Khalid Al Dannu Unrecorded Male
a5972-sz3533 Ahmed Sufian Thabit Unrecorded Male
a5961-hv3563 Ayham Ibrahim Jassam/Ayham Ibrahim Jassam Al-Salmany Child Male
a6001-ke3606 Ministry of Defense employee Adult Male
a5955-ek3503 Shukri Zain Al-Din 40 Male
a5953-vm3449 wife of IS member Unrecorded Female
d12773-ux3500 Maryam, daughter of Mohamed Ramadan Ali Rawi 0-12 Female
d12773-kx3485 Fatima, daughter of Mohamed Ramadan Ali Rawi 0-12 Female
d12773-xd3670 Khadija, daughter of Mohamed Ramadan Ali Rawi 0-12 Female
d12773-hv3539 Ryoof, child of Mohamed Ramadan Ali Rawi 0-12 Unknown
d12773-ns3496 Rana, daughter of Mohamed Ramadan Ali Rawi 0-12 Female
d12773-ks3481 Yousif, son of Mohamed Ramadan Ali Rawi 0-12 Male
d12773-nm3666 Ali, son of Mohamed Ramadan Ali Rawi 0-12 Male
d12773-sc3662 Muslim, son of Mohamed Ramadan Ali Rawi 0-12 Male
d12773-nw3557 Bilal, son of Mohamed Ramadan Ali Rawi 0-12 Male
d12773-hw3475 Ganiha Jassim Mohammed Salami Adult Female
d12773-fm3560 Mohamed Ramadan Ali Rawi Adult Male
d12745-xk3450 children of Abu Abdullah Child Unknown
d12745-bx3633 wife of Abu Abdullah Adult Female
d12745-kh3660 Abu Abdullah (nickname) Adult Male
d12749-uw3519 uncle of Zakariya Al-Kurdi Adult Male
d12860-za3590 Nassif Jassem al-Issawi Adult Male
a5923-hc3535 Ziad Kharoofa Adult Male
d12783-fe3491 Hoshyar Ismail Adult Male
a5919-hu3485 Khder Hassan Adult Male
a5916-bn3666 Ayman son of Ahmed Hussein 17 Male
a5914-ks3473 IS Journalists Adult Unknown
a5912-vs3531 family members Unrecorded Unknown
a5943-sk3511 Shayma Faruq Abdullah Baby Female
a5907-zm3457 lieutenant colonel Adult Male
a5909-xu3448 officer Adult Male
a5898-vc3634 father of injured children Unrecorded Male
a5947-xr3650 the groom Unrecorded Male
a5872-dc3693 Sajid Sulaiman Al-Jubouri Adult Male
a5939-xh3515 Dr. Safwan Imad Adult Male
a5939-dc3453 children of dead female Child Unknown
a5939-ur3638 mother of dead children Unrecorded Female
a5865-ed3676 family members Unrecorded Unknown
a5865-zu3490 family members Child Unknown
a5856-nz3518 Laila Raed Saad 4 Female
a5933-ka3548 Mohammed 12 Male
a5933-nf3487 Shafiq 15 Male
d12801-hz3690 son of Zaidan Ali Wadi al-Marsoum Adult Male
d12801-bv3489 Mohammed Hamid Badawi Mahlawi Adult Male
d12838-fh3551 Alaa Abbas Aifan Adult Male
d12838-kf3686 Walid Khalid Hameed Adult Male
a5823-bc3572 driver of the doctor Unrecorded Male
a5818-hr3589 Ahmed Shehatha Al-Assafy (Abu Safiyyah) Adult Male
a5813-xv3522 friend of Council of Ministers employee Unrecorded Unknown
a5930-hw3483 family members of the silo's guard Unrecorded Unknown
a5808-nd3580 family member Unrecorded Unknown
a5800-nb3526 son of executed policeman 14 Male
a5800-dh3546 father of executed policeman Elderly Male
a5796-ef3675 displaced from Tal Afar 40-49 Male
a5794-xf3550 Qahtan Ali Mohammed Al-Obeidi, son of 1 June area mukhtar Unrecorded Male
a5793-ve3605 displaced from Hawija Unrecorded Male
d12815-dh3594 family members of dead teacher Unrecorded Unknown
d12813-vn3463 family members of dead tribal leader Unrecorded Unknown
a5934-xb3491 members of three families Unrecorded Unknown
a5934-kb3618 daughter of dead male Unrecorded Female
a5934-xm3561 father of dead female Unrecorded Male
d12809-za3582 Abus Rahma Adult Male
d12809-xe3447 Waleed Tamer Adult Male
a5748-dz3625 son of dead female Unrecorded Male
a5748-ue3554 mother of dead male Adult Female
a5696-fd3644 M.Y.R. 63 Male
a5696-hu3661 A.B.N. 83 Male
a5695-nk3587 father of injured male Adult Male
a5733-hs3660 S.K.D. 58 Male
a5733-fz3567 N.A.M. 43 Male
a5724-bw3571 family member of injured people Unrecorded Unknown
a5890-ve3533 Al-Jabour tribe members Unrecorded Male
d12724-sw3688 Yasin al-Obeidi Adult Male
d12712-uc3612 Mustafa Juma 25 Male
d12897-kv3553 Kheri Sabur Shihab Adult Male
d12706-ka3588 Amir, brother of Saeed Unrecorded Male
d12706-nw3573 children of Hussein Juma Dalal Al Hadidi Child Unknown
d12706-hw3651 Hussein Juma Dalal Al Hadidi Adult Male
a5888-xw3516 disabled girl Child Female
a5882-ks3657 Ali Raysan Adult Male
a5894-kv3537 Bashar Hamadi Adult Male
a5894-xv3610 Hussein Dakhil Adult Male
a5894-kr3479 Hussein Ahmed Hussein Adult Male
a5894-nd3556 Rashid Ali Khalaf Adult Male
a5894-kn3541 Ahmed Mahmoud Dakhil Adult Male
d12737-bz3571 uncle of Adnan al-Bazi / Adnan Sarheed Adult Male
d12736-hc3591 Kuroush Ghavidel Adult Male
d12736-fd3636 Nemat Rezaei Adult Male
d12736-hu3653 Mosayeb Ghanbari Adult Male
d12734-hv3587 Ahmet Haceroglu / Ahmed Hagar Ihsanoglu / Ahmed Hajr Oglo 40 Male
d12726-xr3474 brother of Mahmoud Ali Khalaf Adult Male
a5879-vs3611 Mustafa Bushar al Qaddu Unrecorded Male
a5878b-xb3499 grandchild of dead old man 7 Unknown
a5878b-ka3540 grandfather of dead children Elderly Male
a5878b-nf3495 grandchild of dead old man 6 Unknown
a5887-ua3467 wife of injured male Unrecorded Female
d12730-xu3680 Abdullah Amer Unrecorded Male
d12728-sa3478 sons of Numan al-Mujamaie / Numan Bzaye' Child Male
d12728-uz3677 wife of Numan al-Mujamaie / Numan Bzaye' Adult Female
a5624-sx3681 popular resistance members Adult Male
a5618-zn3664 brothers Unrecorded Male
a5616-fe3635 father of IS member Adult Male
a5607-bk3631 family members Unrecorded Unknown
a5602-bd3581 sons of dead Mayoralty of Baghdad employee Unrecorded Male
a5602-kd3584 father of dead male Adult Male
a5586-eb3601 Qasim Mahmood Al-Ma'mouri Adult Male
a5584-zw3605 husband of injured female Unrecorded Male
a5583-sf3620 Nabil Jassim Mohammed Adult Male
a5583-zx3671 Ahmed Fadel Al-Hadidi Adult Male
a5572-xe3679 children of dead male Child Unknown
a5572-zs3612 father of dead children Unrecorded Male
a5567-uc3604 Al-Mosuliya satellite channel Adult Male
a5558-bx3649 children of dead couple Child Unknown
a5558-kh3644 mother of dead children Adult Female
a5558-fh3583 father of dead children Adult Male
a5557-kf3462 family members of alcohol shop owner Unrecorded Unknown
a5552-hz3458 Ronahi Adult Female
a5544-fb3454 Ahmed Faiz Al-Hayali Adult Male
a5544-nk3579 Faiz Abdul Mun'im Al-Hayali Adult Male
a5537-bn3450 Salah Turkey, Brother of Colonel Yusuf, Salah al-Din Traffic Police Department director Unrecorded Male
a5533-ux3660 daughter of dead woman 17 Female
a5533-kx3645 mother of dead girl 38-48 Female
a5529-nm3442 Wisam Hussein Al-Darwish 25 Male
a5524-su3668 father of dead males and females 78-88 Male
a5524-ek3623 sons of dead old man Unrecorded Male
a5524-xc3498 daughters of dead old man Unrecorded Female
a5512-zc3619 Abu Ibrahim al-Tounsi Adult Male
a5511-sr3669 Muhammad Hamza al-Fadil Child Male
a5511-es3486 Ahmad Hamza al-Fadil Child Male
a5509-sk3607 Ahmed Abd Motlak Al-Jubouri Adult Male
a5497-dm3599 children of dead couple Child Unknown
a5497-ed3692 father of dead children Adult Male
a5497-sx3673 mother of dead children Adult Female
a5495-zn3688 children of dead female Child Unknown
a5495-hn3568 mother of dead children Unrecorded Female
a5485-nx3572 son of dead female Unrecorded Male
a5485-bk3655 mother of dead male Adult Female
a5482-kd3576 Duhok Roads Directorate employees Adult Unknown
a5481-xb3651 son of dead police officer Unrecorded Male
a5481-kb3522 father of dead male Unrecorded Male
a5453-kr3631 daughters of dead teacher Unrecorded Female
a5453-nd3596 mother of dead girls Adult Female
a5445-xf3566 family members Unrecorded Unknown
a5443-ve3621 brother of dead woman Unrecorded Male
a5443-xw3604 child of dead woman Child Unknown
a5443-vn3687 child of dead woman 0-7 Unknown
a5443-db3554 mother of dead children Adult Female
a5437-sf3612 electrical materials shop owner Adult Male
d12720-es3502 son of dead man Unrecorded Male
a5431-zx3679 brothers of Colonel Mohsen Ali al-Jabouri Unrecorded Male
d12722-zc3603 Jawad Zarzis, a.k.a. Abu Hajer Adult Male
d12634-hw3635 Abu Hamza al-Libi Adult Male
d12618-xw3612 Ibrahim Al-Naimi Adult Male
d12618-vn3679 Khudair Abdullah Sabawi Adult Male
d12587-hu3685 ? Al-Khatib Elderly Male
d12558-zu3458 son of dead man Unrecorded Male
d12558-sd3587 father of dead male Adult Male
d12597-bx3665 Muntasir Mohammed Rashid al-Rawi / Muntadhir Mohammed Rashid Adult Male
d12597-kh3692 Hamed Khaled Hammad Ngelan / Hamed Khaled Hammad Ankhailan Child Male
d12597-fh3599 Walid Khaled Hammad Ngelan / Walid Khaled Hammad Ankhailan Child Male
d12597-kf3478 Khaled Hammad Ngelan / Khaled Hammad Ankhailan Adult Male
d12531-zv3526 mother of dead man Elderly Female
d12531-sv3647 unborn child of dead man Baby Unknown
d12596-hd3688 Abu Fatima al-Kubaisi Adult Male
d12596-bz3603 Omar Abdul Karim Adult Male
d12543-xm3609 mother of dead male Adult Female
d12543-ka3628 son of dead woman Unrecorded Male
d12527-hs3692 H.A.N. 19-20 Male
d12505-hu3693 sister of dead man Adult Female
d12487-ur3470 Abu Muhammad Furqan / Wa'il Adil Hasan Salman al-Fayad Adult Male
d12485b-dm3591 daughter of dead woman Child Female
d12485b-ed3636 mother of dead girl Adult Female
d12466-nz3542 Haseeb Ahmed Haseeb Adult Male
d12466-bd3613 Abdullah Ahmed Adham Adult Male
d12466-kd3616 Ali Idrees Al-Nuaimy Adult Male
d12466-xb3675 Hilal Ahmed Al-Saffar Adult Male
d12439-bw3627 wife of (aka) Abu Mansour Adult Female
d12423-hu3669 son of dead man Adult Male
d12414-ns3688 son of dead shop owner Unrecorded Male
d12419-bh3680 Zaidan Khalaf Hussein Al-Obeidi Adult Male
d12391-xb3683 S.S. Adult Female
a5427-za3550 children of dead woman Child Unknown
a5427-xe3671 mother of dead children Adult Female
a5424-zs3620 son of dead judicial assistant Unrecorded Male
a5424-dz3609 father of injured male Adult Male
a5419-ck3640 Woloosh village mukhtar Adult Male
a5471-hw3643 children of dead woman Child Unknown
a5471-fm3584 mother of dead children Unrecorded Female
a5400-bz3595 wife of injured dentist Unrecorded Female
a5472-nw3597 family members Unrecorded Unknown
a5392-fd3660 wife of IS leader Adult Female
a5392-hu3645 son of IS leader 15 Male
a5366-sc3494 father of injured male Unrecorded Male
a5334b-sd3611 Ayad Hussein Majeed Adult Male
a5318-bc3596 Abu Al-Dur Adult Male
a5306-xe3663 Abu Mezamjer Al-Mehairi Adult Male
a5304-dz3601 Sadiq Idrees Al-Nuaimy Adult Male
a5304-ue3546 Ismail Khader Al-Jubouri Adult Male
a5298-fv3669 Ali Ghani Adult Male
a5290-ks3689 brothers of Tribal Mobilisation Forces leader Unrecorded Male
a5288-sc3454 brother of alcohol shop owner Unrecorded Male
a5288-eu3637 brother of dead male Adult Male
a5261-hr3621 children of dead couple Adult Unknown
a5261-bu3566 mother of dead children Adult Female
a5261-kz3683 father of dead children Adult Male
a5236-zx3631 son of dead man Unrecorded Male
a5236-dw3585 father of injured male Adult Male
a5231-dx3659 children of dead couple 3-8 Unknown
a5231-ea3568 mother of dead family Adult Female
a5231-xa3589 father of dead family Adult Male
a5225-dv3651 Mustafa Saeed Faisal/Mostafa Sa'ed/Mustafa Said Adult Male
a5217-fh3607 Abu Qatada al Ozbaky Adult Male
a5216-kf3486 Widad Hussein Ali/Wedat Hussein Ali/Hussein Ali 28 Male
d12892-kr3495 Abdul-Qader Mohammed Mehdi Saleh Unrecorded Male
d12892-nd3540 Ahmed Ali Hussein Albagoz / Ahmed Albaguz Adult Male
d12892-kn3557 daughter of Ali Al Wardi Unrecorded Female
d12892-nb3630 Gofran Ali Khalaf Al Wardi Unrecorded Female
d12892-dh3570 Qatada Ali Khalaf Al Wardi Unrecorded Male
a5214-fw3669 Sifuk Al-Agoob/Sifuk Watban Al Sultan, nephew of Nowfal Al Aqoub (Nineveh's governor) Adult Male
a5190-sr3661 children of dead parents Child Unknown
a5190-es3462 mother of dead children Adult Female
a5190-sk3583 father of dead children Adult Male
a5175-fm3608 IS members from Yemen Adult Male
a5160-df3592 sons of dead ministry employee Unrecorded Male
a5156-ve3581 brothers Unrecorded Male
a5154-vn3631 child of dead mother Child Unknown
a5154-db3514 mother of dead child Adult Female
a5149-za3526 employee in the real estate registration department Adult Female
a5145-dz3585 children of dead man Child Unknown
a5145-ue3530 mother of the injured children Adult Female
a5145-dv3659 father of injured children Adult Male
a5127-sc3470 wife of dead man Adult Female
a5127-eu3653 husband of dead woman Adult Male
a5121-uz3661 Al-Luhaib tribe leader Adult Male
a5113-uw3583 Agricultural Reform Department employee Adult Male
a5100-vu3648 child of dead mother Child Unknown
a5100-dc3645 mother of dead child Adult Female
d12384-xf3534 Ahmed Rahim al-Khazraji Elderly Male
a5060-db3522 father of injured children Adult Male
a5058-eb3593 al-Obeid tribe member Unrecorded Male
a5036-hu3677 Tariq Hussain Al-Effry Adult Male
a5031-bn3474 daughters of dead woman Child Female
a5031-kw3607 mother of dead children Adult Female
a5030-ux3684 gas cylinders seller Adult Male
d12368-dz3577 Barzan Mohammed Raheem Adult Male
d12326-uw3591 son of dead woman Unrecorded Male
d12326-xr3466 mother of dead male Adult Female
d12331-xu3640 Abu Salih Adult Male
d12330-vs3587 son of dead man Unrecorded Male
d12330-sa3470 father of dead male Adult Male
d12290-vn3647 son of dead woman Unrecorded Male
d12290-db3530 mother of dead male Adult Female
d12335-su3644 Qais Hindi Halfa Adult Male
a5951-eh3513 family members of IS leader Abu Hajar Unrecorded Unknown
d12256-ka3660 Ali Mahmoud / Ali Mahmud Adult Male
a5950-ef3443 family members of Kamal Alekhalo Unrecorded Unknown
a5950-xf3574 Kamal Alekhalo Unrecorded Male
d12231-bx3577 Ali Akbar Abbas Adult Male
d12247-sb3478 Walid Jaafar 23-24 Male
d12230-kh3588 Saif Ali al-Hamdani Adult Male
d12215-vs3667 Abu Bakr Adult Male
d12215-sa3550 son of Abu Bakr Adult Male
d12215-uz3605 wife of Abu Bakr Adult Female
d12195a-xr3546 brothers Adult Male
d12207-zm3601 Albu Khaiyal family member Adult Male
d12207-sw3616 Albu Khaiyal family member Adult Male
d12134-ef3523 Zeena Jewad Hamdi Unrecorded Unknown
d12134-xf3654 Zaynab Nadhum Hashim Unrecorded Female
d12134-ve3469 Zainab Hazim Ali Unrecorded Female
d12134-xw3452 Zain El Abedeen Ammar Muhammed Child Male
d12134-vn3519 Zaid Muhammed Yaakub Unrecorded Male
d12134-db3658 Zaid Ayad Muhammed Unrecorded Male
d12134-eb3457 Zahra'a Kahled Waleed Alwan Unrecorded Female
d12134-ds3440 Zahra Muhammed Kadhum Unrecorded Female
d12134-ua3531 Zahra Mohammed Hawas Unrecorded Female
d12134-sb3662 Yousif Khalid Hasan Child Male
d12134-zw3461 Yousif Arkan Mohammed Unrecorded Male
d12134-sf3444 Yehya Fadhil Abood Adult Male
d12134-zx3527 Yassir Muhammed Nema Unrecorded Male
d12134-dw3449 Yassir Abas Ebraheem Adult Male
d12134-ec3634 Yasser Ahmed Khodhaier Unrecorded Male
d12134-dx3507 Yasir Saaed Abdullah / Yassir Saaied Abdullah Adult Male
d12134-ea3464 Yas Khoudhair Abas Unrecorded Male
d12134-xa3453 Wijdan Jewad Hamdi Unrecorded Female
d12134-za3638 Widad Akram Jassim Unrecorded Female
d12134-xe3503 Thu El Fikar Ghanim Uraeby Unrecorded Male
d12134-zs3468 Thaer Nasir Abed Unrecorded Male
d12134-dz3441 Tareq Laith Tareq Unrecorded Male
d12134-ue3642 Tareq Ameen Obaid Unrecorded Male
d12134-dv3515 Talib Ahmed Mutashar Unrecorded Male
d12134-ev3456 Sukayna Qassim Abdul Kareem Unrecorded Female
d12134-sz3445 Suham Ali Arrak Unrecorded Female
d12134-zv3646 Sozan Waheed Alwan Unrecorded Female
d12134-sv3511 Souad Jafar Kadhum Unrecorded Female
d12134-uc3460 Sinaa Ali Jewad Jassim Unrecorded Unknown
d12134-hs3460 Shihab Ahmed Kadhem Hamza Unrecorded Male
d12134-fz3511 Sharran Ali Khorsheed Unrecorded Unknown