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From the numbers uses the current state of the IBC database to highlight various aspects of the Iraq war.

These articles are usually brief and focused on a single topic.

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Analysis: From the numbers

IRAQ 2021: Grave Violations
The rising tide of child deaths in Iraq 31 Dec 2021
IRAQ 2020:
Legitimacy, security and war crime let-offs 31 Dec 2020
Iraq in 2019:
Calls for a ‘True Homeland’ met with deadly violence 31 Dec 2019
Another year of relentless violence in Iraq
IBC’s 2016 analysis of civilian deaths 12 Jan 2017
Iraq 2015: A Catastrophic Normal
An overview of the year’s violence 1 Jan 2016
Iraq 2014: Civilian deaths almost doubling year on year
An overview of the year’s violence 1 Jan 2015
IBC's response to General Sir Mike Jackson
Far from being unknowable, the number of civilians killed by UK forces recorded by IBC is about 300. 18 Apr 2014
The War in Iraq: 10 years and counting
Analysis of deaths in a decade of violence 19 Mar 2013
Iraqi deaths from violence in 2012
Analysis of the year’s death toll recorded by Iraq Body Count Jan 2012
Iraqi deaths from violence 2003–2011
Analysis and overview from Iraq Body Count Jan 2012
Casualties of suicide bombings in Iraq 2003-2010
IBC data in new study in The Lancet shows huge and disproportionate toll on Iraqi civilians Sep 2011
Analysis by perpetrator, weapon, time, and location
A peer-reviewed study in PLoS Medicine, based on IBC data, provides the most detailed assessment thus far of civilian deaths in the course of the recent Iraq war. Feb 2011
Iraqi deaths from violence in 2010
Analysis of the year’s civilian death toll from Iraq Body Count 29 Dec 2010
Iraq War Logs: What the Numbers Reveal
IBC’s early assessment of what the logs released by WikiLeaks add to the known Iraqi death toll. 23 Oct 2010
Civilian deaths from violence in 2009
Year-end analysis from IBC 31 Dec 2009
The weapons that kill civilians
IBC co-authored article in New England Journal of Medicine 16 Apr 2009
Post-surge violence: its extent and nature
Civilian deaths in 2008 and earlier 28 Dec 2008
Civilian deaths from violence in 2007
Analysis of the year’s toll from IBC 1 Jan 2008
Large bombings claim ever more lives
2007 sees the worst bombings ever – and more of them 4 Oct 2007
The Baghdad ‘surge’ and civilian casualties
What effect is the increase in US troop deployment to Baghdad having on violence against civilians? 3 Sep 2007
Year Four: Simply the worst
On every indicator the post-invasion year ending March 2007 was the worst for violence. Press release 18 Mar 2007, updated Sep 2007
Iraq death toll in third year of occupation is highest yet
Press release 9 Mar 2006
Over 1,500 violent civilian deaths in occupied Baghdad
Press release 23 Sep 2003