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Questions and Answers looks in detail at a range of specific questions on the war and its casualties, as well as this project and others attempting to estimate or record those casualties.

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Analysis: Questions and Answers

Iraq War Logs: Context
What makes the logs different and important, what IBC’s approach to them has been, and will be in future. 23 Oct 2010
For the public record, in the public interest
Iraqi civilian deaths revealed in US military compensation records 1 Oct 2010
How can the utility of press reports be assessed?
Some preliminary approaches to testing media completeness and reliability. 1 Nov 2007
How has IBC been used by others?
Examples of the range of IBC’s usage by others 3 Sep 2007
What is IBC's contribution?
IBC in context is a summary presented to an expert meeting in Geneva. Feb 2006
What is IBC's response to the Lancet study estimating "100,000" Iraqi deaths
Press release 7 Nov 2004