Presentation made to a panel discussion on "Civilian Deaths in Iraq: Quantitative Estimates and Policy Implications," held at the United States Institute for Peace (USIP), Washington DC, 10 Jan 2007.

What IBC does:

  • Records civilian deaths on a daily basis
  • Analyses media reports (including official and NGO data)
  • Provides an irrefutable baseline figure
  • Corroborates each death through basic identifiers (date, place, etc.)
  • Stores data on 18 variables where available

State of Knowledge slide 4

What IBC does is provide a detailed day-by-day record of violent conflict-related civilian deaths that have come to public light through press and media reporting. This includes reports from official agencies and NGOs. This work provides a firm baseline, for which basic factual corroboration is available. This typically includes date and place of death – often down to a specific time of day at a specific location.