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The Week in Iraq is a weekly assessment of significant incidents and trends in Iraqi civilian casualties by IBC's news collector and Recent Events editor Lily Hamourtziadou.

The analyses and opinions presented in these commentaries are personal to the author.

The Week in Iraq


by Lily Hamourtziadou


18 Jan 2009Healing the wounds of the past
11 Jan 2009Happy New Year


31 Dec 2008The sad numbers
21 Dec 2008Immunity
14 Dec 2008The farewell kiss
7 Dec 2008Regrets –he’s had a few…
30 Nov 2008Another sad count
23 Nov 2008Shame
16 Nov 2008One step forward?
9 Nov 2008Remembering the fallen
2 Nov 2008Death of a child
26 Oct 2008Interests
19 Oct 2008Let’s not forget the blood
12 Oct 2008Building nations (the military way…)
5 Oct 2008In Self-Defence
28 Sep 2008The Victims
21 Sep 2008Whose Security?
14 Sep 2008Above the Law
7 Sep 2008Legacies of pain
25 May 2008Hurt
18 May 2008Men of Honour
11 May 2008Hostile forces
4 May 2008For Ali, Sajad, Ayat and all the other children
27 Apr 2008The Occupier
20 Apr 2008Blankets covered the dead
13 Apr 2008Helping Iraq
6 Apr 2008Fluid, not frozen.
30 Mar 2008The Charge of the Knights
23 Mar 2008Irreversible
16 Mar 2008And the winner is...
9 March 2008Images of Iraq
2 Mar 2008The success delusion
24 Feb 2008The consequences of state-collapse
17 Feb 2008‘Good now’
10 Feb 2008The ‘good,’ the ‘bad,’ and the truly ugly.
3 Feb 2008The vulnerable


3 Jun 2007Fear
27 May 2007Causes of war
20 May 2007The ethos of war
13 May 2007Tony Blair's legacy
6 May 2007Actions, reactions and their consequences
29 Apr 2007Lost memories, lost lives
22 Apr 2007For the dead
15 Apr 2007Fighting terrorism in a free Iraq
8 Apr 2007The children of Iraq
1 Apr 2007The full picture
25 Mar 2007A mixed bag
18 Mar 2007The Hero
11 Mar 2007'The mud is getting wetter'
4 Mar 2007Security and other plans
25 Feb 2007Success?
18 Feb 2007Imposing the Law
11 Feb 2007Still in Shock
4 Feb 2007The greatest attack
28 Jan 2007The Gift
21 Jan 2007More of the same
14 Jan 2007'The one who fashions the sticks'
7 Jan 2007Irrelevant


31 Dec 2006The end of a dark year
24 Dec 2006...and rising: Iraq 2006
17 Dec 2006Inside Pandora’s Box
10 Dec 2006Not all about winning –or losing
3 Dec 2006Abandoning ship
26 Nov 2006Terrorists
19 Nov 2006Trapped
12 Nov 2006No Red Poppies for them
5 Nov 2006No cause for concern
29 Oct 2006What war looks like
22 Oct 2006Winning
15 Oct 2006One option means no option
8 Oct 2006The price they pay for our humanity
1 Oct 2006Violence in Iraq: Terrorism, Insurgency or Resistance? Or maybe something altogether more powerful?
24 Sep 2006Democracy and Human Rights? Not in evidence in Iraq
17 Sep 2006Federalism, trenches, reconciliation and dead bodies everywhere
10 Sep 2006The Usual Deaths
3 Sep 2006'Conditions that could lead to civil war'
27 Aug 2006Increasing Violence
20 Aug 2006The dead this week
13 Aug 2006This week in Iraq
6 Aug 2006Another sad week ends in Iraq