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(Slide showing news story dissected into constituent parts for data extraction.)

In early 2006 IBC was invited to introduce its work at a Working Group Meeting on methods used by researchers to estimate armed conflict deaths (organised by the Small Arms Survey, Geneva, 17 Feb 2006).

Well-received by experts at the meeting, On Iraq Body Count summarised the project’s key features and innovations.

On IBC slide 4

2.1 Our sources and what we can extract from them (cont.)

The example above shows the first few paragraphs of a press report which was one of 16 used to provide data for IBC incident k400 in which nearly 50 people were killed by a car bomb in Baghdad on 14th September 2004. It comes from Reuters.

We have highlighted portions of the text which contain specific data which were extracted into our working data base. This is an off-line searchable database containing all variables we extract, and a screen shot of the summarised entry for that incident is shown in the next example.