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Incidents added to the IBC database from the Iraq War Logs released by WikiLeaks, as of 31 December 2012

IBC page Latest incidents analysed Date
d5558 One by insurgent attack NW of Baghdadi 5 Apr 2006
d6954 Former policeman shot dead in home in Mosul 4 Apr 2006
d5956 Body found shot dead north of Muqdadiyah 4 Apr 2006
d6002 1-2 shot dead north of Bayji 3 Apr 2006
d6953 Decapitated body found in Tall Afar 2 Apr 2006
d5996 Sheik from Al Ushush assassinated in Ramadi 2 Apr 2006
d6952 Brother of police major in drive-by shooting in Mosul 1 Apr 2006
d6951 Policeman shot dead in Al Karama, Mosul 1 Apr 2006
d6950 Body found shot dead in Tall Afar 1 Apr 2006
d6949 Woman by IED in Al-Yarmuk area, Mosul 1 Apr 2006
d5955 One in drive-by shooting north of Khalis 1 Apr 2006
d5954 Body found strangled to death west of Baqubah 1 Apr 2006
d6179 Child in crossfire north of Khalidiyah 31 Mar 2006
d5953 Body found beaten and strangled SW of Khalis 31 Mar 2006
d6235 One shot dead in Al Hakrak, Mosul 29 Mar 2006
k15955 Two shot dead near Khalis 29 Mar 2006
d6234 One in drive-by shooting in Mosul 28 Mar 2006
d5952 One murdered south of Baqubah 27 Mar 2006
d6224 Body found west of Tall Afar 26 Mar 2006
d7767 Man shot dead in Anhad, near Mussayib 25 Mar 2006
d7766 One in drive-by shooting in As Samaawa 24 Mar 2006
d7765 One by IED in Asriyah 24 Mar 2006
d6233 Home owner attacked, throat slit, in Mosul 23 Mar 2006
d5557 Four bodies found shot, tortured, SW of Rawah 22 Mar 2006-
25 Mar 2006
d6232 Tribal leader shot dead in Mosul 22 Mar 2006
d4957 Taxi driver by shrapnel in Mosul 22 Mar 2006
d6231 Two females shot dead in Mosul 21 Mar 2006
d5556 Body found executed NW of Karmah 21 Mar 2006
d5098 One shot dead by US convoy in An Nasiriyah 21 Mar 2006
d4956 One shot dead by US forces west of Ba'qubah 21 Mar 2006
d6221 Barber and his wife shot dead in Tall Afar 20 Mar 2006
d6220 Man shot dead in Tall Afar 20 Mar 2006
d4955 Man shot dead by US Marines in central Ramadi 20 Mar 2006
d6219 Two bodies found shot dead in Mosul 19 Mar 2006
d6448 Man shot dead in Najaf 17 Mar 2006
d6230 Body found in Mosul 17 Mar 2006
d4954 Man shot dead by US forces east of Haqlaniyah 16 Mar 2006
d5814 Body found shot dead south of Muqdadiya 15 Mar 2006
d7517 Body found near a restaurant in Kirkuk 14 Mar 2006
d6223 Body of a Sunni female found shot dead in Tal Afar 14 Mar 2006
d5555 Body found shot dead south of Saqlawiyah 14 Mar 2006
d6180 Bodyguard of governor by car bomb north of Tikrit 13 Mar 2006
d6177 Body found shot dead during clashes in SW Ramadi 13 Mar 2006
d4953 One shot dead by US forces north of Karmah 13 Mar 2006
d4952 One shot dead by US forces in Ramadi 12 Mar 2006
d5554 Six bodies found shot dead NE of Karmah 11 Mar 2006-
14 Mar 2006
d6123 Three by IED north of Baqubah 11 Mar 2006
d6122 One in drive-by shooting in Al-Miqdadiyah 11 Mar 2006
d5553 Two bodies found east of Rutbah 11 Mar 2006
d4782 Woman shot dead by US forces near Iskandariya 9 Mar 2006