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Incidents added to the IBC database from the Iraq War Logs released by WikiLeaks, as of 31 December 2012

IBC page Latest incidents analysed Date
d6265 One shot dead in Mosul 29 Feb 2004
d5463 Man run over by KBR vehicle east of Al Marashidah 29 Feb 2004
d5212 One shot dead by US forces east of Fallujah 25 Feb 2004
d5453 Child run over by US convoy near Najaf 24 Feb 2004
k15774 Body of man found stabbed in Al Muthanna 24 Feb 2004
d7137 One in drive-by shooting in east Mosul 23 Feb 2004
d5823 Four by IED mortar round in Baqubah 22 Feb 2004
d6840 Policeman in drive-by shooting NE of Fallujah 19 Feb 2004
d6156 Two police officers in Haditha and Haqlaniyah 19 Feb 2004
d6294 Three by IED south of Samarra 16 Feb 2004
d5462 One in collision with US military vehicle in Al Ouja 16 Feb 2004
d5439 Two in collision with US convoy south of Haditha 16 Feb 2004
d5822 Interpreter by IED north of Jalula 14 Feb 2004
d5461 Four in collsion with US tank in Baghdad 14 Feb 2004
d7675 One by explosion at ammunition depot in An Nasiriyah 13 Feb 2004
d5460 Two in collision with US vehicle in Tikrit 13 Feb 2004
d5195a Body found gagged and shot dead in central Ramadi 13 Feb 2004
d6839 Policeman shot dead at a minibus station in Ramadi 11 Feb 2004
d5459 One in collision with UK vehicle in Samawah 11 Feb 2004
d5458 One in collision with US Stryker vehicle near Mosul 6 Feb 2004
d5457 Child run over by private security convoy in Al Madhatiyah 6 Feb 2004
d6086 One by mine south of Hillah 5 Feb 2004
d6264 Body found in the Tigris River, Mosul 3 Feb 2004
d5455 2-5 in collision with UK vehicle west of Basrah 3 Feb 2004
d5694 Man shot dead by US forces in Kirkuk 2 Feb 2004
d5438 Policeman shot dead by UK forces in Basra 1 Feb 2004
k15817 Policeman shot dead in market in Nassriya 30 Jan 2004
d6263 One in drive-by shooting in Mosul 28 Jan 2004
d5454 Four in collision with US vehicle near Samarra 28 Jan 2004
d6085 Body found shot dead west of Ar Ramadi 26 Jan 2004
d6838 Policeman in drive-by shooting east of Ramadi 19 Jan 2004
d6837 Four shot dead in attack on home of police chief in Ar Ramadi 17 Jan 2004
d5015 One by roadside bomb in Jalula 17 Jan 2004
d5014 One in drive-by shooting, northern Mosul 17 Jan 2004
d5013 Woman run over by US vehicle in Al Hillah 16 Jan 2004
d5012 One by rocket in Al Hillah 16 Jan 2004
d5011 Man shot dead in his vehicle west of Ramadi 15 Jan 2004
d5009 One run over by US military vehicle in As Samawah 11 Jan 2004
d5008 One by KBR vehicle in Muthanna 3 Jan 2004
d5007 1-2 during demonstration in As Samawah 3 Jan 2004