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Incidents added to the IBC database from the Iraq War Logs released by WikiLeaks, as of 2 August 2013

IBC page Latest incidents analysed Date
d5026 One shot dead by US or Iraqi forces in As Suwayrah 21 Aug 2004
d6273 Iraqi contractor by IED near Tal Afar 20 Aug 2004
d5025 One shot dead by Iraqi National Guard east of Jalula 20 Aug 2004
d7468 KDP member shot dead in Dibbis, near Kirkuk 18 Aug 2004
d5481 One in collision with US tank in Baghdad 17 Aug 2004
d7467 Student shot dead by US convoy in Kirkuk 13 Aug 2004
d6077 One by gunfire or airstrike in Hadithah 12 Aug 2004
d8720 Four shot dead in attack on police patrol in eastern Mosul 11 Aug 2004
d6305 One by explosion near Samarra 11 Aug 2004
d6304 Man kidnapped and murdered near Ad Dawr 11 Aug 2004
d5607 Three shot dead in cars SE of Mosul 10 Aug 2004
d6303 Three by rocket on house near Bayji 9 Aug 2004
d6272 One by car bomb near Tal Afar 7 Aug 2004
d6834 Policeman shot dead in a market in Mahawil 3 Aug 2004
d6302 One shot dead near Ad Duluyiah 3 Aug 2004
d6301 Two sisters by IED or ammunition explosion near Samarra 31 Jul 2004
d7465 Iraqi Border Patrol guard in attack on convoy in Jalula, north of Baquba 29 Jul 2004
d5024b Two shot dead by US Marines in Husaybah 28 Jul 2004
d5024a One shot dead by US Marines in Husaybah 28 Jul 2004
k15945 Eight police shot dead in clashes near As Suwayrah 28 Jul 2004
d5023 One shot dead by US forces in Baqubah 26 Jul 2004
d8718 Body of a police officer found in Najaf 25 Jul 2004
d6271 Shop owner shot dead in Mosul 25 Jul 2004
d6300 Iraqi security contractor shot dead near Samarra 23 Jul 2004
d8716 Policeman killed on Najaf-Diwaniya road, south of Baghdad 22 Jul 2004
d6298 Dentist shot dead in his office in Ad Dawr 22 Jul 2004
d6089 Two security guards shot dead in Haswah 22 Jul 2004
d6299 Decapitated body found in the Tigris River in Az Zawiyyah 14 Jul 2004-
21 Jul 2004
d7466 Man killed during carjacking in Al Wasity section, Kirkuk 13 Jul 2004
d6296 Iraqi supervisor with USAE killed in Bayji 11 Jul 2004-
12 Jul 2004
d5827 Boy shot dead in Balad Ruz 8 Jul 2004
d5022 One shot dead by US forces in Baqubah 30 Jun 2004
d6846 Police officer by car bomb east of Ramadi 28 Jun 2004
d5021 One shot dead by US forces near Tuz 26 Jun 2004
d6844 7-14 in attacks on police stations in Ramadi 24 Jun 2004
k15944 Two police by rocket-propelled grenades and gunfire at police station in Mosul 24 Jun 2004
d6268 Two brothers by rocket in Mosul 23 Jun 2004
d4764 Three in collision with US vehicle near Taji 21 Jun 2004
d7678 Two by mortar rounds near Baqubah 20 Jun 2004
d6295 One in drive-by shooting near Balad 20 Jun 2004
d6848 Body found shot dead in Kirkuk 19 Jun 2004
d6841 Body of a policeman found in Husaybah 19 Jun 2004
d4762 Three shot dead by US forces near Hit 19 Jun 2004
d4763 Three by roadside bomb in Hit 18 Jun 2004
d5478 Two in collision with US vehicle in Muqdadiyah 17 Jun 2004
d6833 One in drive-by shooting on fuel convoy in Iskandariyah 13 Jun 2004
d5606 One by rocket near Camp Ramadi 11 Jun 2004
d5020 One shot dead by US forces south of Iskandariyah 8 Jun 2004
d5019 Child shot dead by US forces near Al-Shirqat 7 Jun 2004
d5477 Two in collision with US military vehicle in Samarra 5 Jun 2004