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Incidents added to the IBC database from the Iraq War Logs released by WikiLeaks, as of 2 August 2013

IBC page Latest incidents analysed Date
d6847 Two bodies found near a stadium in Kirkuk 3 Jun 2004-
4 Jun 2004
d5826 Bodyguard of Deputy Governor shot dead in Baqubah 3 Jun 2004
d5810 One in car by IED near As Sadiyah 1 Jun 2004
d5018 One shot dead by US forces in Bayji 1 Jun 2004
d6083 One media worker in drive-by shooting in Mosul 27 Apr 2004
d5474 One by US mortar round in Mosul 27 Apr 2004
d6084 One by UK gunfire, vehicle crash, near As Samawa 25 Apr 2004
d6489 Iraqi driver shot dead in attack on patrol NW of Nasiriyah 24 Apr 2004
d5017 One shot dead at checkpoint by Dutch-Iraqi forces 21 Apr 2004
d5473 Two in car by US mortar in Balad 20 Apr 2004
d5472 One in collision with US tank in Baqubah 14 Apr 2004
d5471 One in collision with US Stryker vehicle in Rabiyah 10 Apr 2004
d5825 Three by IED in Balad Ruz 8 Apr 2004
d6080 One by car bomb in west Ramadi 7 Apr 2004
d5793 One by roadside bomb in Babylon 7 Apr 2004
d5470 Tanker driver in collision with US Stryker vehicle in Sinjar 6 Apr 2004
d5469 Two in collision with US Stryker vehicle in Qayyarah 6 Apr 2004
d5016 One shot dead by US forces in Ar Ramadi 2 Apr 2004
d5468 One in collision with UK military vehicle SE of Basrah 27 Mar 2004
d5498 Truck driver shot dead SE of Nasiriyah 26 Mar 2004
d7464 Police officer shot dead in As Sadiyah 25 Mar 2004
d6082 Four by US airstrike near Khalidiyah 25 Mar 2004
d6081 One killed during demonstration in Ramadi 23 Mar 2004
d5467 Three in collision with US tank in Jalula 21 Mar 2004
d7677 One shot dead in Al Kidr 18 Mar 2004
d6267 Fuel contractor found murdered in central Mosul 18 Mar 2004
d5466 One shot dead by US guard tower in Baqubah 18 Mar 2004
d7676 Body found in Al Amrah 16 Mar 2004
d5465 Two in collision with US tank NE of Baqubah 16 Mar 2004
d6088 Two, including Bader Party leader in Al Mashru 14 Mar 2004
d8290 Police officer shot dead in east Mosul 13 Mar 2004
d6266 TV station employee shot dead in Mosul 11 Mar 2004
d5464 One in collision with US tank in Baghdad 11 Mar 2004
d8289 Policeman shot dead in Mosul 6 Mar 2004
d6087 Two by UXO in Babylon 5 Mar 2004
d5824 One shot dead by US forces in Baqubah 4 Mar 2004
d5811 One by IED in northern Ramadi 1 Mar 2004-
2 Mar 2004
d5809 One by explosions in Tall Afar 1 Mar 2004
d6265 One shot dead in Mosul 29 Feb 2004
d5463 Man run over by KBR vehicle east of Al Marashidah 29 Feb 2004
d5212 One shot dead by US forces east of Fallujah 25 Feb 2004
d5453 Child run over by US convoy near Najaf 24 Feb 2004
k15774 Body of man found stabbed in Al Muthanna 24 Feb 2004
d7137 One in drive-by shooting in east Mosul 23 Feb 2004
d5823 Four by IED mortar round in Baqubah 22 Feb 2004
d6840 Policeman in drive-by shooting NE of Fallujah 19 Feb 2004
d6156 Two police officers in Haditha and Haqlaniyah 19 Feb 2004
d6294 Three by IED south of Samarra 16 Feb 2004
d5462 One in collision with US military vehicle in Al Ouja 16 Feb 2004
d5439 Two in collision with US convoy south of Haditha 16 Feb 2004