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Incidents added to the IBC database from the Iraq War Logs released by WikiLeaks, as of 18 September 2020

IBC page Latest incidents analysed Date
d7556 Sons of Iraq member shot dead in Hawr Rajab 31 Dec 2009
d7555 One by IED on house in Ba'quba 31 Dec 2009
d4769 Three in collision with US vehicle in Mahawil area 31 Dec 2009
d7554 Body of a shepherd found in Al Aussry, Khalis 30 Dec 2009
d7553 Man by IED in truck in Babil 26 Dec 2009
d7552 Man shot dead in his home east of Tikrit 24 Dec 2009
d7371 Man by bomb attached to truck in Karmah, east of Fallujah 21 Dec 2009
d7549 Two Sons of Iraq members shot dead in Abu Ghraib 16 Dec 2009
d7551 Detainee executed by Iraqi soldiers in Tall Afar 14 Dec 2009
d7548 One shot dead in Owja, near Tikrit 14 Dec 2009
d7547 Body found in Al Ma'qal, Basra 11 Dec 2009
d7546 One by stray bullet in Al Abaya district, north Baqubah 10 Dec 2009
d7545 Girl by mine explosion south of Tikrit 7 Dec 2009
d7544 Secondary school director shot dead in Abu Seda 4 Dec 2009
d7543 Man by magnetic bomb on car in Khan Darri 4 Dec 2009
d7522 Man shot dead in Alrabajia, east Mosul 29 Nov 2009
d7521 Body found shot dead NW of Baghdad 25 Nov 2009
d7528 Body found outside house in Haqlaniyah 23 Nov 2009
d7527 Man by IED in car in Iskandariyah 20 Nov 2009
d7526 Sons of Iraq member shot dead in Al Musayyib 15 Nov 2009
d7525 Police officer by IED in Iskandariyah 13 Nov 2009
d7524 One in collision with private security convoy in Diwaniya 11 Nov 2009
d7520 Sons of Iraq member shot dead south of Baghdad 10 Nov 2009
d5387 Three in collision with US vehicle near Hilla 10 Nov 2009
d7523 Man shot dead in Az Zubayr area, Basra 9 Nov 2009-
10 Nov 2009
d7370 Boy by landmine in Al Qa'im 9 Nov 2009
d7531 Body of a policeman found in Diyala River, SW of Abu Sayda 5 Nov 2009
d7530 Policeman shot dead in Hay Al Somer, SE Mosul 4 Nov 2009
d7529 Policeman shot dead at a barber shop in Abu Ghraib 3 Nov 2009
d6316 SOI member found shot dead near Jarf Al Sakher 3 Nov 2009
d4755 Six bodies found in Kahn As Sur, NW of Sinjar 31 Oct 2009
d7582 One stabbed to death in Avgani Village, north of Tal Afar 30 Oct 2009
d7580 Body found near Al Karama Hospital, Baghdad 29 Oct 2009
d7579 One shot dead in Abu Ghraib area 28 Oct 2009
d7578 Construction worker shot dead in Zanjalea, Tuz 25 Oct 2009
d7577 Sons of Iraq member by IED south of Baqubah 25 Oct 2009
d7576 Body found shot dead in Gosh, north of Mosul 24 Oct 2009
d7575 Shopkeeper shot dead by Iraqi Army in Basrah 24 Oct 2009
d7584 Off-duty policeman shot dead north of Baghdad 20 Oct 2009
d7574 Body found shot dead in west Baghdad 19 Oct 2009
d7572 Two Sons of Iraq members by IEDs in NW Baghdad 18 Oct 2009
d7571 Man shot dead in Saba' Al Bur area, NW Baghdad 17 Oct 2009
d7570 One shot dead in Al Mashtal area, east Baghdad 17 Oct 2009
d7569 One shot dead in Khalis 17 Oct 2009
d7583 Body of an OPF policeman found in Al Bardiya 16 Oct 2009-
19 Oct 2009
d7568 Sons of Iraq member shot dead at checkpoint south of Baghdad 16 Oct 2009-
17 Oct 2009
d7567 One in drive-by shooting in Sadr City, Baghdad 15 Oct 2009
d7566 Body found shot dead in Hay Al Wehda, SE Baghdad 15 Oct 2009
d7564 Body found in Amari area, south of Baghdad 9 Oct 2009
d7563 Body found in Hay Adil, west Baghdad 9 Oct 2009