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Incidents added to the IBC database from the Iraq War Logs released by WikiLeaks, as of 18 September 2020

IBC page Latest incidents analysed Date
d7562 Body of a man found shot dead in Mosul 9 Oct 2009
d8574 Shepherd by IED in Sheikh Ibrahim village, west of Mosul 8 Oct 2009
d7561 Body found shot dead in Kirkuk 7 Oct 2009
d7560 One by magnetic bomb on car near Abu Ghraib, west Baghdad 5 Oct 2009
d7559 One by IED in Nasiriyah 4 Oct 2009
d7558 Child by IED in Al Rashidayah, north of Mosul 1 Oct 2009
d9988 Child by IED in Ba'qubah 30 Sep 2009
d7614 Child by hand grenade in Al Dora, south Baghdad 29 Sep 2009
d7613 One shot dead in Obeydi area, east Baghdad 29 Sep 2009
d7565 Body of a kidnapped boy found in SW Baghdad 28 Sep 2009-
9 Oct 2009
d7612 Body found burnt and buried in Ad Dora, south Baghdad 27 Sep 2009
d7611 Body found in Al Yarmouk, west Baghdad 26 Sep 2009
d7610 Hotel owner murdered in Al Bataween, Baghdad 26 Sep 2009
d7609 One shot dead in east Baghdad 24 Sep 2009
d7608 Laborer shot dead in Al Ba'aj 24 Sep 2009
d5386 Man shot dead by Iraqi Police in Al Qadisiyah 23 Sep 2009
d7607 Body found in Bab Al Mu'athem, Baghdad 22 Sep 2009
d7605 Three Sons of Iraq members shot dead south of Baghdad 19 Sep 2009
d7604 Body of a woman found stabbed to death in east Baghdad 17 Sep 2009
d7603 Man shot dead in Hay Al Amil, Baghdad 15 Sep 2009
d7602 Barber shot dead in Nassir Wa Salam 15 Sep 2009
d7601 One shot dead in Al Uwaysat village, Abu Ghraib 13 Sep 2009
d7600 Grocery store owner murdered in east Baghdad 13 Sep 2009
d7599 Sons of Iraq member shot dead south of Baghdad 12 Sep 2009
d7598 Man by magnetic bomb on car in Rakiba Katoon, Baghdad 12 Sep 2009
d7597 Body found shot dead on Abu Gharieb Highway, west Baghdad 12 Sep 2009
d7596 Body found shot dead in Nasr Wa As Salam 12 Sep 2009
k15875 Woman shot dead near Baghdad Garage, Mosul 12 Sep 2009
d10959 Traffic patrolman shot dead in east Mosul 10 Sep 2009
d7595 Bodies of a husband and wife found in Taji 10 Sep 2009
d7594 Dismembered body found in east Baghdad 10 Sep 2009
d10929 Policeman shot dead in Al Talibiya, Baghdad 8 Sep 2009
d7593 Man shot dead in home in Mosul 7 Sep 2009
d7592 Day worker shot dead in Khalis 7 Sep 2009
d13210 Iraqi soldier abducted and shot dead in Najaf 6 Sep 2009
d7591 Boy by IED in Al Sijin, Mosul 6 Sep 2009
d7590 One shot dead in Tall Afar 6 Sep 2009
d13232 Policeman shot dead in Kirkuk 4 Sep 2009-
10 Sep 2009
d7588 One by hand grenade in Ameriya, west Baghdad 2 Sep 2009
d6318 Woman killed in home in west Baghdad 2 Sep 2009
d7587 Sons of Iraq leader shot dead in Baqubah 1 Sep 2009
d10750 Man by magnetic bomb on car in Al Muthana neighborhood, Mosul 31 Aug 2009
d7360 2-3 in attack on family in home in Bob Al Sham, Baghdad 31 Aug 2009
d9055 Detainee dies in custody following torture and abuse in Ramadi 27 Aug 2009
d7358 Body found in Rashid, Baghdad 27 Aug 2009
d7357 Man shot dead in Al Mada'in, SE of Baghdad 26 Aug 2009
d7356 Daughters of Iraq member killed in Al Yusufiyah 25 Aug 2009
d10748 Three stabbed to death in house in Al Qadisiya district, NE Mosul 22 Aug 2009
d7306 Body found shot dead in New Baghdad 22 Aug 2009
d7305 One by roadside bomb in Al Zaydan area, Abu Ghraib 18 Aug 2009