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IBC page Latest incidents analysed Date
k20983 Driver of government officials by bomb attached to car in Adhamiya, Baghdad 30 Dec 2014
k20982 One by bomb in bus in Sadr City, Baghdad 30 Dec 2014
k20981 Bodies of former Najaf Football Club head and relative found in Canal Zone, east Baghdad 30 Dec 2014
k20980 Bodies of 2 men found tortured and shot in Abu Dshir, south Baghdad 30 Dec 2014
k20979 Body of undentified woman of 25 found in Baghdad 30 Dec 2014
k20978 Two in booby-trapped house in Dhuluiya 30 Dec 2014
k20977 Nine by mortar fire and heavy artillery in Falluja 29 Dec 2014-
30 Dec 2014
k20975 Twenty-one by suicide bomber at funeral or pilgrims' refreshment tent in al-Hamamiyat, Taji 29 Dec 2014
k20974 Man shot dead between Daquq and Tuz 29 Dec 2014
k20974 Man shot dead between Daquq and Tuz 29 Dec 2014
k20973 Elder of al-Luhaib clan shot dead near home in east Kirkuk 29 Dec 2014
k20972 Policeman shot dead at checkpoint in Yusufiyah 29 Dec 2014
k20971 Three by roadside bomb in market in Ghazaliya, west Baghdad 29 Dec 2014
k20970 Two police by roadside bomb in Madain 29 Dec 2014
k20968 Four executed in Qayyarah, south of Mosul 29 Dec 2014
k20967 One shot dead in Hliwa village, east Tikrit 29 Dec 2014
k20965 Body of unidentified man found shot in Basatin, northeast Baghdad 29 Dec 2014
k20966 Political activist shot dead in southeast Kirkuk 28 Dec 2014-
29 Dec 2014
k20969 One by mortar in Alboganm, east of Ramadi 28 Dec 2014
k20964 Policeman shot dead at police station in Muqdadiya 28 Dec 2014
k20963 Five women in coalition aerial attack in al-Wehda, east Mosul 28 Dec 2014
k20962 Two by roadside bomb in Amil, southwest Baghdad 28 Dec 2014
k20961 Two doctors executed in Mosul 28 Dec 2014
k20960 Two shot dead in Al-Urouba, Muqdadiya 28 Dec 2014
k20958 Body of inidentified man found shot in Shaab, northeast Baghdad 28 Dec 2014
k20957 Kurdish imam shot dead near home in Tuz Khurmatu 27 Dec 2014
k20956 Woman and girl by roadside bomb in Abi Seida, northeast of Baquba 27 Dec 2014
k20955 One by roadside bomb in market in Mahmudiya 27 Dec 2014
k20954 Two by bomb in oil tank, Zafaraniyah, Baghdad 27 Dec 2014
k20953 Woman by mortar shell, southeast Dhuluiya 27 Dec 2014
k20952 One by mortar shell in central Balad 27 Dec 2014
k20951 Unidentified body of man in his 40s found shot in Jbalah, north of Hilla 26 Dec 2014
k20950 Police captain shot dead in market in central Baquba 26 Dec 2014
k20949 Policeman by mortar shell on shrine in Muqdadiya 26 Dec 2014
k20948 Two by roadside bomb near bird market, New Baghdad 26 Dec 2014
k20947 One by roadside bomb near market in Suwaib, southwest Baghdad 26 Dec 2014
k20946 Man shot dead on floating bridge, south Dhuluiya 26 Dec 2014
k20945 Hajj and Umrah office owner by bomb attached to car in Ghazaliya, west Baghdad 26 Dec 2014
k20944 Bodies of three Sahwa members found in Hor Rajab, Dora, south Baghdad 26 Dec 2014
k20943 Three by roadside bomb in Maamal, east Baghdad 26 Dec 2014
k20942 Two young men assassinated in central Basra 26 Dec 2014
k20941 Severed head found at entrance of Faw, Basra 26 Dec 2014
k20940 Bodies of young man and girl found near Tariq Company in south Kirkuk 26 Dec 2014
k20939 Two children by shelling southeast of Samarra 26 Dec 2014
d11687 Seven by helicopter strike in al-Kubaisa area, Anbar 25 Dec 2014
k20938 Iraqi army officer executed in Mosul 25 Dec 2014
k20937 Man shot dead near home in Bayya, southwest Baghdad 25 Dec 2014
k20936 Unidentified body found in Ur, northeast Baghdad 25 Dec 2014
k20935 Three by roadside bomb near market in Abu Ghraib 25 Dec 2014
k20934 Three Sahwa members shot dead in house in Latifiya 25 Dec 2014