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IBC page Latest incidents analysed Date
k19039 Policeman shot dead from motorcycle at checkpoint near Fallujah hospital 6 Jun 2012
d7459 Body of a kidnapped child found in Mahaweel district, northern Babel 5 Jun 2012-
12 Jun 2012
d7918 Body found in Zab River, north of Kirkuk 5 Jun 2012
d7917 One shot dead in Nablus area, west Mosul 5 Jun 2012
d7456 Sahwa leader shot dead in Mwilha area, northern Babel 5 Jun 2012
k19038 Old man by roadside bomb in Buhruz 5 Jun 2012
k19037 Police explosives expert defusing roadside bomb in Aladhaim, north of Baquba 5 Jun 2012
k19036 Three by mortar shells against Nineveh Operations Command in Mosul 5 Jun 2012
d7916 2-3 killed in south Sulaymaniyah 4 Jun 2012
k19035 26-29 by suicide car bomb at Shiite Endowment, Bab al-Muaadham, Baghdad 4 Jun 2012
k19034 Three by explosion in al-Dora, Baghdad 4 Jun 2012
k19033 Three by bombs round policeman's house in Haswa, east Fallujah 4 Jun 2012
k19032 Awakening Council member shot dead in car in Tahreer, central Baquba 4 Jun 2012
k19031 One by roadside bomb in Dijail, south of Tikrit 4 Jun 2012
d7915 Body found east of Kirkuk 3 Jun 2012
d7455 Young man shot dead while driving in north Babel 3 Jun 2012
k19030 Off-duty policeman shot dead in east Mosul 3 Jun 2012
k19029 Woman by roadside bomb in al-Ghabat Nashmali, Mosul 3 Jun 2012
k19028 Local mayor shot dead in al-Quds, east Mosul 3 Jun 2012
k19027 Former Director of Anti-Terrorism and police chief shot dead in Qayara 3 Jun 2012
k19026 Two boys found drowned in Euphrates in Hilla 3 Jun 2012
k19025 Member of Shabak community in northeast Mosul 3 Jun 2012
k19049 Policeman shot dead from motorcycle in Alshohadaa, south Falluja 1 Jun 2012
k19024 Truck driver by roadside bomb near Rasheed market, Dora, Baghdad 1 Jun 2012
k19023 Police colonel shot dead in car near Shaab International Stadium, Baghdad 1 Jun 2012
k19022 Awakening Council member by roadside bomb in Baladruz 1 Jun 2012
k19021 Thirteen by truck bomb near restaurant in ak-Shoalah, northwest Baghdad 31 May 2012
k19020 Bystander by car bomb at home of Council of Ministers adviser in Baghdad 31 May 2012
k19019 Two by bombs near homes of police, al-Aamel al-Shaabi, Amiriya, west Baghdad 31 May 2012
k19018 Policeman shot dead in firefight with smugglers near the Syrian border 31 May 2012
k19017 One by bomb attached to car in south Baghdad 31 May 2012
k19016 Police major and driver shot dead in car in Shurta, north Mosul 31 May 2012
k19015 Policeman by roadside bomb in Baghdad 31 May 2012
k19014 Tikrit University employee by bomb attached to car in Qadisiyah, north Tikrit 31 May 2012
k19013 Driver of government vehicle by magnetic bomb in Andalos, central Ramadi 30 May 2012
k19012 Policeman by roadside bomb in al-Garma 29 May 2012
k19011 Car driver by roadside bomb in al Sheeha, Abu Ghraib 29 May 2012
d7454 Sahwa leader shot dead in Abu Ghraib 28 May 2012
k19010 Police captain shot dead in Shuhada, south Falluja 28 May 2012
k19009 Two Pakistani or Indian pilgrims by roadside bomb in Alsajer, north of Falluja 27 May 2012-
29 May 2012
d7453 Body of a 16 year old boy found in al-Dawasa area, central Mosul 27 May 2012
k19008 Airport employee shot dead near Ghazaliya, west Baghdad 27 May 2012
k19006 Three by grenade in Ayyadiya, west Mosul 27 May 2012
d7973 Policeman shot dead in central Samarra 26 May 2012
k19005 Labourer killed by bomb or gunfire in Abu Saidah 26 May 2012
k19004 Policeman by roadside bomb in Tal Afar 26 May 2012
k19003 Woman by roadside bomb near Sinhareeb Bridge, east Mosul 25 May 2012
k19002 Policeman in car by 'blasting device' in south Tikrit 25 May 2012
k19001 Man shot dead in front of family in Mahboubiyah, Bani Saad 25 May 2012
k19000 Interior Ministry officer shot dead near home in al-Saydiya, south Baghdad 25 May 2012