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IBC page Latest incidents analysed Date
k15471 One by roadside bomb between Rasheed, Baghdad and Mahmoudiya 31 Jul 2010
k15470 Father and mother of policeman by bombs in Al-Mahmudiya 31 Jul 2010
k15469 Body of man found shot dead in Al-Nour, east Mosul 31 Jul 2010
d10788 Body found shot dead in Yarmouk district, western Mosul 30 Jul 2010
k15472 One by bomb attached to car in Al Shirqat 30 Jul 2010
k15468 3-4 by roadside bomb near Buhruz 30 Jul 2010
k15467 Car driver by roadside bomb isouth of Kanan 30 Jul 2010
k15466 Three in minibus by roadside bomb in Tarmiya 30 Jul 2010
k15465 Ten by gunfire and roadside bombs in Adhamiya, Baghdad 29 Jul 2010
k15464 Policeman shot by Oil Facility Protection force members in Al-Mahlabiya, Mosul 29 Jul 2010
k15463 Policeman by bomb attached to car in east Falluja 29 Jul 2010
k15462 Policeman by bomb attached to car in Al-Qayara 29 Jul 2010
k15461 Policeman and Awakening Council leader shot dead, Al-Shurta al-Khamesa, south Baghdad 29 Jul 2010
k15460 Body of man in his 20s found shot dead in al-Okaidat, south Mosul 29 Jul 2010
k15456b Young girl shot dead west of Mosul 28 Jul 2010
k15459 1-2 by roadside bomb near mosque in Andalus, central Falluja 28 Jul 2010
k15458 Six by roadside bomb near restaurant in Al-Dakhil, Sadr City, Baghdad 28 Jul 2010
k15457 Two by grenade in Mosul 28 Jul 2010
k15456 Three police by bomb in western Mosul 28 Jul 2010
k15455 Decayed bodies of three young men found in Awiasat, south of Falluja 28 Jul 2010
k15473 Body of kidnapped soldier found shot dead in Al-Qayara 27 Jul 2010-
31 Jul 2010
k15454 Seven by rockets in Al-Jami'a, central Karbala 27 Jul 2010
k15453 One by roadside bomb in Ghazaliyah, west Baghdad 27 Jul 2010
k15452 Woman and 20-year-old son shot dead in home in Al-Muhandiseen, north Mosul 27 Jul 2010
d10787 0-1 by bomb in Sadr City, Baghdad 26 Jul 2010
d10786 Awakening member shot dead in Tarmiyah, north of Baghdad 26 Jul 2010
d10785 Oil Ministry employee shot dead in eastern Mosul 26 Jul 2010
d8237 Body found shot dead in Dura, Baghdad 26 Jul 2010
k15451 Six by suicide car bomb at Al-Arabiya television station in Harithiya, west Baghdad 26 Jul 2010
k15450 26-35 by car bombs near Kerbala 26 Jul 2010
k15449 Three by nail bomb in Beiji 26 Jul 2010
k15448 Two women shot dead in Falah, east Mosul 26 Jul 2010
k15447 Policeman by roadside bomb in Tanak, west Mosul 25 Jul 2010
k15446 Off-duty policeman by bomb attached to car in Sadiya, south Baghdad 25 Jul 2010
k15445 Police captain and two bodyguards shot dead in Mosul 25 Jul 2010
k15444 Three police by roadside bomb in Mosul 25 Jul 2010
k15443 Four-year-old child by stray bullet in north Mosul 25 Jul 2010
d8236b Relative of informant killed in Baghdad 24 Jul 2010-
25 Jul 2010
d8236a Detainee due to torture in Baghdad 24 Jul 2010-
25 Jul 2010
d10784 Body found burned in central Baghdad 24 Jul 2010
d8176 Christian man shot dead at his shop in Baghdad 24 Jul 2010
k15442 One by roadside bomb in west Basra 24 Jul 2010
k15441 Body of man found buried in garden of Iraqi company, Harithiya, west Baghdad 24 Jul 2010
d10783 Two bodies found in Nahrawan, east of Baghdad 23 Jul 2010-
24 Jul 2010
k15440 Man shot dead in Ghazi Street, Sirij Khan, central Mosul 22 Jul 2010
k15439 Sunni imam and drilling company employee shot dead in Kirkuk 22 Jul 2010
k15438 Sunni imam shot dead at home in Zanjilli, west Mosul 22 Jul 2010
k15437 Policeman by roadside bomb in Yarmouk Square, west Mosul 22 Jul 2010
k15436 Baker shot dead in west Mosul 22 Jul 2010
k15435 Pickup driver by magnetic bomb, Corniche Street, central Falluja 22 Jul 2010