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IBC page Latest incidents analysed Date
x669 two in same family shot by US troops, N Baghdad 18 Jul 2006
x668 bodies of five handcuffed men, W Baghdad 18 Jul 2006
k3465 Tribal leader killed near Kirkuk 18 Jul 2006
k3462 14 bodies found shot dead near Mahmudiya 18 Jul 2006
k3461 Man killed by booby-trapped head of girl, nr. Tikrit 18 Jul 2006
k3460 Policeman shot dead in Falluja 18 Jul 2006
k3459 5-9 by roadside bomb in Hawija 18 Jul 2006
k3458 58-59 by suicide car bomb in Kufa 18 Jul 2006
k3457 4 police killed in Baquba 18 Jul 2006
d8486 Police officer shot dead in Ramadi 17 Jul 2006
x676 bodies of 20 tortured men found in Baghdad 17 Jul 2006
x667 Two by bomb in E Baghdad 17 Jul 2006
d0314 policeman and his son assassinated, eastern Samarra 17 Jul 2006
d0603 3-5 killed in several incidents, Baquba area 17 Jul 2006
k3464 Policeman killed in Tahrir, Baquba 17 Jul 2006
k3456 60-72 in attack on market, Mahmudiya 17 Jul 2006
d9445 Sunni civilian shot dead in Basrah 16 Jul 2006
d9444 Former Baath Party member shot dead in Basrah 16 Jul 2006
d9443 One shot dead in Basrah 16 Jul 2006
d9442 Body found shot dead in Amteyha region, Basrah 16 Jul 2006
d0960 Body of a kidnapped policeman found in Diwaniya 16 Jul 2006
d0959 Body of a kidnapped man found in Howeija 16 Jul 2006
d0097 Bodies of three women found shot dead, Mosul 16 Jul 2006
d0096 One killed in crossfire, Kirkuk 16 Jul 2006
d0095 Three shot dead by gunmen in marketplace, Baquba 16 Jul 2006
d0094 One shot dead by US troops while driving on highway, west of Tikrit 16 Jul 2006
d0093 Two killed in car bombing, south-east Baghdad 16 Jul 2006
d0092 Two police killed by gunmen, Kut-Baghdad highway, near Sweira 16 Jul 2006
d0091 One killed in drive-by shooting, Mosul 16 Jul 2006
d0090 Local leader of the Iraqi Islamic Party assassinated in Haditha 16 Jul 2006
x690 civilian in bombing of police patrol, N Baghdad 16 Jul 2006
x666 guard working Baghdad mobile tel. company, Baghdad 16 Jul 2006
d0970 Four by mortar rounds in al-Rasool village, NE of Baghdad 16 Jul 2006
d0313 One killed in attack on vehicle, Baladroz 16 Jul 2006
d0166 Three killed in missile attacks, Bani Sa'd area, S of Baquba 16 Jul 2006
k3454 Three shot dead near Tikrit 16 Jul 2006
k3452 2 truck drivers between Kirkuk and Tikrit 16 Jul 2006
k3451 Former Baath Party member, son, woman, in Muqdadiyah 16 Jul 2006
k3450 3-4 by car bomb in northeast Mosul 16 Jul 2006
k3449 2-4 by bomb in Karrada, Baghdad 16 Jul 2006
k3448 4 police shot dead at Baquba Hospital 16 Jul 2006
k3447 24-29 by suicide bomber, Tuz Khurmatu 16 Jul 2006
x735 body of kidnapped journalist found, Baghdad 15 Jul 2006-
15 Aug 2006
d0089 Four killed in dispute at feul station, Basra 15 Jul 2006-
16 Jul 2006
d0604 Two bodies found shot, tortured in separate incidents, Balad 15 Jul 2006-
16 Jul 2006
d5565 Severed head found in Rawah 15 Jul 2006
d5393 Two crushed by US vehicle near Taji, north Baghdad 15 Jul 2006
d4521 Farmer shot dead by US forces in Yusufiya 15 Jul 2006
d4518 One man by US forces near Abu Graib 15 Jul 2006
d4101 Truck driver killed in Baghdad 15 Jul 2006