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IBC page Latest incidents analysed Date
k10800 Policeman shot dead at home in Mosul 28 Jun 2008
k10798 Seven bodies found tortured and shot, Benat al-Hassan, Samarra 28 Jun 2008
k10797 25-50 bodies found tortured and shot in Al Tharthar 28 Jun 2008
d4691 Detainee beaten, strangled to death at Camp Bucca 27 Jun 2008
k10793b One body found tortured and shot in Talbiyah, Baghdad 27 Jun 2008
k10793a One body found tortured and shot in Shoala, Baghdad 27 Jun 2008
k10796 Body found in Mahaweel 27 Jun 2008
k10795 Body of man found tortured in al-Nihrawan, south Baghdad 27 Jun 2008
k10794 One by explosive charge, northeast Baquba 27 Jun 2008
k10792 Two Awakening Council members by bomb in Shirqat 27 Jun 2008
k10791 Security guard shot dead by US soldiers, Janaja, Hindiya 27 Jun 2008
d10337 One stabbed to death in Al-Ruobaat district, Basrah 26 Jun 2008
d8684 Former army officer murdered east of Samarra 26 Jun 2008
d8683 Body found shot dead in east Mosul 26 Jun 2008
k10977 One by mortar round, al-Faris police station, al-Amiriyah, Falluja 26 Jun 2008
k10976 Two interpreters for US forces in Anbar 26 Jun 2008
k10975 Student shot dead at demonstration in Sulaikh, Baghdad 26 Jun 2008
k10974 Woman shot dead in home in east Mosul 26 Jun 2008
k10973 Two bodies found tortured and shot in Karkh, Baghdad 26 Jun 2008
k10972 Shepherd by roadside bomb between Khanaqeen and Sharban 26 Jun 2008
k10971 17-18 by rockets and car bomb, Bab al-Tob, Mosul 26 Jun 2008
k10970 Appeal court judge shot dead in Al-Talibiya, Baghdad 26 Jun 2008
k10945 Twenty-two by suicide bomber, Karmah, east of Falluja 26 Jun 2008
d5189 Sahwa member shot dead by US Marines SE of Karmah 25 Jun 2008
k10788d One body found bound and shot in Saidiyah, Baghdad 25 Jun 2008
k10788c One body found bound and shot in Ur, Baghdad 25 Jun 2008
k10788b One body found bound and shot in Tobchi, Baghdad 25 Jun 2008
k10788a Two bodies found bound and shot in Shaab, Baghdad 25 Jun 2008
k10790 Awakening Council member in clashes with gunmen in Khan Bani Saad 25 Jun 2008
k10789 One by roadside bomb in south Kirkuk 25 Jun 2008
k10787 Municipality director and driver shot dead in Baladiyat, Mosul 25 Jun 2008
k10786 Three by car bomb near restaurant in Karrada, Baghdad 25 Jun 2008
k10785 Six in family by US airstrike, Samra, near Tikrit 25 Jun 2008
k10784 Two by bomb in minibus in Karbala 25 Jun 2008
k10783 Three bank employees in car fire caused by US gunfire, west Baghdad 25 Jun 2008
d5782 Man murdered in front of his home in south Ramadi 24 Jun 2008
k10779c One body found tortured and shot in Abu Disheer, Baghdad 24 Jun 2008
k10779b One body found tortured and shot in Bayaa, Baghdad 24 Jun 2008
k10779a One body found tortured and shot in Slaikh, Baghdad 24 Jun 2008
k10782 Two Awakening Council members by roadside bomb in Balad 24 Jun 2008
k10781 Policeman student shot dead, al-Majmoua al-Thakafiya, Mosul 24 Jun 2008
k10780 Mayor shot dead in Karhat Qazen, Rashad 24 Jun 2008
k10777 Sevan by bomb, Sadr City council, Baghdad 24 Jun 2008
k10776 Interpreter by roadside bomb in Nineveh 24 Jun 2008
k10775 Policeman and boy by suicide car bomb in central Mosul 24 Jun 2008
k10774 Three from family shot dead by US troops, Oraiby, west Mosul 24 Jun 2008
k10778 Council chairman for Abu Disheer, Baghdad shot dead 23 Jun 2008-
24 Jun 2008
d8682 Body found shot dead in Daquq, south of Kirkuk 23 Jun 2008
k10772b One body found in al-Amin, Baghdad 23 Jun 2008
k10772a One body found in Hurriyah, Baghdad 23 Jun 2008