IBC page Latest incidents analysed Date
k4175 25 bodies found shot, tortured, in Baghdad 5 Oct 2006-
6 Oct 2006
d8978 Casual worker shot dead in Basrah 5 Oct 2006
d6626 Sunni tribe member shot dead in Mosul 5 Oct 2006
d1600 One policeman shot dead in clashes in Maysan 5 Oct 2006
d1597 One woman shot dead by US forces in central Falluja 5 Oct 2006
d0553 One child by explosive device, central Baquba 5 Oct 2006
d0552 One shot dead, al-Moallemeen district, al-Moallemeen district, Baquba 5 Oct 2006
d0551 One killed in al-Tahrir district, southern Baquba 5 Oct 2006
d0550 Two bodies found shot dead, tortured, al-Yarmouk district, western Baquba 5 Oct 2006
d0549 Two by mortar rounds, near Balad Ruz 5 Oct 2006
d0548 Two bodies found with gunshot wounds, Mahmudiya 5 Oct 2006
d0546 Five bodies found shot dead, tortured, Ukashat 5 Oct 2006
x792 woman by car bomb in Abu Ghraib, W of Baghdad 5 Oct 2006
k4173 Policeman shot dead in Baquba 5 Oct 2006
k4172 Body found shot dead near Kirkuk 5 Oct 2006
k4171 Two by bomb, Al-Tayaran Square, Baghdad 5 Oct 2006
k4170 Two by car bomb, Hurriya, Baghdad 5 Oct 2006
k4169 One shot dead in Falluja 5 Oct 2006
k4167 Kurdish Sunni MP and driver shot dead, Slaikh, Baghdad 5 Oct 2006
k4174 30 bodies found shot, tortured, in Baghdad 4 Oct 2006-
5 Oct 2006
d8977 Body found shot dead in Basrah 4 Oct 2006
d8976 Laborer shot dead in Basrah 4 Oct 2006
d8502 Body found shot dead north of Ramadi 4 Oct 2006
d8501 Two by IED NW of Rawah 4 Oct 2006
d6625 Cell phone shop owner shot dead in Mosul 4 Oct 2006
d5590 Detainee shot dead by Iraqi Police in Dardasah 4 Oct 2006
d1599 Two by car bomb in Baldruz 4 Oct 2006
d1598 Three policemen shot dead in Bani Sa'ad 4 Oct 2006
d1596 One policeman and his father shot dead in Falluja 4 Oct 2006
d0545 Two bodies found shot in the head, Mosul 4 Oct 2006
x791 person crushed by US vehicle in Street 40, Baghdad 4 Oct 2006
k4168 4 bodies found in Al-Suwayrah 4 Oct 2006
k4165 Male body found near Tikrit 4 Oct 2006
k4164 Translator shot dead in Siniya, near Baiji 4 Oct 2006
k4163 Two police shot dead in Baquba 4 Oct 2006
k4162 Five shot dead in Zafaraniya, Baghdad 4 Oct 2006
k4161 One by car bomb, Dora, Baghdad 4 Oct 2006
k4160 3 women and baby girl killed in Samawa 4 Oct 2006
k4159 16 in bomb attack, Camp Sara, Karada, Baghdad 4 Oct 2006
k4158 Three shot dead in Al-Kut 4 Oct 2006
d8975 Body found shot dead in Basrah 3 Oct 2006
d1595 Three shot dead in car by Iraqi army patrol, Mosul 3 Oct 2006
d1594 One body found floating in a river in Diwaniya 3 Oct 2006
d0544 Two male bodies found shot, tortured, Kirkuk-Rashad road, S of Kirkuk 3 Oct 2006
d0543 Bodies of 2 women found, one beheaded, the other burned, Kut 3 Oct 2006
d0542 One by gunmen invading a Shiite home, Muqdadiyah 3 Oct 2006
d0541 One by mortar shells that hit a residential area, Mahmoudiya 3 Oct 2006
d0540 Two brothers found shot dead, western Kirkuk 3 Oct 2006
d0539 One killed in crossfire between gunmen and US forces, Haditha 3 Oct 2006
x790 Seven police officers, incl chief, by roadside bomb near al-Baghdadi, Anbar 3 Oct 2006