IBC page Latest incidents analysed Date
k10204 Fifty-one bodies found in mass grave, Al-Askari, Mahmoudiya 17 Apr 2008
k10203 Two police by roadside bomb, Jisr Diyala, Baghdad 17 Apr 2008
k10202 Woman's body found in Mosul 17 Apr 2008
k10201 Five Awakening Council members and a civilian by roadside bomb, Adhamiya, Baghdad 17 Apr 2008
d10325 Woman killed during clashes in Basra 16 Apr 2008
d10324 Man shot dead in Hay Al Zaiton area, Basra 16 Apr 2008
d8517 Neighborhood muqtar shot dead in Bani Sa'ad area, south of Baqubah 16 Apr 2008
d5343 Man shot dead by US forces in west Baghdad 16 Apr 2008
k10186d One body found shot dead in Washash, Baghdad 16 Apr 2008
k10186c One body found shot dead in Waziriyah, Baghdad 16 Apr 2008
k10186b One body found shot dead in Bab Al-Sheikh, Baghdad 16 Apr 2008
k10186a One body found shot dead in Baladiyat, Baghdad 16 Apr 2008
k10191 One by mortar shell in Karrada, Baghdad 16 Apr 2008
k10190 Body of woman found in Mosul 16 Apr 2008
k10188 Man and daughter shot dead by US soldiers, Al-Malia, east Mosul 16 Apr 2008
k10187 One by roadside or car bomb in east Mosul 16 Apr 2008
k10184 Two women in bus shot dead near Muqdadiya 16 Apr 2008
k10183 1-3 by mortar ion house in Palestine Street, east Baghdad 16 Apr 2008
k10196 Sistani aide, bodyguard shot dead in central Basra 15 Apr 2008-
21 Apr 2008
k10185 Two kidnapped cousins, Awakening Council members, found shot dead in Albu Mohammed 15 Apr 2008-
16 Apr 2008
d10356 One shot dead during clashes in 2nd Hay Al Zubatt area, Salah Ad Din 15 Apr 2008
d10355 One killed in Awashik village, Diyala 15 Apr 2008
d9711 Two police shot dead south of Balad City, Salah Ad Din 15 Apr 2008
k10194c One body found in Yarmouk, Baghdad 15 Apr 2008
k10194b One body found in Ubeidi, Baghdad 15 Apr 2008
k10194a One body found in Husseiniyah, Baghdad 15 Apr 2008
k10200 Electricity worker shot dead in al-Zahraa, east Mosul 15 Apr 2008
k10199 Two shot dead near Wajihiya 15 Apr 2008
k10198 Three in various shooting incidents in Mosul 15 Apr 2008
k10197 Schoolgirl shot dead by stray bullet in east Mosul 15 Apr 2008
k10195 Woman lawyer and sister shot dead, Al-Tameem, east Mosul 15 Apr 2008
k10193 Three by two car bombs near Mosul University 15 Apr 2008
k10192 Five shot dead by Mahdi mlitia in Al-Daoum, near Kerbala 15 Apr 2008
k10189 Two street sweepers by roadside bomb, Watheq Square, Baghdad 15 Apr 2008
k10182 40-53 by car bomb near court and restaurant in Baquba 15 Apr 2008
k10181 1-4 by car bomb in Karrada, Baghdad 15 Apr 2008
k10180 13-14 by suicide bomber at restaurant in Ramadi 15 Apr 2008
k10179 0-3 in clashes between US/Iraqi forces and gunmen in Sadr City 14 Apr 2008-
15 Apr 2008
d9702 Body found in Tal Abu Jrad area, Salah Ad Din 14 Apr 2008
d9701 Sons of Iraq leader by IED, gunfire in Siniyah, near Baiji 14 Apr 2008
k10173e One body found shot dead in Doura, Baghdad 14 Apr 2008
k10173d One body found shot dead in Amil, Baghdad 14 Apr 2008
k10173c One body found shot dead in Khilani, Baghdad 14 Apr 2008
k10173b One body found shot dead in Qahira, Baghdad 14 Apr 2008
k10173a One body found shot dead in Zafaraniyah, Baghdad 14 Apr 2008
k10178 Body found in Dour, south of Tikrit 14 Apr 2008
k10176 Two police by roadside bomb near Yusufiya 14 Apr 2008
k10175 Two bodies found shot dead in Mahaweel 14 Apr 2008
k10174 Two bodies found tortured and shot northeast of Kirkuk 14 Apr 2008
k10172 One by mortar shell in Zayouna, Baghdad 14 Apr 2008