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IBC page Latest incidents analysed Date
d7245 Body of a man found in the Al Eshake Water Project 10 Aug 2008
k11119c One body found shot dead in Shoala, Baghdad 10 Aug 2008
k11119b One body found shot dead in Baghdad 10 Aug 2008
k11119a One body found shot dead in Ni'ariyah, Baghdad 10 Aug 2008
k11122 Policeman shot dead in al-Saadiya 10 Aug 2008
k11121 Body found on bank of Tigris in Mosul 10 Aug 2008
k11120 Man by pipe bomb attached to car in north Mosul 10 Aug 2008
k11118 1-2 by roadside bomb, Al Tahreer Square, Baghdad 10 Aug 2008
k11117 2-3 Asayesh (Kurdish security police) by car bomb, possibly suicide, in Khanaqeen 10 Aug 2008
k11116 2-4 by roadside bomb near bank in Kamaliya, Baghdad 10 Aug 2008
k11115 4-14 by suicide bomber and gunfire, Tarmiyah, Baghdad 10 Aug 2008
d10609 One shot dead in Al Farouk/Al Mashahda, Mosul 9 Aug 2008
d9617 Shia Turkmen laborer shot dead in Tuz 9 Aug 2008
d9186 1-2 by IED in Wajihiyah area, Diyala 9 Aug 2008
k11110c One body found shot dead in Saidiyah, Baghdad 9 Aug 2008
k11110b One body found shot dead in Habibiyah, Baghdad 9 Aug 2008
k11110a One body found shot dead in Shaab, Baghdad 9 Aug 2008
k11114 Son of Al Qadisiya pool director shot dead in Zayuna, Baghdad 9 Aug 2008
k11113 Policeman killed entering booby-trapped house in Buhruz 9 Aug 2008
k11112 Body found near Jalawla 9 Aug 2008
k11111 50-year-old woman shot dead outside home in Al-Maamoun, Mosul 9 Aug 2008
d10594 Body found shot dead in Kirkuk 8 Aug 2008
d9616 Shia Turkmen laborer shot dead outside his home in Tuz 8 Aug 2008
d9168 Sons of Iraq member shot dead in Madain area, SE of Baghdad 8 Aug 2008
d8822 Body found in Kirkuk 8 Aug 2008
k11109 Awakening Council official shot dead in Jarf al-Sakhr 8 Aug 2008
k11107 Man shot in front of house in central Erbil 8 Aug 2008
k11106 Policeman by roadside bomb in Iskandariya 8 Aug 2008
k11105 Bodyguard of the Minister of Youth and Sports shot dead in Imam Ahmed, Tuz Khurmato 8 Aug 2008
k11104 Awakening Council member by explosive charge in Falluja 8 Aug 2008
k11103 Two police by explosive charge in Shuhadaa, south Falluja 8 Aug 2008
k11102 Twenty-five by car/bus bomb in vegetable market in Tal Afar 8 Aug 2008
k11153 Four barbers killed in Basra 7 Aug 2008-
14 Aug 2008
d9635 Policeman shot dead in Karmah, Anbar 7 Aug 2008-
10 Aug 2008
k11095 Awakening Council member shot dead in Mussayab 7 Aug 2008-
8 Aug 2008
d9634 Off-duty policeman shot dead in Al Sinaa, Mosul 7 Aug 2008
d9167 Sons of Iraq member in crossfire in Baghdad 7 Aug 2008
d9166 Ministry of Oil engineer killed in Al Amin area, east Baghdad 7 Aug 2008
d9165 One by landmine in Southern Rashid district, SW Baghdad 7 Aug 2008
d9164 Child by IED in Albu Farris area, west of Mahmudiyah 7 Aug 2008
d9163 Liason to travel directorate shot dead in Al Sadoon area, Baghdad 7 Aug 2008
k11100 Two decomposed bodies found in al-Madaen 7 Aug 2008
k11099 Man dragged from car and shot, mother died from shock, Haqlaniya 7 Aug 2008
k11098 Two bodies found shot dead in Al-Ikha, north Mosul 7 Aug 2008
k11097 Three police by booby-trapped cart near body, Al-Boursa, west Mosul 7 Aug 2008
k11096 Senior Iraqi Islamic Party member and bodyguard shot dead in Al-Mushahada, west Mosul 7 Aug 2008
k11094 0-8 by unexploded mine or bomb, Al-Bataha, near Nassriya 7 Aug 2008
k11101 Body of kidnapped taxi driver found Shahrazoor plain, 40 km to the east of Sulaimaniyah 6 Aug 2008-
7 Aug 2008
d9618 One murdered in Al Haj Alaskare, Salah Al-Din 6 Aug 2008
d9162 Aid worker by sticky bomb in Sheikh Marouf area, Baghdad 6 Aug 2008