IBC page Latest incidents analysed Date
d9007 One shot dead in Basrah 7 Oct 2006
d4989 One shot dead by US forces in Mosul 7 Oct 2006
d4988 Woman shot dead by US forces NW of Tal Afar 7 Oct 2006
d0623 One farmer shot dead, Ishaqi 7 Oct 2006
d0559 One university student shot dead, Baiji 7 Oct 2006
d0557 One Kurdish lawyer shot dead in front of his home, Mosul 7 Oct 2006
d0556 One by mortar round that hit the main bus station, Baquba 7 Oct 2006
d0555 One man by roadside bomb, Khan Bani Saad 7 Oct 2006
x801 Muslim Humanitarian Org. worer killed in Baghdad 7 Oct 2006
x800 three more bodies recovered from river in Suweira 7 Oct 2006
x799 mobile phone company employee shot in W Baghdad 7 Oct 2006
x798 civilian in car by roadside bomb targeting US patrol, E Baghdad 7 Oct 2006
x797 policeman by roadside bomb, Dora, S Baghdad 7 Oct 2006
k4188 Two shot dead in market, Baquba 7 Oct 2006
k4187 5 bodies found tortured, shot, Sadr City, Baghdad 7 Oct 2006
k4186 2 labourers shot dead in car near Sinjar 7 Oct 2006
k4185 Two by mortar rounds near Iskandariya 7 Oct 2006
k4184 2 Shiite bakery workers shot dead in Mansour, Baghdad 7 Oct 2006
k4183 Woman shot dead in Mosul 7 Oct 2006
k4182 Contractor, 2 employees shot dead in Baaj 7 Oct 2006
k4179 9-13 by suicide truck bomb, Tal Afar 7 Oct 2006
k4178 Two bodies found bound, tortured, in Baquba 7 Oct 2006
k4177 Policeman and son shot dead in Samarra 7 Oct 2006
k4176 Police official found shot dead, Fadhal, Baghdad 7 Oct 2006
k4181 51 bodies found shot dead in Baghdad 6 Oct 2006-
7 Oct 2006
d10470 Policeman by mortar round in Basrah 6 Oct 2006
d9006 Body found shot dead in Basrah 6 Oct 2006
d4987 One shot dead by US Marines in central Fallujah 6 Oct 2006
d4418 One shot dead by US forces in Ramadi 6 Oct 2006
d1601 Four shot dead in clashes with gunmen in Amiriyat Al-Falluja 6 Oct 2006
d0558 One customs policeman shot dead by UK forces, Basra 6 Oct 2006
d0554 Three former Ba'th Party members shot dead, Karabala 6 Oct 2006
x796 one by bomb attack in NE Baghdad 6 Oct 2006
x795 Five by mortars crashing into house in Abu Dshir, S Baghdad 6 Oct 2006
x794 Seven bodies found in Tigris, area of Suwayrah 6 Oct 2006
x793 two killed in collapsing houses after bomb near Mustansiriya Univ, Baghdad 6 Oct 2006
k4180 Former national volleyball captain, Mansour, Baghdad 5 Oct 2006-
6 Oct 2006
k4175 25 bodies found shot, tortured, in Baghdad 5 Oct 2006-
6 Oct 2006
d8978 Casual worker shot dead in Basrah 5 Oct 2006
d6626 Sunni tribe member shot dead in Mosul 5 Oct 2006
d1600 One policeman shot dead in clashes in Maysan 5 Oct 2006
d1597 One woman shot dead by US forces in central Falluja 5 Oct 2006
d0553 One child by explosive device, central Baquba 5 Oct 2006
d0552 One shot dead, al-Moallemeen district, al-Moallemeen district, Baquba 5 Oct 2006
d0551 One killed in al-Tahrir district, southern Baquba 5 Oct 2006
d0550 Two bodies found shot dead, tortured, al-Yarmouk district, western Baquba 5 Oct 2006
d0549 Two by mortar rounds, near Balad Ruz 5 Oct 2006
d0548 Two bodies found with gunshot wounds, Mahmudiya 5 Oct 2006
d0546 Five bodies found shot dead, tortured, Ukashat 5 Oct 2006
x792 woman by car bomb in Abu Ghraib, W of Baghdad 5 Oct 2006