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IBC page Latest incidents analysed Date
d0129 Policeman Mouayad Hussein killed in drive-by shooting, Kirkuk 9 Jul 2006
d0128 Businessman Rashid al-Shammari and bodyguard shot dead, Ba'qubah 9 Jul 2006
x646 five in car bomb in Al-Bayaa, Baghdad 9 Jul 2006
x645 policeman in foot patrol, E Baghdad 9 Jul 2006
k3406 42-50 shot dead in Hay al-Jihad, Baghdad 9 Jul 2006
k3405 17-19 by car bombs, Adhamiya, Baghdad 9 Jul 2006
d9438 One in tribal fighting in Qarmat Ali region, Basra 8 Jul 2006
d9436 Female shot dead in Jumhuriya region, Basrah 8 Jul 2006
d8638 Three policemen killed in Ramadi 8 Jul 2006
d8635 Political party member shot dead in Ramadi 8 Jul 2006
d7833 Body found in Balad 8 Jul 2006
k3404d Three bodies found in Baghdad 8 Jul 2006
k3404c One body found in eastern Baghdad 8 Jul 2006
k3404b One body found in eastern Baghdad 8 Jul 2006
k3404a Six bodies found shot dead in Doura, Baghdad 8 Jul 2006
d3488 Cell phone company employee shot dead in Basrah 8 Jul 2006
d0955 Three by US airstrike in Zawba, east of Fallujah 8 Jul 2006
d0526 Two bodies found beheaded, Baquba 8 Jul 2006
d0525 Two bodies found shot in the head, Khalis 8 Jul 2006
d0135 Two brothers killed in attack on their car, Ba'qubah 8 Jul 2006
x689 three killed by mortars in Dora, Baghdad 8 Jul 2006
x644 Sunni cleric shot in Baghdad 8 Jul 2006
x626 three workers in an ice cream shop in Nahrawan 8 Jul 2006
k3403 Three by car bomb, Hay al-Jihad, Baghdad 8 Jul 2006
k3402 Three by mortar fire, Abu Shdaira, Baghdad 8 Jul 2006
k3401 Woman translator shot dead, Bayaa, Baghdad 8 Jul 2006
d9437 Policeman shot dead in Hay Al-Hussien region, Basrah 7 Jul 2006
d9435 One shot dead at Basrah City, Basrah 7 Jul 2006
d9434 One shot dead at Al-Bawaba Checkpoint, Basrah 7 Jul 2006
d7864 Body found shot dead in Muqdadiyah 7 Jul 2006
d0528 Two bodies found bound and tortured, one beheaded, Noamaniya 7 Jul 2006
d0527 Four bodies found with signs of torture, Suwera 7 Jul 2006
d0134 Man and his nephew killed by gunfire, Al-Tahrir, SE of Ba'qubah 7 Jul 2006
x688 four children killed by mortars, Khadimya, Baghdad 7 Jul 2006
k3399 Three by mortars, Shula, Baghdad 7 Jul 2006
k3398 Two killed in attack in Madaen 7 Jul 2006
k3397 Nine by car bomb in Tal Banat 7 Jul 2006
k3396 Three by mortars, Qahira, Baghdad 7 Jul 2006
k3395 One by bomb at Sunni mosque in Baquba 7 Jul 2006
k3394 Two by mortars, Jihad, Baghdad 7 Jul 2006
k3393 4 - 10 in clashes in Sadr City 7 Jul 2006
d9433 One shot dead in Asisarraji region, Basrah 6 Jul 2006
d7863 Five in drive-by shooting north of Ba'qubah 6 Jul 2006
k3391c 26 bodies found, shot, tortured, in Baghdad 6 Jul 2006
k3391b Five bodies found, shot, tortured, in al-Ameriya, Baghdad 6 Jul 2006
k3391a Four bodies found, shot, tortured, in al-Khadraa, Baghdad 6 Jul 2006
k3400b Two shot dead in different districts of Mosul 6 Jul 2006
d3487 One customs officer shot dead in Basrah 6 Jul 2006
d0529 Six bodies found in Ryadh area, SW of Kirkuk 6 Jul 2006
d0145 One child killed in armed attack, Hay Al-Asry area, Al-Khales 6 Jul 2006