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IBC page Latest incidents analysed Date
k10967 Two Awakening Council members by explosive charge in Huwaija 19 Jul 2008
k10966 Three police shot dead outside Tikrit 19 Jul 2008
k10965 One shot dead in kidnap attempt in west Mosul 19 Jul 2008
k10964 One shot dead in Mosul 19 Jul 2008
k10962 Policeman shot by sniper in central Mosul 19 Jul 2008
d10474 Policeman shot dead in Al-Harthah district, Basrah 18 Jul 2008
d6419 Police academy student shot dead in Basra 18 Jul 2008
d5191 Woman shot dead by Iraqi soldier in Baghdad 18 Jul 2008
k10961 Man by home-made mine near Kirkuk 18 Jul 2008
k10960 Two by roadside bomb between Baquba and Khalis 18 Jul 2008
k10959 Body found bound and shot in west Mosul 18 Jul 2008
k10958 Man shot dead outside his house in northern Mosul 18 Jul 2008
k10957 Body found shot and tortured in Amil, Baghdad 18 Jul 2008
d6418 One in clash at a checkpoint in Basrah 17 Jul 2008
k10951b One body found tortured and shot in Palestine Street, Baghdad 17 Jul 2008
k10951a One body found tortured and shot in Shoala, Baghdad 17 Jul 2008
k10956 Man in truck by roadside bomb, near al-Nyi, north of Baquba 17 Jul 2008
k10955 One shot dead in Hilla 17 Jul 2008
k10954 Body found tortured in Hilla 17 Jul 2008
k10953 Al-Sadr aide shot dead in New Baghdad 17 Jul 2008
k10952 One by roadside bomb near al-Samaraei Mosque, New Baghdad 17 Jul 2008
k10950 Policeman shot dead in Arbeed, south Mosul 17 Jul 2008
k10963 Headless bodies of three kidnapped brothers found in Al-Karama, al-Adhim 16 Jul 2008-
19 Jul 2008
k10949 Two shot dead in al-Khedr, al-Askandariya 16 Jul 2008
k10948 Child shot dead in al-Hashemiya, south Hilla 16 Jul 2008
k10947 Body found tortured and shot in Talibiya, Baghdad 16 Jul 2008
k10946 Body of woman found bound and strangled in river, Kifil, near Hilla 16 Jul 2008
k10944 Two by car bomb in market, Doura al-Hamam, east Mosul 16 Jul 2008
k10943 Twenty-five by car bomb in market in Al-Talia,Tal Afar 16 Jul 2008
d9615 Man shot dead in Al-Dujail, Salah Ad Din 15 Jul 2008
k10942 Two women shot dead in al-Karama, east Mosul 15 Jul 2008
k10941 Body found shot dead in Dora, south Baghdad 15 Jul 2008
k10940 Head of Awakening Council shot dead in Bablan, Al-Miqdadiyah 15 Jul 2008
k10939 Two bystanders by roadside bomb, Zayunnah, Baghdad 15 Jul 2008
k10938 4-8 by suicide car bomb, Noor, east Mosul 15 Jul 2008
k10937 Four by suicide bomber, Al-Boursa, west Mosul 15 Jul 2008
k10936 Three men by female suicide bomber, Abu Ghraib, Baghdad 15 Jul 2008
k10935 Two by mortar shell, Al-Shawaaf Square, Salhiyah, Baghdad 15 Jul 2008
k10934 Son of Awakening Council leader by roadside bomb near Musayib 15 Jul 2008
k10933 26-33 army recruits by suicide bombers, Saad camp, Baquba 15 Jul 2008
k10930b One body found in Muqdadiya 14 Jul 2008
k10928b One body found bound and shot in Sheikh Maroof, Baghdad 14 Jul 2008
k10928a One body found bound and shot in Waziriyah, Baghdad 14 Jul 2008
k10932 Member of US-backed neighbourhood patrol by roadside bomb in Iskandariya 14 Jul 2008
k10931 Body found bound and shot in Mahaweel 14 Jul 2008
k10930 Two bodies found in Muqdadiya 14 Jul 2008
k10929 Off-duty policeman shot dead at bus station in east Mosul 14 Jul 2008
k10927 Body of policeman found in east Mosul 14 Jul 2008
k10926 Bodies of two women found shot dead in Mosul 14 Jul 2008
k10925 Three by hand grenade thrown from car, Allawi, central Baghdad 14 Jul 2008