IBC page Latest incidents analysed Date
d10430 Ministry of Health employee shot dead in Al Shaab area, Baghdad 21 May 2008
k10530f Body found shot dead in Al Alawiyah area, Baghdad 21 May 2008
d10429 Two bodies found in Al Wajihiyah area, Diyala 21 May 2008
d8858 One by IED in Al Zafraniya area, Baghdad 21 May 2008
d6580 Body found near Hamdan area, Basrah 21 May 2008
k10530e One body found tortured in Saidiyah, Baghdad 21 May 2008
k10530d One body found tortured in Risalah, Baghdad 21 May 2008
k10530c One body found tortured in Doura, Baghdad 21 May 2008
k10530b One body found tortured in Zayuna, Baghdad 21 May 2008
k10530a One body found tortured in Ur, Baghdad 21 May 2008
k10533 Three by mortar rounds, south Baghdad 21 May 2008
k10532 Three by car bomb, Mansour, Baghdad 21 May 2008
k10531 Ten bodies found in mass graves near Baquba 21 May 2008
k10529 Eight in clashes between US/Iraqi forces and gunmen, Obaidi, Baghdad 21 May 2008
k10528 Eight in cars shot dead by US helicopter gunship near Baiji 21 May 2008
k10527 Chief security officer for Ministry of Transport shot dead, Doura, Baghdad 21 May 2008
d4766 Three by roadside bomb near Balad 20 May 2008-
22 May 2008
d10423 Female civilian murdered in Qada'a Al Khalis 20 May 2008
d8747 1-2 by IED in As Sadiyah 20 May 2008
d8746 Woman shot dead by Iraqi Army patrol in Mosul 20 May 2008
d8745 Girl in crossfire in Al Ehbab area, Salah Ad Din 20 May 2008
d8744 Sons of Iraq member shot dead in Baiji 20 May 2008
k10521b One body found tortured and shot in Abu Disheer, Baghdad 20 May 2008
k10521a One body found tortured and shot in al-Kamaliyah, Baghdad 20 May 2008
k10525 Cleric shot dead in west Mosul 20 May 2008
k10524 Three by suicide bomber in west Falluja 20 May 2008
k10523 Three by mortar round, Karradah, Baghdad 20 May 2008
k10522 One by roadside bomb in Adhamiya, Baghdad 20 May 2008
k10520 Three Awakening Council members or policemen by female suicide bomber in Rutba 20 May 2008
k10519 Five-year-old girl by suicide bomber in Mendili 20 May 2008
k10518 Four Awakening Council members shot dead in Bishkan, nr. Dhuluiyah 20 May 2008
k10517 One by bomb in minibus, Rustumiya, Baghdad 20 May 2008
k10516 2-3 by mortar rounds in Balad Ruz 20 May 2008
d10436 Repair shop owner in Al Dolii area, NW Baghdad 19 May 2008
d10415 Woman murdered in Hay Al Amel, Baghdad 19 May 2008
d10370 Transportation ministry employee shot dead in east Baghdad 19 May 2008
d4761 Three by roadside bomb between Ishaqi and Samarra 19 May 2008
k10509c One body found bound and shot in Shurta the 4th, Baghdad 19 May 2008
k10509b One body found bound and shot in Mansour, Baghdad 19 May 2008
k10509a One body found bound and shot in Rasheed Camp, Baghdad 19 May 2008
k10515 Two bodies, one beheaded, found tortured and shot in Tigris, Suwayrah 19 May 2008
k10514 Two found tortured and shot near Rutba 19 May 2008
k10513 One by car bomb in central Tikrit 19 May 2008
k10512 Policeman by suicide bombers, al-Mukhtar, north Falluja 19 May 2008
k10511 Policeman in Ashar, Basra 19 May 2008
k10510 Two men shot dead in Mosul 19 May 2008
k10508 Police chief by bomb in office in Suq al-Shiyukh, near Nasiriya 19 May 2008
k10507 Interior Ministry official shot dead in Sadr City 19 May 2008
k10506 Eleven police recruits shot dead near Al-Ba'aj 19 May 2008
d8743 Body found beaten to death in Tuwa village area, Diyala 18 May 2008