IBC page Latest incidents analysed Date
d0016 Clan leader and son killed by unknown assailants, Diwaniyah 28 Jul 2006
d0015 Man and his daughter assassinated by gunmen, Al-Khalis 28 Jul 2006
x685 three Shia brothers shot near shrine, Imam Ways region, Diyala 28 Jul 2006
k3548 Three by roadside bomb in Kirkuk 28 Jul 2006
k3547 Policeman and civilian in Hawija 28 Jul 2006
k3546 Railway official shot dead in Beiji 28 Jul 2006
k3545 Two in drive-by shooting in Tikrit 28 Jul 2006
k3544 Four by mortar shell, Zaafaraniya, Baghdad 28 Jul 2006
d10199 Body found shot dead in Mosul 27 Jul 2006
d9446 Policeman shot dead near Ar Rabbat Police HQ, Basrah 27 Jul 2006
d8487 Policeman abducted and killed in central Fallujah 27 Jul 2006
d7839 Body found in a river east of Balad 27 Jul 2006
d7838 One by IED in Al Mahawil 27 Jul 2006
d5547 Two by IED in Ad Diwaniyah 27 Jul 2006
d0508 One body found shot dead, tortured, near Kirkuk 27 Jul 2006
d0507 Translator for U.S. troops found killed in his car, near Kut 27 Jul 2006
d0034 Three killed when gunmen attacked their vehicle, Maqdadiya 27 Jul 2006
d0032 Three killed by improvised bomb, S of Kirkuk 27 Jul 2006
d0031 Former member of Baath Party killed in drive-by shooting, Kut 27 Jul 2006
d0022 Five members of the Ba'th Party assassinated by gunmen, Al-Diwaniyah 27 Jul 2006
d0021 Two civilians killed by mortar shells, Al-Fallujah 27 Jul 2006
d0020 Two civilians killed in armed clashes involving Iraqi and US troops, Al-Ramadi 27 Jul 2006
d0019 Policeman killed in exchange of fire with Iraqi army patrol, Kirkuk 27 Jul 2006
d0018 One killed in police crossfire after drive-by shooting, Hawija 27 Jul 2006
x678 former Baathist shot in E Baghdad 27 Jul 2006
x677 body of police major general found in E Baghdad 27 Jul 2006
k3543 Two police by roadside bomb near Tikrit 27 Jul 2006
k3542 One by roadside bomb in Ishaqee 27 Jul 2006
k3541 3 labourers shot dead in Al-Sulaymaniyah 27 Jul 2006
k3540 4 security guards at Sunni mosque, western Baghdad 27 Jul 2006
k3539 Three shot dead in Mansur, Baghdad 27 Jul 2006
k3538 31-32 by car bomb, mortars, Karrada, Baghdad 27 Jul 2006
k3537 19 bodies found shot, tortured, in Baghdad 27 Jul 2006
d9452 Sunni civilian shot dead in Al Qadimah, Basrah 26 Jul 2006
d9431 Body of a female found shot dead in Azubayr Shaibah, Basrah 26 Jul 2006
d9430 Southern Oil Company employee shot dead in Basrah 26 Jul 2006
d4748 One in fire resulting from collision in US convoy, An Nasiriyah 26 Jul 2006
k3533c One body found shot, tortured, in Al-Sha'b, Baghdad 26 Jul 2006
k3533b One body found shot, tortured, in Al-Mansur, Baghdad 26 Jul 2006
k3533a Three bodies found shot, tortured, in Al-Durah, Baghdad 26 Jul 2006
d0510 Imam of Abu-Sayda mosque found shot dead, tortured, Al-Miqdadiyah 26 Jul 2006
d0509 Two bodies found shot dead, Abbarah area, NE of Ba'qubah 26 Jul 2006
d0047 Teacher, Eidan Jassem, killed in his car by MNF fire, Kirkuk 26 Jul 2006
d0040 Policeman killed by gunmen, Mosul 26 Jul 2006
d0039 Shop owner killed by gunmen, Diwaniya 26 Jul 2006
d0038 Police officer killed in attack, Ishaqi 26 Jul 2006
d0037 One assassinated by unknown gunmen, north Ba'qubah 26 Jul 2006
d0036 One assassinated by gunmen, Qatun 26 Jul 2006
d0035 Money exchange shop owner found beheaded, Al-Miqdadiyah 26 Jul 2006
x695 two brothers in the police by roadside bomb, SE Baghdad 26 Jul 2006