IBC page Latest incidents analysed Date
k4022 Water authority employee shot dead in Kirkuk 20 Sep 2006
k4021 9-10 by suicide car bomb in Samarra 20 Sep 2006
k4020 34 bodies found shot, tortured in Baghdad 20 Sep 2006
k4019 Policeman by mortar, Waziriya, Baghdad 20 Sep 2006
k4018 Body of policeman found in Kut 20 Sep 2006
k4017 Body found in Tigris in Suwayra 20 Sep 2006
d1574 Body of an Islamic Party member found shot dead, SW Falluja 19 Sep 2006-
21 Sep 2006
k4008 35 bodies found shot, tortured in Baghdad 19 Sep 2006-
20 Sep 2006
d10639 Body found shot dead near Ishaki, Salah Ad Din 19 Sep 2006
d9835 Body of a kidnapped woman found in Al Amarah 19 Sep 2006
d9565 College student shot dead in Basrah 19 Sep 2006
d5587 Body found shot dead in north Ramadi 19 Sep 2006
d5394 Woman shot dead by US forces near Mahmoudia 19 Sep 2006
d5299 Two shot dead at barber shop in Mosul 19 Sep 2006
d5294 One shot dead by US forces in Sadr City, Baghdad 19 Sep 2006
d1570 Brother of a former interpreter shot dead in Kufa 19 Sep 2006
d1569 Four bodies found shot dead, tortured, west of Falluja 19 Sep 2006
d0445 Body of one policeman found shot dead, 19 Sep 2006
d0399 Son of police colonel in assassination attempt, Buhruz 19 Sep 2006
d0398 One young man by US gunfire, Al-Fallujah 19 Sep 2006
d0397 Four in an attack on a civilian vehicle, Al-Khales 19 Sep 2006
d0396 One by mortar round, Abu Sayfeen neighborhood, central Baghdad 19 Sep 2006
x763 Communist party member and two bodyguards shot, Baghdad? 19 Sep 2006
x762 policeman at checkpoint, near Zayouna St., Baghdad 19 Sep 2006
k4016 11 bodies found in Mahmudiya 19 Sep 2006
k4015 Two by mortars in Mahmudiya 19 Sep 2006
k4014 Six shot dead around Baquba 19 Sep 2006
k4013 2 former Baath Party members in Najaf 19 Sep 2006
k4012 One by car bomb, Al-Rasheed, Baghdad 19 Sep 2006
k4011 Two by roadside bomb near Baquba 19 Sep 2006
k4010 Policeman shot dead in Baquba 19 Sep 2006
k4009 Ten by rockets, Dora, Baghdad 19 Sep 2006
k4007 Eleven by suicide car bomb, Sharqat 19 Sep 2006
k4005 2-7 by car bomb, Al-Amel, Baghdad 19 Sep 2006
d4672 Detainee beaten to death during interrogation, Haditha 18 Sep 2006-
1 Oct 2006
d1568 One shot dead in raid by UK forces, central Basra 18 Sep 2006-
19 Sep 2006
d9564 Body found in a house in Basrah 18 Sep 2006
d6753 Body found shot dead in Tel Abu Jarad area, Bayji 18 Sep 2006
d6725 Decapitated body found in Khan Bani Saad 18 Sep 2006
d5586 Body found shot dead in SW Ramadi 18 Sep 2006
d5585 Two bodies found shot dead south of Anah 18 Sep 2006
d5293 Detainee shot dead by US forces in north Baghdad 18 Sep 2006
d1566 Two shot dead by US forces in Anna 18 Sep 2006
d0450 Two severed heads and a body found, Baiji 18 Sep 2006
d0449 One woman shot dead by gunman on motorcycle, Baquba 18 Sep 2006
d0395 One former member of the Baath Party by gunmen, Hillah 18 Sep 2006
d0394 Three border guards by roadside bomb, near Kut 18 Sep 2006
d0391 Two by gunmen, Baquba 18 Sep 2006
d0392 One shot dead in attack on a market, central Baquba 18 Sep 2006
d0390 Two shot dead by armed group, Muqdadiyah 18 Sep 2006