IBC page Latest incidents analysed Date
k4486 Policeman shot dead in Tikrit 8 Nov 2006
k4485 8 in mortar attack, Sadr City, Baghdad 8 Nov 2006
k4500 29 bodies found shot, tortured in Baghdad 7 Nov 2006-
8 Nov 2006
d10471 Goverment official for train company in Basrah 7 Nov 2006
d9040 Two shot dead in Qibla region, Basrah 7 Nov 2006
d8998 Policeman shot dead in NW Fallujah 7 Nov 2006
d8511 Body found shot dead in Chok Chok village, Muqdadiyah 7 Nov 2006
d4995 One shot dead by Coaltion Forces in Basra 7 Nov 2006
d4477 Baby due to helicopter strike between Kirkuk and Tikrit 7 Nov 2006
d1631 Three police officers shot dead in Moqdadiya 7 Nov 2006
d1630 One policeman shot dead in Diwaniya 7 Nov 2006
d0715 Two students by a roadside bomb in Falluja 7 Nov 2006
k4483 One by mortar rounds in Basra 7 Nov 2006
k4482 8 bodies found shot, tortured in Tigris, Suwayra 7 Nov 2006
k4481 5-7 by mortar fire, Azamiyah, Baghdad 7 Nov 2006
k4480 3 by roadside bomb in Falluja 7 Nov 2006
k4479 Policeman shot dead in Kirkuk 7 Nov 2006
k4478 2 bodies, severed head found in Mahmudiya 7 Nov 2006
k4477 20-21 by suicide bomber, Greyat, Baghdad 7 Nov 2006
k4476 Man and son by roadside bomb in Iskandariyah 7 Nov 2006
k4475 Policeman shot dead in Samawa 7 Nov 2006
k4484 10 bodies found shot, tortured in Baghdad 6 Nov 2006-
7 Nov 2006
d10222 Bodyguard for the city council president shot dead in Samarra 6 Nov 2006
d8997 Police officer by IED near Mish`al, NE of Ubaydi 6 Nov 2006
d8996 Police officer by sniper fire in north Ramadi 6 Nov 2006
d8988 One in drive-by shooting in Kirkuk 6 Nov 2006
d8510 Body found near Al Hadid, north of Baqubah 6 Nov 2006
d8509 Two bodies found beheaded in Diyala River, south of Baqubah 6 Nov 2006
d5597 Female civilian by mortar rounds in south Fallujah 6 Nov 2006
d5357 One run over by MNF patrol in Al 'Ashar, Basrah 6 Nov 2006
d5100 One shot dead by Iraqi Army near Tikrit 6 Nov 2006
d3410 Four by mortar rounds in Adhamiya, Baghdad 6 Nov 2006
d1628 Three bodies found shot dead, tortured in Falluja 6 Nov 2006
d0713 Bodies of two men found with signs of torture, Hilla 6 Nov 2006
x864 two firefighter shot dead in eastern Baghdad 6 Nov 2006
d1629 One man shot dead in Maysan 5 Nov 2006-
6 Nov 2006
d9039 Kidnapped oil company employee found shot dead in Basra 5 Nov 2006
d9038 Woman shot dead in Basra 5 Nov 2006
d8508 Body found on a highway SW of Baqubah 5 Nov 2006
d5596 Child by mortar round in Saqlawiyah 5 Nov 2006
d1627 One interpreter for MNF shot dead in Diwaniya 5 Nov 2006
d1626 One government engineer shot dead in central Hilla 5 Nov 2006
d1625 One body found on Latifiya highway 5 Nov 2006
d1624 Two shot dead in car by US snipers, SW Falluja 5 Nov 2006
d0712 One truck driver by that exploded near his truck, Kirkuk 5 Nov 2006
d0709 Two by US helicopter strike, Balad 5 Nov 2006
x888 one by mortar round in Jisr Diyala area, S Baghdad 5 Nov 2006
x863 Woman killed by (previously outlawed) celebratory gunfire in Baghdad 5 Nov 2006
x843 Fifty bodies found, mostly in Baghdad 5 Nov 2006
k4474 3 by mortar fire, Adamiya, Baghdad 5 Nov 2006