IBC page Latest incidents analysed Date
k10033 One by roadside bomb, Beirut Square, east Baghdad 23 Feb 2008
k10032 Two police by roadside bomb south of Samarra 23 Feb 2008
k10030 Child in crossfire betwee US forces and gunmen, east Mosul 23 Feb 2008
k10029 Man in drive-by shooting in eastern Mosul 23 Feb 2008
k10027 Awakening Council leader and up to 2 aides by suicice bombers, Al-Shiha, north of Falluja 23 Feb 2008
k10026 Six police shot dead in Al-Saqlawiya, north of Falluja 23 Feb 2008
d10306 One murdered in Tilkeif Kada, north of Mosul 22 Feb 2008
k10024 Two bodies found in Baghdad 22 Feb 2008
k10023 One by car bomb near central market in Falluja 22 Feb 2008
k10022 4-6 by suicide bomber at mosque, Ameriyat al-Falluja 22 Feb 2008
k10021 Two police by car bomb in Tikrit 22 Feb 2008
k10020 Three by bomb in cart, Karrada, Baghdad 22 Feb 2008
k10019 Boy and two sisters shot dead in Khan Bani Saad 22 Feb 2008
k10018 Six-year-old boy by mortar round, Al-Abbara, Buhriz 22 Feb 2008
k10017 Two bodies found tortured and shot, Al-Buhayrat, Iskandariya 22 Feb 2008
d10305 Body found shot dead in Al Wahda neighborhood, Mosul 21 Feb 2008
d10071 Body found in Al Muhandiseen area, Al Qiblah, Basra 21 Feb 2008
d10070 Body found on Al Sha'abiyah Way, Al Zubair sector, Basrah 21 Feb 2008
d10069 Bodies of two females found in Al Zubair sector, Basrah 21 Feb 2008
d10068 Body found in Al Baladiyat area, Al Zubair sector, Basrah 21 Feb 2008
d9681 Two by IED near Tharthar Canal, NW of Karmah 21 Feb 2008
d6830 Policeman found shot dead in Maysan province 21 Feb 2008
d6404 Man shot dead in drive-by shooting near Diwaniya 21 Feb 2008
k9515d One body found in Amil, Baghdad 21 Feb 2008
k9515c One body found in Tobchi, Baghdad 21 Feb 2008
k9515b Two bodies found in Waziriyah, Baghdad 21 Feb 2008
k9515a One body found in Palestine Street, Baghdad 21 Feb 2008
k9522 Policeman shot dead in Waziriyah, north Baghdad 21 Feb 2008
k9521 Ministry of Transport truck driver shot dead, al-Buhaira Square, Sadr City, Baghdad 21 Feb 2008
k9520 Polliceman shot dead in Numaniya 21 Feb 2008
k9519 Two in attack on contracor vehicle in Basra 21 Feb 2008
k9518 Nine bodies found in Al-Ouhaimar Field, near Baquba 21 Feb 2008
k9517 Fifteen bodies found shot dead in Al-Tabi, near Baquba 21 Feb 2008
k9516 Man by car bomb in market, south of Falluja 21 Feb 2008
k9514 Driver of Fallujah Brigade commander by roadside bomb, south of Falluja 21 Feb 2008
d10304 One murdered in Al Yabesat area, Mosul 20 Feb 2008
d9680 Sons of Iraq member shot dead at checkpoint north of Ishaki 20 Feb 2008
d8154 Sons of Iraq leader shot dead in Owesat area, SW of Baghdad 20 Feb 2008
d6829 Fisherman murdered in Al Buttat area, Maysan province 20 Feb 2008
k15870 Contractor shot dead in Hai al Noor, Al-Hamdaniya 20 Feb 2008
k9547c One body found shot dead in Waziriyah, Baghdad 20 Feb 2008
k9547b One body found shot dead in Baladiyat, Baghdad 20 Feb 2008
k9547a Two bodies found shot dead in Saidiyah, Baghdad 20 Feb 2008
k9550 Policewoman shot dead in market in east Mosul 20 Feb 2008
k9549 One by car bomb, Ghazaliya, west Baghdad 20 Feb 2008
k9548 Four police shot dead in Ras al-Koor, Mosul 20 Feb 2008
k9544 6-7 by suicide bomber in market in Muqdadiya 20 Feb 2008
k9543 Woman and daughter by car bomb in Tal Afar 20 Feb 2008
d9682 Body of a kidnap victim found near Tikrit, Salah Ad Din 19 Feb 2008-
23 Feb 2008
d10066 Body of a medical student found shot dead in Basrah 19 Feb 2008