IBC page Latest incidents analysed Date
d0197 Two killed by car bomb, Kirkuk 7 Aug 2006
x730 Interior Ministry officer shot, E Baghdad 7 Aug 2006
x703 Two bodies found in W Baghdad 7 Aug 2006
k3622 Two shot dead in Muqdadiya 7 Aug 2006
k3621 9-10 by suicide bomber in Samarra 7 Aug 2006
k3620 Six by roadside bomb in Falluja 7 Aug 2006
k3619 Journalist found shot dead, east Baghdad 7 Aug 2006
k3618 Journalist shot dead, Al-Adil, Baghdad 7 Aug 2006
k3617 3-4 by roadside bomb near Khalis 7 Aug 2006
k3616 One by bomb in market, Khan Bani Saad 7 Aug 2006
k3615 One by car bomb in Bani Saad 7 Aug 2006
k3614 Body of kidnapped policeman found in Baghdad morgue 7 Aug 2006
k3613 Three in airstrike, shooting, Sadr City 7 Aug 2006
k3612 Two killed at barber's, Jadida, Baghdad 7 Aug 2006
k3611 Two police shot dead in Mosul 7 Aug 2006
d9465 One in tribal fighting in Al Medayna region, NW of Basra 6 Aug 2006
d6768 Unidentified body found in Mosul 6 Aug 2006
d6767 Body found in a parking lot in Mosul 6 Aug 2006
d6766 Body of a Sunni man found shot dead in Mosul 6 Aug 2006
d6759 Severed head and body of a man found in Bayji 6 Aug 2006
d5575 Body found SE of Hit 6 Aug 2006
k3609d Nine bodies found shot, tortured, in Baghdad 6 Aug 2006
k3609c One body found shot, tortured, in Shula, Baghdad 6 Aug 2006
k3609b One body found shot, tortured, in Ghazaliya, Baghdad 6 Aug 2006
k3609a Two bodies found shot, tortured, in Dora, Baghdad 6 Aug 2006
d1108 Four shot dead in Al-Muqdadiya marketplace 6 Aug 2006
d0968 One by minibus bomb in Jadeeda, eastern Baghdad 6 Aug 2006
d0203 Two police killed during clashes, Al-Suwayb, SW Baghdad 6 Aug 2006
d0196 Court employee and two traders killed by gunmen, Al-Diwaniyah 6 Aug 2006
d0195 One man killed by coalition forces, north of Beiji 6 Aug 2006
d0194 One killed by gunmen, Hibhib 6 Aug 2006
d0193 One killed by gunmen, Al-Miqdadiyah 6 Aug 2006
d0192 One killed by gunmen, Al-Mafraq, western Ba'aqubah 6 Aug 2006
d0191 One killed by gunmen, Al-Qatun 6 Aug 2006
d0190 One killed in indiscriminate army gunfire, Buhruz 6 Aug 2006
d0189 Two police killed in attack on their patrol, Al-Khalis 6 Aug 2006
d0187 Sheikh Ali Hussein Shalash shot dead, Falluja 6 Aug 2006
x702 Gov. security guard shot by sniper, S Baghdad 6 Aug 2006
k3610 2-4 truck drivers near Ishaqi 6 Aug 2006
k3608 Policeman shot dead in Amarah 6 Aug 2006
k3606 14-15 by suicide bomber in Tikrit 6 Aug 2006
d0537 Four bodies found in Al-Khalis 5 Aug 2006-
6 Aug 2006
d10207 Three bodies found in Al Mahawil 5 Aug 2006
d9464 Systems protection officer shot dead in Basra 5 Aug 2006
d9463 One shot dead in Al Jumhuriya region, Basrah 5 Aug 2006
d4431 Woman shot dead by US forces in Ramadi 5 Aug 2006
k3602b Four bodies found shot, tortured, in Baghdad 5 Aug 2006
k3602a Five bodies found shot, tortured, in Baladiyat, eastern Baghdad 5 Aug 2006
d0538 Two bodies found shot in the head, Buhruz 5 Aug 2006
d0493 One male body found stabbed to death, Al-Aziziyah 5 Aug 2006