IBC page Latest incidents analysed Date
k9355 Two women by female suicide bomber, Amariyah, Baghdad 29 Jan 2008
k9354 Two by roadside bomb in Karrada, Baghdad 29 Jan 2008
k9353 Two brothers, Awakening Council members, shot dead in Doura, Baghdad 29 Jan 2008
k9352 Member of Awakening Council by suicide car bomb, Thiraa' Dijla 29 Jan 2008
k9351 Boy by roadside bomb in Al-Mansour, Baghdad 29 Jan 2008
k9350 Man shot dead in Iskandariya 29 Jan 2008
k9349 One by suicide car bomb, Al-Thubbat, Mosul 29 Jan 2008
k9348 Nine bodies and 10 severed heads found shot dead near Muqdadiya 29 Jan 2008
k9347 Five by roadside bomb, Sayyidiyah, Baghdad 29 Jan 2008
k9345 TV cameraman and driver by roadside bomb near Balad 29 Jan 2008
k9344 Three schoolgirls by roadside bomb, al-Huija al-Bahriya, near Duluya 29 Jan 2008
d6809 One by IED in South Kanaan, Diyala 28 Jan 2008
d6797 One murdered in Hay Al Misak, Mosul 28 Jan 2008
k9342b One body found shot dead in Baladiyat, Baghdad 28 Jan 2008
k9342a One body found shot dead in Doura, Baghdad 28 Jan 2008
k9343 Three by roadside bomb, Ghadeer, east Baghdad 28 Jan 2008
k9341 Two police shot in car south of Mosul 28 Jan 2008
k9340 Head of Sabaa al-Bour Awakening Council by bomb in car, Taji, north Baghdad 28 Jan 2008
d9665 Female corpse found near Muqdadiyah, Diyala 27 Jan 2008-
1 Feb 2008
d10553 Electricity directorate employee in Al Qublah area, Basrah 27 Jan 2008
k9336d One body found tortured and shot in Bayaa, Baghdad 27 Jan 2008
k9336c One body found tortured and shot in Amil, Baghdad 27 Jan 2008
k9336b One body found tortured and shot in Sadr City, Baghdad 27 Jan 2008
k9336a One body found tortured and shot in Qahira, Baghdad 27 Jan 2008
k9339 One shot dead in Eitha, Bani Sa'ad 27 Jan 2008
k9337 Four bodies found shot dead in Shirween, Muqdadiya 27 Jan 2008
k9338 Body of kidnapped tribal leader found shot dead in Basra 26 Jan 2008-
27 Jan 2008
d6820 12-year-old girl killed in Al Thgher area, Basrah 26 Jan 2008
k9335 Bodyguard of Diyala governor by roadside bomb in Abu Saida 26 Jan 2008
k9334 Young Kurdish man found shot dead in Sulaimaniyah 26 Jan 2008
k9333 Man shot dead in central Kirkuk 26 Jan 2008
k9332 Policeman by roadside bomb in Muqdadiya 26 Jan 2008
k9330 One shot dead on Mua'skar al-Rasheed highway, south Baghdad 26 Jan 2008
k9329 Man by roadside bomb in Balad 26 Jan 2008
k9328 Policeman shot dead, Bab al Sharqi, Baghdad 26 Jan 2008
k9327 Body found shot dead in Dora, south Baghdad 26 Jan 2008
k9326 Leader of 'concerned citizen' group by bomb in car, north Baghdad 26 Jan 2008
k9325 Former municipal worker, and 2 or 3 relatives stabbed, throats cut, Talibiya, Baghdad 26 Jan 2008
d10338 Body found in Basrah 25 Jan 2008
d10291 Police officer by IED in Bab Al Sarray area, Tal Afar 25 Jan 2008
k9331 Worker from Karbala found shot dead, Qora Dagh, near Sulaimaniyah 25 Jan 2008
k9324 Three bodies found shot dead near Saqlawiya, north of Falluja 25 Jan 2008
k9323 Two bodies found tortured and shot in Saidiyah, Baghdad 25 Jan 2008
k9322 Aide to al-Sadr shot dead in Al-Jam'iyah, Najaf 25 Jan 2008
k9321 Man by roadside bomb in Abu Saida 25 Jan 2008
d10290 One shot dead in east Mosul 24 Jan 2008
d6819 One killed in a taxi near the Iranian Consulate in Basrah 24 Jan 2008
d6805 Body found in Al Suwairah area 24 Jan 2008
k9315b One body found shot dead in Ma'amil, Baghdad 24 Jan 2008
k9315a Two bodies found shot dead in Doura, Baghdad 24 Jan 2008