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IBC page Latest incidents analysed Date
d0068 Policeman shot dead in Amara 22 Jul 2006
d0067 One child killed in mortar shell attacks, Talaafar 22 Jul 2006
d0064 Nader Nasser, translator for US-led forces abducted and killed, Kut 22 Jul 2006
x692 one kille dby mortar in Ur district, Baghdad 22 Jul 2006
k3500 Seven by roadside bomb in Baquba 22 Jul 2006
k3499 Three police killed in Baquba market 22 Jul 2006
k3498 One by roadside bomb, east Baghdad 22 Jul 2006
k3497 Man shot dead in Mosul 22 Jul 2006
k3496 7 Shiite construction workers, Khadra, Baghdad 22 Jul 2006
k3495 Four by mortars in Amil, Baghdad 22 Jul 2006
d9428 Body found shot dead in Basrah 21 Jul 2006
d9427 One shot dead in Basrah 21 Jul 2006
d5567 Body found north of Ramadi 21 Jul 2006
d3490 Two shot dead in Al Mufoqiya region, Basrah 21 Jul 2006
d0518 Three bodies of Iraqi soldiers found north of Falluja 21 Jul 2006
d0517 Five bodies of kidnap victims found, Muqdadiya 21 Jul 2006
d0073 Police officer and a civilian shot dead it separate attacks, Muqdadiya 21 Jul 2006
d0066 One policeman gunned down, centre of Mosul 21 Jul 2006
x672 three policemen in clashes with armed men, Baghdad 21 Jul 2006
k3494 One by roadside bomb at mosque, Khalis 21 Jul 2006
k3493 Headless body found, southern Kirkuk 21 Jul 2006
k3492 One by roadside bomb, New Baghdad 21 Jul 2006
k3491 4 bodies found tortured, shot, in Baghdad 21 Jul 2006
k3490 Christian Education Ministry official, Dora, Baghdad 21 Jul 2006
k3489 5 police by suicide car bomb, nr. Falluja 21 Jul 2006
k3488 Three police in clashes in Mahmudiya 21 Jul 2006
k3487 5-7 in family killed in US airstrike in Baquba 21 Jul 2006
d10206 Five members of a displaced family shot dead in SW Mosul 20 Jul 2006
d4977 One shot dead by US Marines NW of Baghdadi 20 Jul 2006
d2710 Ten shop owners and vendors shot dead in Baghdad 20 Jul 2006
d0956 Two bodies found shot dead near Balad 20 Jul 2006
d0737 One policeman killed, Diwaniya 20 Jul 2006
d0519 Body of a translator for U.S. forces found near Tikrit 20 Jul 2006
d0077 Three shot dead, including one police officer, Irbil 20 Jul 2006
d0076 Taxi driver found dead, Numaniya 20 Jul 2006
d0075 Policeman kidnapped and killed, Falluja 20 Jul 2006
d0072 Three oil refinery engineers killed by gunmen, Baiji 20 Jul 2006
d0071 Taxi driver/former Baath Party member by gunmen, Diwaniya 20 Jul 2006
d0065 Two lorry drivers killed by unidentified gunmen, Al-Miqdadiyah, E. Ba'qubah 20 Jul 2006
x691 six people incl. three police by car bomb, Baladiyat, Baghdad 20 Jul 2006
x671 one civilian in clashes between police and gunmen, S Baghdad 20 Jul 2006
k3486 Former Baath Party member in Kerbala 20 Jul 2006
k3485 Policeman shot dead in Tikrit 20 Jul 2006
k3483 Twelve by car bomb in Baiji, plus corpse in car 20 Jul 2006
k3482 Six by car bomb in Kirkuk 20 Jul 2006
k3481 Three by car bomb in Shorja market, Baghdad 20 Jul 2006
k3480 Three by car bomb in Shula, Baghdad 20 Jul 2006
k3479 2 by roadside bomb, Palestine, St., Baghdad 20 Jul 2006
d0050 Two policeman by explosive device east of Ba'qubah 19 Jul 2006-
21 Jul 2006
k3484 38 bodies found shot, tortured, in Baghdad 19 Jul 2006-
20 Jul 2006