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IBC page Date Name or personal identifier Age Sex Location Occupation
k19999-dc2541 1 Oct 2013 Daughter of army captain Unrecorded Female Tuz Khurmato
k19992-bc2420 1 Oct 2013 Maan al-Hayali Adult Male Arabi, north Mosul Iraqi army officer, retired
m2303-eu2821 21 Sep 2013 Awfi Zidane Adult Male Zgiton, Riyadh, southwest of Kirkuk Local government official
m2299-bk2855 21 Sep 2013 Abu Ammar Adult Male Adhamiya, north Baghdad Awakening Council member
m2296-xm2921 20 Sep 2013 Ali Enaad al-Iraqi Adult Male Al-Wehda, Mosul Sports official
m2291-fn2714 20 Sep 2013 Abdul God Aljcami Adult Male Zubayr, Basra Tribal leader
m2261-fv2861 17 Sep 2013 Ali Kamil or Ali Ahmed Kamel or Mohammed Kamil Adult Male Shaab, northeast Baghdad Provincial ministry official
m2247-ks2833 16 Sep 2013 Farouk Abdel Hafez Unrecorded Male Abu Alkhseed or Mhajeran, Basra Market trader
m2245-sc2758 16 Sep 2013 Abu Mazen Khowaiter or Abu Mazen Khwaiter 70 Male Zubair or Kut, Basra Grocer
m2244-eu2829 16 Sep 2013 Abdul Wahab Diab Atallah Unrecorded Male Muwafaqiya, 23 km south of Kut
m2231-zc2891 15 Sep 2013 Salah Adult Male Baquba General Hospital Detainee
m2225-dc2805 15 Sep 2013 Kamel Hamid Adult Male Rashid or Madaen, south Baghdad Awakening Council member
m2185-ck2496 12 Sep 2013 - 13 Sep 2013 Khalaf Hameed or Khalaf Hamid Adult Male Shora, south of Mosul Municipal official
m2189-uc2884 12 Sep 2013 Salah al-Turki Adult Male Awja, south of Tikrit
m2189-hs2500 12 Sep 2013 Neda Hamza Hussein Adult Male Awja, south of Tikrit
m2187-hm2558 12 Sep 2013 Shawki al-Dulaimi Adult Male near al-Hadeed, northwest of Baquba Imam
m2176-su2532 12 Sep 2013 Aiden Moussa Adult Male central Kirkuk Intelligence officer
m2170-nz2622 11 Sep 2013 Mohamed Hussein Kadhim or Mohammed Hossein Kazem or Hussein Kadhim Adult Male central Mada'in, 30 km south of Baghdad Ministry official
m2167-xb2483 11 Sep 2013 Aydin Musa al-Bayati Adult Male Kirkuk Security official
m2164-ka2444 11 Sep 2013 Hikmat Nasser Adult Male Aldrickzleh, Mosul Furniture shop owner
m2163-nf2479 11 Sep 2013 Muhannad al-Mawsili Adult Male Al-Jameaa, north Mosul Car salesman
m2155-xa2469 11 Sep 2013 Natiq Yassin Adult Male in front of al-Sibailat Mosque in Abu al-Khasib, southeast of Basra Imam
m2158-vn2519 10 Sep 2013 - 11 Sep 2013 Essam Abdel Mohsen Adult Male central Kana'an, 20 km east of Baquba Sunni Endowment official
m2151-vm2521 10 Sep 2013 Imad Ali Abbass Adult Male Shurta or Majmou'a Thaqafiya, north Mosul Journalist
m2128-fm2424 9 Sep 2013 Khataf Abdul Karim al-Janabi or Kattab al-Janabi Unrecorded Male Sineeg village, Jurf al-Sakhar