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IBC page Date Name or personal identifier Age Sex Location Occupation
a6135-sr3517 31 Jan 2017 father of dead male Adult Male Hay Al-Malayeen, east Mosul
a6109-nd3492 30 Jan 2017 family members Unrecorded Unknown Hay Al-Shurta, east Mosul
a6122-nz3686 29 Jan 2017 Hamid Khalaf, son of Hajia 35 Male east Mosul
a6121-hx3481 28 Jan 2017 Dr Muhsin Sadiq Adult Male Dawrat al-Sihaa, west Mosul Morgue director
a6121-fn3666 28 Jan 2017 Farooq Hameed Adult Male Dawrat al-Sihaa, west Mosul Imam
a6118-bc3500 28 Jan 2017 daughter of dead couple Child Female Rasheediya, northeast Mosul
a6118-hr3485 28 Jan 2017 wife of dead man Adult Female Rasheediya, northeast Mosul
a6118-bu3670 28 Jan 2017 husband of dead woman Adult Male Rasheediya, northeast Mosul
a6151-ks3537 26 Jan 2017 Nemat Ezzat Saheb Adult Male Souq Haraj, central Kirkuk Shop owner
a6192-fz3487 25 Jan 2017 Alaa Al-Din (Abu Hafsa) Adult Male Badush, west of Mosul Islamic State of Iraq member
a6190-fv3565 25 Jan 2017 brother of IS member Unrecorded Male Anah, west of Anbar
a6173-bv3553 22 Jan 2017 A.A.SH. Unrecorded Female Hay al-Ghadeer, Nasriyah
a6323-bh3544 21 Jan 2017 - 21 Feb 2017 Abu Baker Abbas Yasin Al-Samarae/Abbas Yasin Hussein Adult Male Al-Nukhayb, southwest of Ramadi Border patrol officer
a6323-nh3561 21 Jan 2017 - 21 Feb 2017 Ali Al-Daraji Adult Male Al-Nukhayb, southwest of Ramadi Border police
a6090-zc3563 21 Jan 2017 Mustafa Hashim Mustafa Said Ahmed al-Rawi Unrecorded Male al-Roomiyah village, Al-Moheet street, near Al Qa'im Customs, Al Qa'im, west of Anbar
a6089-xn3481 21 Jan 2017 Mohammad Elias Khideral-Naimi Unrecorded Male Rasheediya, north Mosul
a6089-vc3666 21 Jan 2017 Zaid Sinan Abdul Latif 2 Male Rasheediya, north Mosul
a6089-xh3539 21 Jan 2017 Zahra Sinan Abdul Latif 4-5 Female Rasheediya, north Mosul
a6089-vu3496 21 Jan 2017 Maryem Sinan Abdul Latif 12 Female Rasheediya, north Mosul
a6089-dc3477 21 Jan 2017 Iman Khalid Mohammed 32 Female Rasheediya, north Mosul
a6089-ur3678 21 Jan 2017 Rania Raed Mohammed Hassan 1 Female Rasheediya, north Mosul
a6089-dm3543 21 Jan 2017 Shamsah Jasim Hassan Ali 39 Female Rasheediya, north Mosul
a6089-ed3492 21 Jan 2017 Jasim Mohammed Hassan Ali 40 Male Rasheediya, north Mosul
a6089-sx3473 21 Jan 2017 Zahra Ibrahem Ali Jumah 63 Female Rasheediya, north Mosul
a6084-sd3547 20 Jan 2017 grandson of dead old man Unrecorded Male Bab Al-Toob, central Mosul