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IBC page Date Name or personal identifier Age Sex Location Occupation
k3828-dh618 31 Aug 2006 Wajeeh Thirar Hneyfish Adult Male Ramadi Air force officer, Former
k3827-eh417 31 Aug 2006 Kamil Shateb Adult Male Mahaweel or Kut Intelligence officer, former
d2220-bv1041 30 Aug 2006 Ahmed Husain Al-Ubaidi Adult Male near Al-Khadra Apartments, Mosul Student
k3819-ua483 30 Aug 2006 Hadi Shakir Adult Male Al-Tahrir neighbourhood, Mosul
k3816-sb614 30 Aug 2006 Brothers Adult Male Numaniya
k3812-za606 30 Aug 2006 Nadiya Mohammed Hassan, Adult Female Al-Shurtah, Baghdad Ministry official
k3805-ev424 30 Aug 2006 Arkan? Adult Male Shorja market, Baghdad Street vendor
k3805-sz413 30 Aug 2006 Falah? Adult Male Shorja market, Baghdad Street vendor
k3805-zv598 30 Aug 2006 Um Satar Adult Female Shorja market, Baghdad Street vendor
k3805-sv463 30 Aug 2006 Hussam Abdul Kareem 25 Male Shorja market, Baghdad Street vendor
k3805-hs444 30 Aug 2006 Hassan, brother of Mohammed Adult Male Shorja market, Baghdad Street vendor
k3805-fz383 30 Aug 2006 Mohammed ? Adult Male Shorja market, Baghdad Street vendor
k3804-bw387 30 Aug 2006 Teba Aodi Jasim 4-7 Female RTE Lakers or RTE Clippers, Samarra
d9536-xd2670 29 Aug 2006 Mithaq Tawfiq Al Qatrani Unrecorded Male Basrah
d9534-hv2539 29 Aug 2006 Shakey Dehesh Mohammed Al Derajy Unrecorded Unknown Basrah
d9532-ks2465 29 Aug 2006 Mustafa Ghali Nasser Al Khurasan Unrecorded Male Basrah
d9529-vs2483 29 Aug 2006 Majed Fakher Al Saleh Adult Male Basrah Oil company employee
x722-zm753 29 Aug 2006 Sheikh Qusai al-Ramah, the prayer and sermon leader of the Malahawesh Mosque Adult Male 'as he stepped out of the mosque in Baghdad's al-Jamaa district' Cleric, Sunni
k3799-bz395 29 Aug 2006 Brothers Adult Male Baquba
k3799-bv449 29 Aug 2006 Son of man killed Unrecorded Male Baquba
k3794-nh441 29 Aug 2006 Fa'ez Al-Taeiy Adult Male Domairz, southeast Mosul Iraqi soldier, Former
d2219-hc1119 28 Aug 2006 Hussain Mohamed Saleh Adult Male Al-Nahrawan district, Mosul Electoral Commission employee
k3825-ef491 27 Aug 2006 - 31 Aug 2006 Turkey al-Duleimi Adult Male Samarra Judge
d1541-uz701 27 Aug 2006 - 28 Aug 2006 Kareem Hasan / Kareem Hussien Hassan Mohammed Albekhetawy Adult Male Al-Mishraq district, central Basra
d9531-nm2666 27 Aug 2006 Wanis Nadeir Mohammad Al Shenan Adult Male Basrah