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IBC page Date Name or personal identifier Age Sex Location Occupation
x550-bw443 13 May 2006 - 14 May 2006 (all brothers) Adult Male Kerbala Aid worker
d9126-zn2664 13 May 2006 Najah Mahdi Murtadha Unrecorded Female Basra City, Basra
d9125-hn2544 13 May 2006 Belgees Hassan / Belkeys Hassan Adult Female Basra City, Basra
d9125-fe2635 13 May 2006 Hameed Ubaid / Hamid Ubeed Adult Male Basra City, Basra Petrochemical company employee
d7775-hf2322 13 May 2006 Zaki Saeed Dafarr Abd Al Mamouri Adult Male Route Spade, Abbas Al `Abid, near Iskandariyah
x562-fm424 13 May 2006 Ali Abdul Ameer Ali Adult Male Doura, Baghdad Police, former
x544-bz435 13 May 2006 Idris Shahata Nasser Adult Male Al-Amn district, Mosul Tribal leader
d4382-hm1582 12 May 2006 Ibrahim Abd Ibrahim Al-Battawe 57 Male RTE Michigan, Az Zarkan, Abu Graib area
d2129-ea1080 12 May 2006 Iyad Walid Adult Male Ba'qubah Police captain
d2127-xe1023 12 May 2006 Mohammed Nasser Adult Male near Mahmudiya Baathist official, former
x569-hx425 12 May 2006 Lt. Oras Habib Adult Male Baghdad Police
x556-nb606 12 May 2006 son of Sheikh Majid Zhafer al-Saadi Unrecorded Male Balad Ruz
x556-dh578 12 May 2006 Sheikh Majid Zhafer al-Saadi Adult Male Balad Ruz Tribal leader, Shiite
x555-eh393 12 May 2006 son of Sunni cleric Khalil Jaber Unrecorded Male al-Adhary mosque in central Basra
x555-df376 12 May 2006 Khalil Jaber Adult Male al-Adhary mosque in central Basra Cleric, Sunni
x543-bv377 12 May 2006 Ahmed Midhat al-Mahmoud 22 Male near Anbar mosque, Azamiyah, Baghdad Lawyer
x540-fb590 12 May 2006 Kamal Jalal Hassan Adult Male Kirkuk Political party official
d9124-hf2506 11 May 2006 Majed Abdalhameed Saleh Unrecorded Male Al Amanal Dakhily and Shia Flats area, Basra City, Basra
d6028-xf2126 11 May 2006 Yaseer Salman Dao'od Adult Male north of Muqdadiyah
d6024-vn1991 11 May 2006 Abdul Hadi Mohamad / Abdul Hader Muhamed Ahmed Salir Unrecorded Male Hayy Al Asri area of Khalis
x567-xv618 11 May 2006 Lt.Colonel Yaseen Jamal Hussein Adult Male Kirkuk Police chief
x566-kr487 11 May 2006 Dr. Khalaf al-Jumaili Adult Male Fallujah University professor
k3034-uc492 11 May 2006 Firas Mohammed Adult Male Mansour, western Baghdad Judge
k3033-fz447 11 May 2006 Widad al-Shaml Adult Female Baquba Teacher
k3032-sx2649 10 May 2006 Ibrahim Al-Aboshama Adult Male Al-Zubeyr, near Basra Tribal leader