IBC page Date Name or personal identifier Age Sex Location Occupation
d0415-ck864 27 Sep 2006 Captain Fathi Ahmed Adult Male Mosul Police, traffic
x775-fd788 27 Sep 2006 [friend of Power station employee] Adult Unknown 'while driving through' the Dora district, Baghdad
k4096-bd373 27 Sep 2006 Jameel Abbas or Mijbal Abbas Adult Male Rasheed Street, Baghdad Police
k4092-xb435 27 Sep 2006 Unborn child of sister-in-law of Enaam Jassim Mohammed Baby Unknown Qaton, Baquba
k4092-xm377 27 Sep 2006 Sister-in-law of Enaam Jassim Mohammed Adult Female Qaton, Baquba
k4092-ka396 27 Sep 2006 Mother of Enaam Jassim Mohammed Adult Female Qaton, Baquba
d9578-kv2537 26 Sep 2006 - 27 Sep 2006 son of Safia Jabar Hussain Jaffer / Safia Jabbar Hussein Child Male Ad Dayr area, Basrah
d9578-xv2594 26 Sep 2006 - 27 Sep 2006 Safia Jabar Hussain Jaffer / Safia Jabbar Hussein Adult Female Ad Dayr area, Basrah
d9577-kr2463 26 Sep 2006 Habri Sholi Kadhem Unrecorded Male Basrah
d9576-kn2541 26 Sep 2006 Murtada Abdul Latif Unrecorded Male Basrah
x774-fb750 26 Sep 2006 Namat Al-Yassin or Nima al-Yaseen, cousin of Muqtada al-Sadr Adult Female 'in her car near her home in Amariyah', Baghdad Doctor
d6735-vm2345 25 Sep 2006 brothers Adult Male NW of Ba'qubah
d0414-bw795 25 Sep 2006 Adan Khudeyer Abbas Adult Male Baldroze Medic
d0414-xk666 25 Sep 2006 Mohammad Kadhem Adult Male Baldroze Ambulance driver
k4068-ef475 24 Sep 2006 - 25 Sep 2006 Sameer Hazim Adult Male Baiji Police
d9574-db2546 24 Sep 2006 Khudair Al-Kuraidy Adult Male near Al Watlda School, Al Abilla region, Basrah
d0411-kf662 24 Sep 2006 Najih Chthier Shalash Adult Male main road between Balad and Yathrib
k4055-zw413 24 Sep 2006 Son of Najm Abdullah Massoud al-Issawi 23 Male al-Askari, Fallujah Student
k4055-sf428 24 Sep 2006 Najm Abdullah Massoud al-Issawi or Najim Abdulla Suod 50-59 Male al-Askari, Fallujah Municipal official
d9573-eb2489 23 Sep 2006 Samr Salman Jaber Al Mousawy Adult Male Basrah
k4053-xa421 23 Sep 2006 Eman ? Adult Female Sadr City, Baghdad
k4053-ue610 23 Sep 2006 Child of dead mother Baby Unknown Sadr City, Baghdad
k4053-dv483 23 Sep 2006 Mother Adult Female Sadr City, Baghdad
k4050-sz429 23 Sep 2006 Fadhel Al-Bousabei or Fadhil Abu Seybi Adult Male Al-Hanana, Najaf Tribal leader, Shiite
k4046-hs460 23 Sep 2006 smaiel Chehayyan or Ismail Jihayan Adult Male Al-Zuhur, Tikrit Police