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Who has used IBC, and for what? Here are the main categories of use, with examples of each.

Uses of IBC by inter-governmental organisations

The European Union

IBC data is integrated with other open-source data on Iraq by the Institute for the Protection and Security of the Citizen, which is a research unit within the European Union’s Joint Research Centre. The Institute uses such data to update a “Global Atlas in Support of Crisis Management”.

International Criminal Court (ICC)

Iraq Body Count provided evidence to the Office of the Prosecutor ICC in relation to investigations of potential war crimes committed in Iraq by states bound by the jurisdiction of the court. The judgement of the Prosecutor dated 9th February 2006 cites IBC data (PDF).

1 Published on this website under the title How can the utility of press reports be assessed? 1 Nov 2007.

The World Health Organisation (WHO)

IBC is a member of the WHO “Ad-hoc expert group on Mortality Estimates for Iraq” and gave an invited presentation entitled “Iraq Body Count; an assessment” at the inaugural meeting of the group, Geneva, May 2007.1

IBC data was used to estimate relative death rates in missing clusters to augment a household survey conducted by WHO and COSIT, “Violence-Related Mortality in Iraq from 2002 to 2006” (New England Journal of Medicine, 2008)