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Who has used IBC, and for what? Here are the main categories of use, with examples of each.

How has Iraq Body Count’s work been used by others?

On most days, there are thousands of individual visits to the IBC website. This is our primary indicator of the level of continuing public concern about Iraqi deaths. Such concern persists even when Iraq is not at the top of the news agenda. People use the site to be better informed.

We only learn what other uses are made of our work when individuals or organisations contact us directly, or publish material which refers to IBC.

From what we know, Iraq Body Count work has been used for two main purposes.

  1. First, specific casualty information derived from the IBC database has informed analysis, comment, and advocacy in relation to the current conflict in Iraq.
  2. Second, significant references to the IBC project have been made in wider ongoing discussions about the ethical, legal, and methodological aspects of monitoring casualties of conflict, in Iraq and elsewhere.

The main categories of user are listed below, with examples of use in each category.