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IBC Sources list

Sources used by Iraq Body Count

Last update: 29 July 2013

IBC Abbreviation Media, NGO or official source
AAP Australian Associated Press
ABC[AU] Australian Broadcasting Corporation
ACLU American Civil Liberties Union
ADT (Australian) Daily Telegraph
AFP Agence France-Presse
AFR Australian Financial Review
AI Amnesty International
AIN All Iraq News [Arabic]
AKI ADN Kronos International
AKnews AK News, Kurdistan News Agency
Al-Adalah Al-Adalah
Al-Alam TV Al-Alam TV
Al-Arab Al Arabiya TV
Al-Bawaba Al-Bawaba
Al-Bayan Al-Bayan
Al-Bayy Al-Bayyinah
Al-Furat Al-Furat
Al-Iraq Al-Iraqiya
Al-Istiq Al-Istiqamah
Al-Ittihad Al-Ittihad
Al-Jaz Al Jazeera (Web)
Al-Jaz TV Al Jazeera TV
Al-Mada Al-Mada
Al-Manarah Al-Manarah
Al-Mashriq Al-Mashriq
Al-Mu'tamar Al Mutmar newspaper
Al-Muwatin Al-Muwatin
Al-Sabah al-Jadid Al-Sabah al-Jadid
Al-Shar Al Sharqiyah TV
Al-Sum Al-Sumaria TV
ALT Alternet
Al-Taakhi Al-Taakhi
Al-Zaman Al-Zaman
AN Arab News
Anatolia Anatolia News Agency/Anadolu Agency
ANSA ANSA News Agency
AP Associated Press
Arab N Arab News
Arabic N Arabic News
ASB As-Sabah
Asharq Al A Asharq Al Awsat
AT Arab Times
Atl JC Atlanta Journal-Constitution
AUS The Australian
Azzaman Azzaman
BaltSun The Baltimore Sun
B-berg Bloomberg
BG Boston Globe
Bill Gaz Billings Gazette
BNA Bahrain News Agency
BT Bahrain Times
CBC Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
CCT Contra Costa Times
CD China Daily
CentCom Central Command
CNA Channel News Asia
CNN Cable News Network
COX Cox News Service
CPC Charleston Post and Courier
CSM Christian Science Monitor
CT Chicago Tribune
Dar al-Salam Dar al-Salam
DM Daily Mirror (UK)
DPA Deutsche Presse-Agentur
DT(AU) Daily Telegraph (Australia)
Daily Star The Daily Star (Lebanon)
eTN eTaiwan News
EXP Expatica (NL)
FNA FOCUS News Agency
Forbes Forbes
Fox Fox News
FT Financial Times
G and M Globe and Mail
Gali Kurdistan Gali Kurdistan
GCN Gay City News
GDN Gulf Daily News
GN Gulf News
GUA The Guardian
Hi Pak Hi Pakistan
HRW Human Rights Watch
HT Hindustan Times
IE Indian Express
IER Irish Examiner
IFJ International Federation of Journalists
IHT International Herald Tribune
IMN Iraq MediaNet
IND The Independent
INN Iraq News Network
INNA Iraqi National News Agency
IOL Independent Online
IOL[SA] Independent Online (South Africa)
IRE Ireland Online
IRIN UN Integrated Regional Information Networks
IRINN Islamic Republic of Iran News Network
IS Iraq Slogger
ISN International Relations and Security Network
ITN Independent Television News (UK)
J Today Japan Today
Jang The Jang News
JaT Japan Times
JFO Journalistic Freedoms Observatory
JT Jordan Times
KCS Kansas City Star
Khabat Khabat
KHT Khaleej Times
KM Kurdish Media
KR Knight-Ridder Newspapers
KUNA Kuwaiti News Agency
LAT Los Angeles Times
Le Monde Le Monde
MAG Mines Action Group
McCla McClatchy Newspapers
MENA Middle East News Agency
MEO Middle East Online
MH Miami Herald
MHRG Mandaean Human Rights Group
MHS Melbourne Herald Sun
MJ Mother Jones
MLine The Media Line
MN Mercury News
MNF Multi-national Force - Iraq
MO Mosul Observer
N24[SA] News 24 (South Africa)
NAT Nando Times
NCCI NGO Coordination Committee for Iraq
News24 News 24
NewsAU (Australia)
Newsday Newsday
Newsweek Newsweek
Nile News Nile News
NINA National Iraqi News Agency
NNN Non-Aligned Movement News Network
NPR National Public Radio
NYT New York Times
NZH New Zealand Herald
NZZ Neue Zürcher Zeitung
OBS The Observer
PA Press Association
Pak T Pakistan Times
Pak Trib Pakistan Tribune
PAP Polish Press Agency
PBS Public Broadcasting Service (USA)
PDN Pakistan Daily News
PDT Pakistan Daily Times
Pen Peninsular, Qatar
PI Philadelphia Inquirer
Prav Pravda
QNA Qatar News Agency
REU Reuters
RFE Radio Free Europe
RFE/RL Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty
RLW ReliefWeb
RSF Reporters Without Borders
RTE Radio Telefís Éireann
RWB Reporters Without Borders
S & S Stars and Stripes
Scot The Scotsman
SDU-T San Diego Union-Tribune
Sea T Seattle Times
SFC San Francisco Chronicle
Shafaq News Shafaq News
Sky News Sky News
S-L The Star-Ledger
SMan Statesman
SMH Sydney Morning Herald
SNA Sophia News Agency
Sotaliraq Sotaliraq
SPA Saudi Press Agency
ST Sunday Times (London)
St Pet St. Petersburg Times
ST[AU] Sunday Times (Australia)
T. al-Sha'ab Tariq al-Sha'ab (newspaper)
TA The Age
TASS TASS News Agency
TCI The Common Ills
TDN Turkish Daily News
TEL The Telegraph
TIME TIME Magazine
Times The Times (London)
TNI The News International (Pakistan)
TOI Times of India
Trib I Tribune India
TS Toronto Star
TTI The Telegraph (India)
Trend Trend
UK MoD United Kingdom Ministry of Defense
UN United Nations
UNAMI United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq
UNHCR United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
UO Utusan Online
UPI United Press International
USFN US Federal News Service
US DoD United States Department of Defence
VOA Voice of America
VOI Voices of Iraq
WikiLeaks WikiLeaks
WP Washington Post
WT Washington Times
WV Warsaw Voice
XIN Xinhua News Agency
ZAM Zaman Online