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Incidents added to the IBC database from the Iraq War Logs released by WikiLeaks, as of 31 December 2012

IBC page Latest incidents analysed Date
d6713 One by IED in Khanakin 1 Sep 2006
d6616 One shot dead in house in Mosul 1 Sep 2006
d7849 Petrolium refinery supervisor shot dead in Al Nasiriyah 31 Aug 2006
k15958 Two by explosion in vineyard near Abu Saida 31 Aug 2006
d7848 Body found in Ad Diwaniyah 30 Aug 2006
d6762 One by mortar rounds in Samarra 30 Aug 2006
d4982 Truck driver shot dead by US Marines east of Fallujah 29 Aug 2006
d6761 Body found shot dead near Albu Hassan 27 Aug 2006
k15785 Two men found shot dead in house in Mahoudiya 26 Aug 2006
d7847 Body found in Euphrates River, Al Misiab 25 Aug 2006
d7846 Two killed in home in Al Shamiyah 25 Aug 2006
k15784 Three men shot dead near Al Awda, Al-Khalis 25 Aug 2006
d7845 One by IED near As Suwayrah 23 Aug 2006
d5447 Iraqi policeman shot dead by US forces in Mosul 20 Aug 2006
d6758 Body found along Al Zab River banks, near Atira 14 Aug 2006
d6765 Body found south of Balad Ruz 13 Aug 2006
d6757 Headless body found NE of Hawijah 13 Aug 2006
d6772 Store owner shot dead in his store in Mosul 12 Aug 2006
d6771 One in drive-by shooting in Mosul 12 Aug 2006
d6770 One in drive-by shooting in Mosul 12 Aug 2006
d6760 Interpreter murdered SW of Tuz 12 Aug 2006
d5579 12-15 bodies found in five separate locations in Rutbah 12 Aug 2006
d5578 Two bodies found shot dead SE of Baghdadi 12 Aug 2006
d6769 One by mortar rounds in Tal Afar 11 Aug 2006
d5577 One shot dead in car in Haqlaniyah 11 Aug 2006
d4981 Man shot dead by US forces in Bayji 10 Aug 2006
d5576 Detainee shot by US forces and/or body found in Ramadi 9 Aug 2006-
10 Aug 2006
d4980 Truck driver by US gunfire, vehicle collision, near Fallujah 8 Aug 2006
d6768 Unidentified body found in Mosul 6 Aug 2006
d6767 Body found in a parking lot in Mosul 6 Aug 2006
d6766 Body of a Sunni man found shot dead in Mosul 6 Aug 2006
d6759 Severed head and body of a man found in Bayji 6 Aug 2006
d5575 Body found SE of Hit 6 Aug 2006
d7843 One by IED in Al Musayyib 4 Aug 2006
d6764 One in drive-by shooting in Ba'qubah 4 Aug 2006
d7844 Man shot dead in Ad Diwaniyah 3 Aug 2006-
4 Aug 2006
d7842 One by IED south of Diwaniyah 3 Aug 2006
d5574b Two beheaded bodies found SE of Fallujah 3 Aug 2006
d5573 One by roadside bomb NE of Barwanah 3 Aug 2006
d5572 Body found SE of Hit 3 Aug 2006
d4979 Man shot dead by US forces in Balad 2 Aug 2006
d7841 Shop owner murdered in Al Kut 1 Aug 2006
d6763 Body found NE of Udaim 1 Aug 2006
d5574a Body found SE of Fallujah 1 Aug 2006
d5563 Boy shot dead by US forces in central Fallujah 1 Aug 2006
d7840 Two bodies found in Bayji area, Salah ad Din 30 Jul 2006
d6409 Man shot dead in a hospital in Ad Diwaniyah 29 Jul 2006
d6453 Body found shot dead in An Najaf 28 Jul 2006-
7 Aug 2006
d7839 Body found in a river east of Balad 27 Jul 2006
d7838 One by IED in Al Mahawil 27 Jul 2006