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Incidents added to the IBC database from the Iraq War Logs released by WikiLeaks, as of 31 December 2012

IBC page Latest incidents analysed Date
d5547 Two by IED in Ad Diwaniyah 27 Jul 2006
d4748 One in fire resulting from collision in US convoy, An Nasiriyah 26 Jul 2006
d5568 One by RPG shrapnel in SE Ramadi 22 Jul 2006
d4978 Man killed by US forces in Mosul 22 Jul 2006
d5567 Body found north of Ramadi 21 Jul 2006
d4977 One shot dead by US Marines NW of Baghdadi 20 Jul 2006
d5566 Iraqi female killed in attack on home in west Ramadi 18 Jul 2006
d5565 Severed head found in Rawah 15 Jul 2006
d5393 Two crushed by US vehicle near Taji, north Baghdad 15 Jul 2006
d7879 One shot dead south of Ba'qubah 13 Jul 2006
d7878 Two shot dead south of Balad Ruz 13 Jul 2006
d5564 One body found shot dead in Anah 13 Jul 2006
d4976 One shot dead by US forces in Balad 13 Jul 2006
d4975 One shot dead by US Marines NE of Khalidiyah 13 Jul 2006
d7877 One shot dead in east Ba'qubah 12 Jul 2006
d7876 Policeman's son shot dead in west Ba'qubah 12 Jul 2006
d7875 Two shot dead at home near Abu Saida 12 Jul 2006
d7836 Body found in a taxi near Samarra 12 Jul 2006
k3419c 5-7 additional deaths in various incidents in Baquba area 11 Jul 2006
d7871 Body of a police officer found in Balad Ruz 11 Jul 2006
d7835 Two in drive-by shooting in southern Tikrit 11 Jul 2006
d7834 Woman murdered south of Tikrit 11 Jul 2006
d7874 One shot dead in Ba'qubah 10 Jul 2006
d7873 Auto parts store owner shot dead south of Ba'qubah 10 Jul 2006
d7872 Three family members shot dead in Baqubah 10 Jul 2006
d7869 One shot dead south of Muqdadiyah 10 Jul 2006
d7868 Four Sunni females shot dead south of Muqdadiyah 10 Jul 2006
d5562 Mosque prayer caller shot dead west of Fallujah 10 Jul 2006
d7867 One shot dead west of Muqdadiyah 9 Jul 2006
d7866 Two bodies found shot dead in Baqubah 9 Jul 2006
d7865 Two bodies found shot dead near Baqubah 9 Jul 2006
d4974 Two shot dead by US forces NE of Ramadi 9 Jul 2006
d7833 Body found in Balad 8 Jul 2006
d7864 Body found shot dead in Muqdadiyah 7 Jul 2006
d7863 Five in drive-by shooting north of Ba'qubah 6 Jul 2006
d7862 Two by IED in Khanaqin 5 Jul 2006
d7832 One killed at fake checkpoint in Al Mahawil 4 Jul 2006-
5 Jul 2006
d4749 One body found in Muthanna 4 Jul 2006
d7861 Body found shot dead south of Ba'qubah 3 Jul 2006
d6218 Two by IED NE of Baghdadi 3 Jul 2006
d4973 Man shot dead by US-Iraqi forces in Husaybah 3 Jul 2006
d4972 Man shot dead by US forces south of Karabilah 3 Jul 2006
d7860 Body found north of Khalis 2 Jul 2006
d7859 Bodyguard shot dead north of Ba'qubah 2 Jul 2006
d5561 Two shot dead west of Al Qaim 2 Jul 2006
d7870 Body found east of Muqdadiyah 1 Jul 2006-
10 Jul 2006
d7858 One shot dead in Ba'qubah 1 Jul 2006
d7857 One shot dead south of Ba'qubah 1 Jul 2006
d7856 Bodyguard in drive-by shooting south of Ba'qubah 1 Jul 2006
d5546 Brother of city councilman shot dead in Ad Diwaniyah 1 Jul 2006