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Incidents added to the IBC database from the Iraq War Logs released by WikiLeaks, as of 31 December 2012

IBC page Latest incidents analysed Date
d5791 Sons of Iraq member shot dead north of Karmah 26 Feb 2009
d7490 Member of a displaced family shot dead in Al Ghazaliyah area, Baghdad 25 Feb 2009
d7489 One by IED in Mahmoudiya area, SW of Baghdad 25 Feb 2009
d5353 Child shot dead in Mushada, north of Baghdad 25 Feb 2009
d7488 Man shot dead by Iraqi Police on Nidhal Street, central Baghdad 24 Feb 2009
d7487 Three by bicycle bomb in Abu Ghraib 24 Feb 2009
d7486 Man shot dead in Thawra area, west Mosul 24 Feb 2009
d7485 Contractor shot dead near Sadr City, east Baghdad 24 Feb 2009
d7484 Man shot dead in Hay Al Seha, Mosul 22 Feb 2009
d7482 Decomposed body found in Katon Al Rahma area, Baquba 22 Feb 2009
d6361 Body of a woman found strangled in NW Baghdad 20 Feb 2009
d6360 Man shot dead in car in Basrah 20 Feb 2009
d6359 Man murdered in home in Basrah 20 Feb 2009
d5813 Sons of Iraq member shot dead in north Baghdad 15 Feb 2009
d5790 1-3 by IED(s) near Hit 11 Feb 2009
d6358 Man murdered in Az Zubayr, Basrah 8 Feb 2009
d6357 One by IED in Al Qurnah district, Basrah 6 Feb 2009
d6675 Iraqi female stabbed to death in her home in Baghdad 31 Jan 2009
d6564 Two bodies found in Mosul 29 Jan 2009
d6674 One shot dead in Hay Alshohada, Abu Ghraib 27 Jan 2009
d6673 Three by IED in Nassir Wa Salaam, west of Baghdad 26 Jan 2009
d6672 Body found buried in a house in Al Dora area, Baghdad 22 Jan 2009
d6671 Body of a man found shot dead in Al Sadoun area, Baghdad 21 Jan 2009
d6670 Body of a man found shot dead in Al Sha'ab, Baghdad 20 Jan 2009
d5789 Wife of police captain shot dead near Rawah 20 Jan 2009
d6669 Four killed in Abu Minisir area, west Baghdad 19 Jan 2009
d6668 Man shot dead in Al Shulla, Baghdad 17 Jan 2009
d6667 One killed in Taji Beach area, north Baghdad 17 Jan 2009
d6666 Body found in Sadr City, Baghdad 17 Jan 2009
d6356 Body of a man found in Kebla area, Basra 16 Jan 2009
d6665 Displaced civilan killed in Amiriya, Baghdad 15 Jan 2009
d6664 Iraqi female killed in her home in Al Toubiji, Baghdad 15 Jan 2009
d7372 Policeman by IED north of Khalidiyah 13 Jan 2009
d6663 Body found shot dead in Al Mashtal, Baghdad 13 Jan 2009
d6355 Woman shot dead in home in Al Kebla, Basra 12 Jan 2009-
13 Jan 2009
d6661 Iraqi female strangled to death in Al Shu'la, Baghdad 11 Jan 2009
d6660 One killed near his home in Abu Ghrieb area 10 Jan 2009
d6659 Man shot dead in drive-by shooting in north Baghdad 8 Jan 2009
d6658 Bodies of two security guards found in Baghdad 8 Jan 2009
d5206 Woman shot dead by US forces in Baghdad 7 Jan 2009
d5205 Medical student shot dead by Sahwa forces in Baghdad 6 Jan 2009
d6354 Body of a man found bound and shot in Basrah 5 Jan 2009
d5204 Man shot dead by US forces in Baghdad 5 Jan 2009
d6657 Security guard in drive-by shooting in Yarmook, Baghdad 4 Jan 2009
d6656 Woman strangled to death in home in SW Baghdad 4 Jan 2009
d6353 One shot dead in Al Utairiyah area, Basrah 2 Jan 2009
d6655 One by sticky bomb on car in west Baghdad 1 Jan 2009
d7268 Two shot dead at a car garage in Hay Al Khadra'a, Baghdad 31 Dec 2008
d5203 College student shot dead by Iraqi Police in Baghdad 31 Dec 2008
d7267 One by mortar round in Al Gadriyah area, Baghdad 30 Dec 2008