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Incidents added to the IBC database from the Iraq War Logs released by WikiLeaks, as of 31 December 2012

IBC page Latest incidents analysed Date
d6434 Man killed during carjacking in Az-Zubayr, Basrah 30 Dec 2008
d7696 Man shot dead near his home in Saidia area, Baghdad 29 Dec 2008
d7695 Clans council official shot dead west of Baghdad 29 Dec 2008
d6433 Body of an Iraqi soldier found tortured, shot, in Basra 29 Dec 2008
d7266 Man shot dead at a market in Al Sha'ab, Baghdad 28 Dec 2008
d6590 Body of a man found shot dead in Tikrit 27 Dec 2008
d7265 Man shot dead in Al Baya area, SW Baghdad 26 Dec 2008
d7694 One shot dead in Mosul 25 Dec 2008
d6589 Policeman shot dead in Al Mada Mandali 24 Dec 2008
d7264 Teenage boy shot dead in front of his home in Al Saidiyah, Baghdad 22 Dec 2008
d7263 Grocery store owner shot dead in Abu Ghraib area 22 Dec 2008
d7262 Body found shot dead in Diyala Bridge area, SE Baghdad 22 Dec 2008
d7693 One shot dead in Zegar 21 Dec 2008
d5788 One in car by IED east of Karmah 20 Dec 2008
d7692 One shot dead in Ghazalia area, west Baghdad 19 Dec 2008
d7691 One by magnetic bomb on car in Abu Ghraib 19 Dec 2008
d7261 Body of a teenage boy found in Al Shu'la area, Baghdad 19 Dec 2008
d7690 One by IED in Tal Afar 18 Dec 2008
d7257 Council member by magnetic IED on car in Mushada, north of Baghdad 18 Dec 2008
d7689 Ministry employee shot dead by Iraqi Police in Baghdad 17 Dec 2008
d7687 Woman shot dead in home in Mosul 17 Dec 2008
d7686 One stabbed to death in Baghdad 16 Dec 2008
d6588 One farm guard in Al Hashniyat, Tooz or Diyala area 16 Dec 2008
d7685 One shot dead in Al Shaab, Baghdad 15 Dec 2008
d7684 Sahwa member shot dead near Balad 14 Dec 2008
d7260 Egyptian citizen and Sahwa member assassinated south of Baghdad 13 Dec 2008
d5377 One in collision with US vehicle in north Baghdad 12 Dec 2008
d7683 Body found shot dead on Palestine Street, Baghdad 11 Dec 2008
d6432 Man stabbed to death in Basra 11 Dec 2008
d7259 One shot dead in Hay Al Khadra'a area, west Baghdad 9 Dec 2008
d6587 Body of a man found in Babil province 8 Dec 2008-
9 Dec 2008
d7682 Taxi driver killed in west Mosul 8 Dec 2008
d5787 Iraqi female murdered in Fallujah 8 Dec 2008
d7258 Two shot dead in drive-by shooting in west Baghdad 7 Dec 2008
d7256 One killed near a market in Taji 7 Dec 2008
d7681 One shot dead in Al Rashidiyah area, north of Mosul 6 Dec 2008
d7680 Body found in Al Nada area, Diyala 6 Dec 2008
d7637 Two bodies found in Al Doura area, Baghdad 2 Dec 2008
d7636 One killed in a blacksmith market in Mosul 2 Dec 2008
d7255 Body found shot dead near Tikrit 30 Nov 2008-
2 Dec 2008
d6431 Man stabbed to death in Basrah 29 Nov 2008
d7635 Sons of Iraq member shot dead south of Samarra 28 Nov 2008
d7634 One shot dead leaving a mosque in SE Mosul 28 Nov 2008
d7281 Sahwa member by magnetic IED on car in Ghazaliyah, Baghdad 28 Nov 2008
d5352 Laborer killed during Coalition Forces raid in Baghdad 28 Nov 2008
d7633 Woman stabbed to death in her home in Tikrit 27 Nov 2008
d7632 Two by IEDs in mosque in Badoush area, west of Mosul 27 Nov 2008
d7280 Body of a former Sahwa member found stranged in Abu Ghraib area 27 Nov 2008
d7279 Iraqi female killed during home invasion in Baghdad 26 Nov 2008
d5786 Woman shot dead in Anbar province 26 Nov 2008