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Incidents added to the IBC database from the Iraq War Logs released by WikiLeaks, as of 2 August 2013

IBC page Latest incidents analysed Date
d7299 Body of a man found in Dejla River, north Baghdad 13 Aug 2009
d6408 Body of a man found murdered in Diwaniyah 12 Aug 2009
d7298 Former army colonel and governor killed in north Baghdad 11 Aug 2009
d7297 Body found shot dead in Al-Qurna district, Basra 10 Aug 2009
d7296 Man shot dead in New Baghdad, east Baghdad 10 Aug 2009
d7295 Shop owner killed in his store in Al-Yarmuk, Baghdad 8 Aug 2009
d7294 Body of a woman found murdered in her home in north Baghdad 8 Aug 2009
d7293 Former intelligence officer shot dead in Kirkuk 8 Aug 2009
d8810 Woman shot dead in Hay Al Neda area, Kirkuk 6 Aug 2009
d5804 Child by UXO in Al Qaim 5 Aug 2009-
5 Sep 2009
d7292 Bodyguard shot dead in Tarmia area, north of Baghdad 5 Aug 2009
d6317 Woman shot dead in home in Al Latifiyah 1 Aug 2009-
1 Sep 2009
d5803 Sons of Iraq member shot dead in Anbar 31 Jul 2009
d8049 Body found shot dead in Kirkuk 20 Jul 2009
d8047 Electronics shop owner shot dead in Tal Afar 19 Jul 2009
d8160 Three in tribal clash in Samawa 17 Jul 2009
d6319 Man shot dead in Abu Ghraib area 9 Jul 2009
d5385 One in collision with US vehicle in Khalis 9 Jul 2009
d6322 One in drive-by shooting in Hay Al Aamel, Baghdad 8 Jul 2009
d6321 Body found with neck slashed in Sadr City, Baghdad 7 Jul 2009
k15942 Four police by roadside bomb south of Falluja 25 Jun 2009
d6494 Body found in Al Najaf 11 Jun 2009
d6549 Body found in Jisr Diyala, SE of Baghdad 7 Jun 2009
d6552 Man shot dead by Iraqi Police in Baquba 4 Jun 2009
d5354 Man shot dead by US forces during raid in east Baghdad 2 Jun 2009
d6551 Child by suicide car bomb in Jalula 1 Jun 2009
d8229 One killed in house in Sadr City, Baghdad 30 May 2009
d8228 Body of a woman found in Al Shaljiyah area, Baghdad 30 May 2009
d8227 Body found shot dead in Al Mashtal, Baghdad 30 May 2009
d5384 Sahwa official killed by Coalition Forces in Baghdad 30 May 2009
d8226 Body of an Iraqi female found shot dead in Al Dora, Baghdad 29 May 2009
d8225 Two in attack on Sons of Iraq checkpoint in Al Dora, Baghdad 28 May 2009
d8224 One killed in Al Za'afaraniyah, Baghdad 27 May 2009
d8223 One shot dead in Sadr City, Baghdad 27 May 2009
d8222 Body of Sons of Iraq member found in Yousifiyah 26 May 2009-
27 May 2009
d8221 One killed in Al Bay'aa neighborhood, Baghdad 26 May 2009
d8220 Body found shot dead in Mahmudiyah 24 May 2009
d8219 Body found in Al Wehda area, Baghdad 24 May 2009
d8218 Body found in Sadr City area, Baghdad 23 May 2009
d8217 One killed in house in Al Mithaq Street, Basra 22 May 2009
d8216 Security guard shot dead in Al Ridwaniyah, south of Baghdad 22 May 2009
d8215 One shot dead in Sadr City area, east Baghdad 21 May 2009
d8214 Body found shot dead in Abu Ghraib area, west of Baghdad 21 May 2009
d8213 Sons of Iraq member shot dead in Al Madain, SE of Baghdad 21 May 2009
d8212 Body found shot dead in Al Rudwaniyah area, south of Baghdad 20 May 2009
d8207 Iraqi interpreter by IED in NE Baghdad 20 May 2009
d8206 Egyptian national killed in New Baghdad area, east Baghdad 20 May 2009
d8205 Body of a female found shot dead in Al Talbiyah, Baghdad 19 May 2009
d8101 Village muktar shot dead in Qara Tapa area, Diyala 19 May 2009
d8204 Body found shot dead in Sadr City, Baghdad 17 May 2009